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  1. The Windows and Mac dev teams don't always operate in lockstep, but Evernote does strive for consistency, as much as possible. See this post: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=23701&p=102366&hilit=ShowInlinePDF#p102352. I can verify that the registry setting is in the latest Windows beta (, but I don't know if there's actually any UI that allows you to change it yet, and I can't verify that it's being honored yet either (it doesn't seem to be for me). For the freeform sort ordering, yes, it's been requested before. Have no idea whether it will ever be implemented. Separate issue: you do not always need to to group notes using notebooks (unless a bazillion is less than 250, you can't have a bazillion of them ). Tags are very much useful for that purpose though, and you can have 10,000 of them (current limits). If you're going to cross-post to different forums, you should at least cross-link the threads, so someone following one can easily get to the other one.
  2. Yes, highlighting would be a welcome feature, but it's not really clear that this is a true statement; witness "true" hierarchical tags and note linking.
  3. This feature does not exist yet. Evernote has said that it's something that they want to do, but haven't done it yet. Plenty of discussion on the forums abut it, if you care to search.
  4. Are they blocking web access to the Evernote site as well? That works, though it's not as convenient.
  5. If you haven't read the beginning of this thread, you should -- Dave Engberg sheds some light on what they see at problematic. I don't fully understand it myself and don't really feel a strong need to, because for me, it really boils down to one thing: trust. I trust them to make good (or at least reasonable) decisions as to what to implement and when to implement it. If I didn't trust them (not the same thing as always agreeing with them), I wouldn't be here. Plus, as he said: if it were easy, they'd have done it already.
  6. I haven't heard of any plans to do so, but that doesn't mean that it will never happen.
  7. The specific post from Evernote folks is here: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=23047&p=99621#p99621, found by searching the forums on "Honeycomb".
  8. Except that Evernote is not a wiki. Look, nearly everybody, Evernote included, wants note links. I take them at their word that it's not trivial to implement them across all of their clients, and that they'll get to it when it's feasible. When that day comes, it will be that glorious future. Well, except for those folks who want 'true' hierarchical tags/notes/notebooks.
  9. The fact that they have ongoing internationalization efforts cast some doubt on that statement. Look, all I'm saying is that it's sometimes easier to catch flies with honey rather than vinegar. I think that the fact of the matter is that they have limited resources, and they have to choose what to focus on. Some market segments may get left behind, wisely or unwisely. If they don't choose wisely, then their business suffers, which is bad for them and all of their customers, so you can bet that they've put some thought into their direction. On the other hand, if you as an Evernote customer feel that you've been wronged or misled (I hope that that's not the case), then that's something else; you should be able to take it up with them and get a resolution.
  10. It might be time to pause for a moment and take a bit of a breath, dam. It's perfectly fine to ask for Nokia N8 support, however you're probably not going to get very far by antagonizing the Evernote CTO (though he seems to be fairly thick-skinned) or positing conspiracy theories.
  11. All of those things have been asked for at one time or another -- if you search the forum, you should be able to find ample discussion on the topic. I can't say that I know of any plans to implement these features any time soon, if at all. Given that, the usual way of dealing with such things like flags and priorities in Evernote is via use of tags. I use a couple of tags that are similar to flags: '_Todo' (for items that are or contain to-do tasks) and '@Star', which are for items of recent interest that I want to look at soon. These are easy for me to find, since I keep them as standalone tags in the top level of my tag tree. I don't use priorities with Evernote notes, but it's not hard to imagine a subtree of priority tags that contains whatever priorities you use.
  12. In the Windows client, you can click on a notebook and use the "Export Notes..." option.
  13. I keep things as simple as I can. I have two notebooks, my real notebook "Jeff", and one for testing ("Test"). The Test notebook is also shared so that I can test out sharing scenarios. I use my main notebook for work and personal notes. I don't have a lot of tags, about 100 or so. I think of tags as adjectives, to be combined flexibly to describe a note. Some obvious main categories are work and personal life, so two tags: 'Work' and 'Personal'. Some other general main tags: 'Computers', 'Development' (as in software), 'Cycling', 'Media', 'Fun', 'Productivity'. Then subtags as seems appropriate when I create it; it's also possible (even likely) that a subtag that I create for some higher-level tag could also apply to a different main tag, but I'm not particularly fussy about where they go, so long as they're there and I can combine as needed to describe a note (I'm thinking something like my "Editing" tag, which could equally apply to "Software", "Music" or "Image"). The main goal for me is to make is so that there's are no more than 10 or so tags at any level of the tree (I have 12 at the base level). I also maintain several standalone tags: "@Star" (for immediately interesting items that need further investigation, tagging or other attention), "_Todo" for to-do list usage and "Test" (for testing purposes).
  14. Evernote supports a number of different platforms; it's usually best to post in the forum that's specific to the one you're using. The Windows desktop client can tag multiple notes by using the Assign Tags dialog (invoked via Ctrl + Alt + T); I don't believe that the Mac desktop client has the same capability (yet), and I can't speak to the various client.
  15. Possibly small relative to the number of Mac Evernote users, supposing that it scales linearly.
  16. One other potential solution is to access one of them via the web.
  17. This has been requested before. I wouldn't say that it's never going to happen, but neither have I seen anything from the Evernote folks that it's in the cards either.
  18. I wouldn't rule it out, but I got the impression from Evernote staff comments that it's not a likely development, at least any time soon.
  19. I believe that it's by design. I seem to recall Dave E commenting on this; the reason was that Evernote did not want to allow the user of a shared document to add tags to the owner's tag collection. If memory serves...
  20. No problem -- thanks for making the suggestion and presenting it well.
  21. Except that you left out the actual UI work, before you pitched it over the wall to QA. Off the top of my head (and guessing at the behind-the-scenes machinery): * adding the right-click menu item for "Convert to LaTeX image", and its converse (but only when the alt text indicates it's a LaTeX image), and hooking up the handler code * fetching the LaTex conversion URL service from the preferences (and adding UI to set and maintain that in Options) * handling any errors from the HTTP GET operation (which itself can fail) and any appropriate user notification * converting the image to whatever internal format Evernote uses and storing it in the appropriate place * Making sure that the Undo's are handled correctly * Adding the unit tests (if they're used) * Handling undos if anything special needs to be done * Handle the converse of the convert-to-LaTeX operation: replace element (however its represented in Evernote) with its alt text string * Write up the test cases for the QA engineers * handle any other host of seemingly trivial but time-sucking tasks that need to be done Anyways, I know what you're saying. This is not in the realm of rocket science in terms of complexity. It would be an interesting addition. But the question always remains for the developers: is it worth whatever effort it takes for the expected benefit? That's a question that I usually step away from, because I'm not privy to any of Evernote's internal plans. So good luck...
  22. I'm still not sure where you get the notion that this is all so easy for Evernote to implement.
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