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  1. My wish has been rather to be able to specify sort order in searches (Saved Searches as well).
  2. Cue Malcolm in the Middle / They Might Be Giants: "Life is unfair..."
  3. In the Windows client, there are two operations hanging off the right click menu: Copy Note / and Copy Note / Notebook... The former copies notes without tags. The latter allows you to preserve the tags, updated and created dates as well as choosing the destination notebook. I don't know whether this works the same on the Mac.
  4. You cannot put a single note into more than one notebook, however you can put multiple copies of a note in however many notebooks you want. http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=26531&p=112060#p112060
  5. No -- just submit feature requests in the forum where they are most appropriate. They are read, though they may not get a direct response from Evernote staff.
  6. Yep, I understand -- I was just pointing out a problem with using '*' as a prefix. I use '_' and '@' for the same purposes; these don't suffer from the same flaw.
  7. My test on the Windows client showed that using '*' in a tag name (or at least as the first character) caused a search for that tag not to work (the '*' was taken as a word separator)
  8. Looking forward to the changes, Phil.
  9. To clarify a bit: * You cannot have the same note in two separate notebooks; however... * ...you can have two copies of the same note in one or more notebooks. In this case, if you change one, any other copies do not change. * You can create a link in a note to another note, so you can navigate to one single note from any of a number of other notes. * Finally, you can tag a single note with a tag called, say, "DoctorStatements" and another called "TaxDeductible". The last is what I would consider to be more in line with what I think of as "the Evernote Way", but of course it's really up to you to determine which method works best for you.
  10. Hmmm, I've seen this work. If I click on a link in say, the Evernote web client, the note opens up in the Evernote desktop.
  11. Check out Evernote again. It has note linking on the Windows and Mac desktop clients, at least in beta/prerelease (all publicly available).
  12. For those clients where you can sort by tag, you can take advantage of the sort order by using tag names that sort early to also indicate priority. So if '@Star' sorts before other tags, I can tag important items with '@Star', then pick a notebook, and sort on the Tag column. Voila: notes tagged with '@Star' come out on top, except for untagged notes. It's a bit of a hack, but it works fine on the Windows platform; this is the General Discussion forum and I didn't see Mac mentioned.
  13. You can use a tag that befins with '*' (e.g. '*Star'), but I think that that screws up the tag search (at least in the Windows desktop): that is, a search on 'tag:*Star' won't generate the correct search parameters. It's probably better to use '@' or '_' as your special prefix (e.g. '@Star' or '_Star'). These will also sort before normal tags that begin with a letter, so you can sort by tag and these should float to the top (provided you don't have untagged notes).
  14. Basically, a saved search (or any search for that matter) sets a filter on the note list. Changing a note's tag may cause the note to not meet the current note list filter, so it "disappears". You didn't say which Evernote client you are using, but on the Windows desktop client, you can select one or more notes and tag them using the Assign Tags operation (Ctrl + Alt + T).
  15. That's the way that Evernote works, at least currently. It syncs among instances of its databases (cloud, desktop, etc.); it does not sync between its databases and files on your hard drive. If you keep it in Evernote, you can access it from the web easily; can we assume that you generally have that handy?
  16. I think that this may happen, though I don't know for sure. The recent addition of note links to the desktop has made back/forward button functionality all the more useful. See Max's post: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=26054#p110427...
  17. I think that it would be worth reporting, yes. Glad to help out.
  18. The central point remains -- the different clients evolve at different rates. Most people agree that it would be a good feature to have (maybe even the combatants); unfortunately, we got no read on how important adding a tag field to the column set is to the folks who actually would be implementing it. *shrug* That's the way that they work -- we had no advance warning that note links were going to drop any time soon, just long-standing assurances, but now they're here. I find it's best to realize that Evernote does pay attention to feature requests, but they tend to work on their own schedule, and as users, we need to deal with the product as it exists.
  19. In the Windows desktop, which is what I use, typing something like "www.dell.com" will produce an "All" search for words starting with "www", "dell" and "com"; in other words, you need a match on all of the words to succeed (you can see what Search is looking for by dropping down the search info bar, handy for checking out what Evernote thinks it's searching for). The words *should* be recognized even if there is a "www.dell.com" string in your note content; the '.' characters are treated as word separators. I say 'should', but it's possible that something is preventing it matching in your example, possibly even a bug. I did test, for example, with "ww.del.com", and this matched successfully in my case. By the way, if you want to search for an exact match (e.g. "www.dell.com"), try enclosing the string in double quotes; it should be handled as one search string in that case. The API search grammar is useful; this reference from the Knowledge Base is a bit more accessible: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/advanced-search?lang=en
  20. Truth be told, note titles don't matter to me all that much (and when they do, I just change them). I use searches to find my stuff, but only rarely the intitle: search term. It there some special reason why duplicate note titles are such a hindrance to you?
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