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  1. You're paying Evernote for what it actually does, not what you assumed it does. However, if you're dissatisfied, you can most likely get a refund.
  2. Yes, I noticed the blue "bowtie". Congratulations, metrodon!
  3. Thanks, Brett. I was going to mention the bit about wildcard formation here, since my testing turned up some crazy results when I had more than one '*', or had put text after the '*', but I thought it might cloud the issue here, and hadn't gotten around to posting it as a separate issue. But clarifications are always welcome.
  4. The answer is to make sure that you are doing regular backups, particularly if you have local notes for desktop clients (which do not sync to the Evernote servers), and make sure that your backups work.
  5. This is correct; That sounds like a bug in the Mac client. However, it's also important to understand that intitle: search is not the same as normal search. For example, intitle: search in the Windows client matches whole words; i.e. a search using 'intitle:his' would match 'his' explicitly, but not 'history'. You can add wildcards, however: 'intitle:his*' would match both 'his' and 'history'.
  6. One minor, picky correction: You can't actually encrypt a note, but you can encrypt a note's content (sort of the difference between right-clicking on a note and selecting "Encrypt Selected Note", and making a selection in a note, right-clicking and selection "Encrypt Selected Text").
  7. But sometimes you do help someone, the light comes on, and all is well. I'd say "stick with it". Some folks just don't really want help, or don't want to hear the answers you give them. But sometimes they do, and that can make an impression on a potential user.
  8. I don't think you've been around for long enough to make that judgment, or maybe you have just accepted the received wisdom that all developers like to put 97 ***** on everything (they don't). My experience is that Evernote rather tends to aim for more simplicity rather than complexity. I think that when they finally implement hyperlinks -- generally acknowledged to be an important feature -- it'll be a lot closer to what you seem to want (at least I hope it is); for now you have to workaround if you want that kind of functionality, which is by definition less than optimal.
  9. Sorry. No points for making snarky, passive-aggressive comments about folks here in the forum, particularly the developers and those who have helped a many other users in these forums. Not such a great approach when you're asking for help. Meanwhile, back to the topic at hand. As far as I can tell, there's no way to view this ID in the desktop' It doesn't appear in exported .enex file text, unless I missed it; neither is it in the text of a note exported as HTML. However, generating unique IDs for your own use shouldn't be that difficult; in Windows we have a baked-in program called GUIDGen that can do it; I'm guessing that there must be something analogous for the Mac. You might start with this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globally_Unique_Identifier. After that, it's all copy and paste...
  10. The reason that I asked for a citation is that you claimed that it's been "proven time and again, tags are NOT a legitimate replacement for a hierarchal system" without offering any actual proof or outside reference besides your own words, and I was curious to if there was such, since just saying something doesn't exactly constitute proof. I guess the answer's "no", but no matter, since it's just your opinion, we can just disagree and move on. As far as offering help, yes, I could make suggestions, probably similar to BurgersNFries did subsequently. The fact of the matter is that it takes time to come to terms with someone else's complicated body of notes and organizational expectations, and there's probably more than one right answer. My usual recommendation is to not attempt to categorize everything all at once, since you seem a little unsteady with the tagging concept, but take your time and work on something smaller until you get the feel for things. It's often a personal thing -- my tagging system is different from BurgerNFries' is different from jbenson's and so on. But ultimately, if you can't come to grips with tagging in Evernote, you'll probably end up fighting it all the time, which will just be endlessly frustrating for you.
  11. As I understand it, it's a Chrome browser thing that extensions are dismissed when they lose focus; the other extensions that I use in Chrome do the same thing -- maybe that will change someday. Browser extensions / plug-ins / what-have-yous work differently because there are no standards for them. Under Chrome, at least for now, you'll just have to wait...
  12. The truth of the matter is that tags suffice for some, and not for others. I don't expect to see subfolders any time soon, as the Evernote folks seem to have other features at a higher priority, so those who want them can draw their own conclusions as to whether Evernote is the best product for them, or not.
  13. This is a user forum, so it's really up to us users to provide help and advice, so thanks for contributing.
  14. Yes, you can say that, and I believe that your opinion is welcomed by Evernote staff. Me, I don't really care to organize my notes in hierarchical folders, as tags are plenty for me. I understand that others want that, but I've seen no interest in providing that in anything I've read by Evernote staff, so it's a moot point for me.
  15. On the Windows client, you can find out where Evernote's data files are by clicking on Tools / Options; the General tab will lead you there. If you cancel a Premium subscription, you will still be able to access all of your notes, either via local or web client. It's your stuff.
  16. Since you posted in the General Discussion area, it's probably worth noting that the Windows client does have a nice clip screenshot to Evernote shortcut, Win + Prnt Scrn.
  17. It isn't, at least not at this time. I'm not sure how well the format would apply to the flat notebook model, but it's not a bad idea...
  18. Or make your note selection, and use Assign Tags (Ctrl + Alt + T)...
  19. I've felt for awhile that some sort of auto-tagging facility would be useful for Evernote. So long as this was for tagging on the way in, and not a constraint on notes in a notebook, it wouldn't be redundant.
  20. That's a great question, and along the lines of the sorts of questions that should be resolved before implementing a new feature such as this. Another: are you allowed to remove one of the notebook's designated tags? In the actual current implementation, tags are properties of notes, not notebooks, so to add this new features, you'd probably have the system add the new tags on creating a new note in the notebook, or via import, or moving a note in. So I'd guess the answer would be 'yes'. Also, what happens if you were to add a new tag to the notebook's tag set? Would it automatically apply to all existing notes in the notebook, or just to the new ones?
  21. Color me impressed. In a quick (and incomplete) test, everything seemed in order. Saved searches were a little slow to finish, and PDFs were slow to display. But I liked the zoom feature, and everything else I tried seemed to be in order.
  22. I'm not a Mac user, but it makes me wonder whether it's something about the nice color coding that's causing the problem. Seems an obvious question, but does pasting from Aptana work elsewhere?
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