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  1. You've evidently not followed the recent problems that they had with their servers, which have been addressed and are just now clearing out. Delays of that magnitude are rare here, in my experience; they're typically much smaller than what folks have experienced recently (there's plenty of threads that talk about it, if you care to search for them). The OCR feature is something that they prefer to do in the cloud; not every client machine is 'beefy' (I pretty much do NOT want my netbook doing OCR, thank you very much), and having OCR in the cloud ensures that all platforms get the same OCR experience. There may be other reasons that Evernote staff could chime in on, but given that the system is designed for server-based OCR, a queue is the fairest way to go That wasn't a snipe, it's a fact -- it's Evernote policy. There's nothing wrong with being a fremium user, Everntoe encourages it, and it's very useful as-is. Going to premium gets you some more features, more storage and better support, and priority in OCR. Not sure what the problem is; if you don't want to go premium, that's fine too. ~Jeff
  2. It's just endless fun for your you folks, isn't it? ~Jeff
  3. There's no place to see where you are in the queue, and if you're a freemium user, it wouldn't make much sense anyhow, as premium users get first priority. I'm curious to know what mechanism you'd use that's not a queue. ~Jeff
  4. The WIndows app allows you to Edit or Clear it. You need to have extended note information showing, then click on the little blue triangle to the right of the source URL field, and you can either Edit, Clear or View the link. Don't know if there's something similar for the Mac, though. ~Jeff
  5. I tried this in, and it appears to match in both cases. ~Jeff
  6. One thing to note: while sometimes you can get support or solutions from Evernote staff here in the forums, this is a user forum, and not set up to do general support for users (there are over 6 million of them after all). I think that overall (despite your recent difficulties) you'll be better off going through the actual Evernote support mechanisms. Good luck. ~Jeff
  7. Version 4, 4.1, etc. refer to the Windows version. This is the Mac forum, and the latest major version number is 2 for this platform. Not sure if there are point releases, or where the prerelease stream is at for the Mac. I am not aware of any workarounds for this on either platform. I do believe it is a bug, though. ~Jeff
  8. We do, for the simple reason that our software ships with data, a lot of data (it's maps). 6.2GB for one product, 1.5GB for another, plus we sell data by itself. The actual software is minuscule by comparison. Even the stuff we sold in '93 had 600MB or so... filled the CD right up... ~Jeff
  9. Boxed software? How quaint... I remember the first time I saw software that I worked on for sale in a store -- it was in a CompUSA, sometime in 1993 or so. The best bit was standing there with a co-worker, and someone came up and asked the clerk for it by name. That was pretty cool (but then my friend walked over and said, "I wrote that." I had to give him The Look). Same company, years later, and after a hiatus; we still sell software in a box... ~Jeff
  10. As far as I know, Evernote is still planning on offering this feature, but it's not in place at this time. You should be able to find other threads that discuss this by searching the forum on 'links' or 'hylerlinks'. There are other systems that other people use to simulate them, but nothing as transparent as the links you're talking about. ~Jeff
  11. You have a couple of options. You could make a 'Recipes' notebook, and store all of those recipes in that notebook. Or you could make a 'Recipe' tag, and apply it to all of your recipes. In my system, I would use the latter approach. Tags are a powerful way to organize information, and to really know how to use Evernote well, you need to know how to use tags effectively. What platform are you running on? ~Jeff
  12. There seems to be no way to get Evernote to automatically do anything with notes that it collects, either via clipping, email or import. You want auto-checkboxes, and other folks want auto-tagging, and they're all similar in nature, and they all (currently) would require some sort of intermediate 3rd-party solution. ~Jeff
  13. Congratulations for your team. Hope that you all get to stand down and catch a big breath before you have to dig back into the list... it's a new year after what's been a watershed year for you all. I got to have Thai dinner with my bandmate before rehearsal tonight, after a longish, semi-frustrating day of trying to figure out why a simple Windows GDI PolyLine call was so darn slow in one scenario. Not quite as stressful as what you've been experiencing, though. ANyways, thanks for pushing through your network problems... ~Jeff
  14. The numbers associated with tags just means the number of notes that have that tag. 1000 or so notes won't explode Evernote; there are many folks who have waaaayyyy more than that. 10s of thousands o fnotes, I believe. I'm not aware of any options to rebuild Evernote's database, though one way to do it is of course to move the current database elsewhere and let Evernote sync from the servers. I wouldn't recommend that unless you were really desperate. Really, really, really desperate. ~Jeff
  15. Unfortunately, you seem to have become a premium user at rare time when Evernote was having some server difficulties -- it's really not like this very often at all. But I hope you don't think that they're sitting back with their feet up and smoking fine Cuban cigars while their customers fume. Fixing this sort of problem isn't like pushing a big rock uphill -- you sometimes have time where you're waiting on something else to happen, and in those times, they've been trying to keep us updated. There's a lot going on behind the scenes that we don't see. So please hold back, try to have a little patience, and things will be back on track before too long, if they're not already (they are for me, and I was experiencing some slowdowns, too). And as BurgersNFries says, the full refund is real, if you're not satisfied. Good luck. ~Jeff
  16. Yes, there are any number of posts in the forums discussing the server problems that Evernote was having over the last few days. ~Jeff
  17. I was going to suggest having two accounts, and sharing notebooks from the 'master' account to the other one, but that's probably not going to help you, unless you can access shared notes via whatever native client you're using for the other device. I think that as time goes on, Evernote will make this more feasible. The thread here: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=21464 has some possible future direction that might help too, eventually. ~Jeff
  18. I'm not a Mac person, so just a general comment. First: %CPU in your picture is > 100% How can that be?!?! That's like turning it up to 11. Anyways, using %100 of the CPU isn't necessarily itself a bad thing, so long as you're running at normal priority (and can be pre-empted by other processes). See ZOMG! This program is using 100% CPU!1! Think of the puppies!!11!!1!1!eleven for an explanation. But you didn't say that the whole system was unresponsive, just Evernote, right? Chances are that Evernote is doing some lengthy calculation that's preventing its UI from responding, and maybe they could spin that off into a separate thread an dmake Evernote itself a little more lively. The 'Real Mem' statistic is of concern though -- Evernote is taking up 785MB of physical RAM; depending on how much you actually have in your system, that puts pressure on the virtual memory system, and the delay could be the result of excessive swapping. 785MB is a lot, on my work machine, which has 3GB (boo-hoo), the largest mem user is typically Visual Studio, currenlly running with about 400+ MB (depends on the number of projects that I have loaded). Sorry I don't have a good answer for you, though. ~Jeff
  19. Try checking your account via the web interface. You might be able to isolate any discrepancies there. ~Jeff
  20. By virtue of it having been suggested, I'm sure it's on the list... ~Jeff
  21. Latest Noteworthy blog entry says so: http://blog.evernote.com/2011/01/04/evernote-2010-a-year-in-stats/. Congratulations, Evernotables!! Thanks for all the hard work. I tried to sync some pizza up to your cloud, but you know, well, those darn Comcast servers must have eaten up up before it got there... ~Jeff
  22. I think the generic clipper will work with IE, as well, though I haven't tried it yet. Good luck. ~Jeff
  23. I use the Chrome clipper, and it allows me to add text to the clip, as does the generic web clipper (which works in Firefox 4). You can also add tags, and specify the destination notebook. ~Jeff
  24. Pizza is the usual thing around here, for sustenance. Cots --> sleeping, not allowed... ~Jeff
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