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  1. OK, OK, I believe now. I just had it happen to me last night. I was in the middle of something else and so I didn't notice what I did to put it into that state. I think I did something similar to csihilling to make it work again. I hope that we can find a clear cause of how to trigger this reliably.
  2. No problem -- go forth and enjoy your Evenote.
  3. wrong question, jefito! Actually, it's a pretty reasonable question. Evernote's strengths are pretty well-known: capturing and storing your stuff 'forever' and cross-platform support. It's still relatively weak at to-do list management and note editing, as compared to applications that are dedicated to those types of operations (though it's improving in those areas). It's always good to question how a tool fits your tasks/requirements. Sure but that's different than completely wiping out all of your note store, which is what causes the red circle to appear. You have an 'inbox' Notebook that needs to be kept clean, but you're also storing notes externally to that notebook. That's all fine -- I don't believe that an empty notebook will cause the red circle to appear if you have other notes stored in other notebooks; at least that's my experience. n8henrie's problem is that in order to have seen the red circle, he must have cleaned out his entire note store, and not a particular Inbox notebook (if you're storing notes for future reference, then that's why you're not seeing it). That's antithetical to the Evernote 'store it forever' concept, and I'd guess it would be a pretty rare use case, so Evernote's use-based decision to put the red circle indicator there to aid new users is a reasonable choice.
  4. For the Linux users who may not know about this, there's an open source Linux Evernote client now available -- NeverNote -- that was just written up in a Lifehacker post: http://lifehacker.com/#!5762376/nevernote-is-an-open-source-evernote-client-designed-for-linux-no-wine-required. According to the story, it's a Java app, and therefore can also work for Windows and Mac OS users as well (I haven't verified that). NeverNote home page: http://nevernote.sourceforge.net/index.htm SourceForge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nevernote/ Congratulations to forum member baumgarr, the NeverNote developer (and anyone else involved)!
  5. How very odd; this works fine for me in 1127835.
  6. For images, the OCR data can be seen, and edited, by exporting to .enex format, and looking for the section. Each recognized (erroneously or not) piece of text is an element, with pixel 'x', 'y', 'w' (width) and 'h' (height) coordinate attributes; nested inside at the candiate words, represented by elements. You could edit an exported .enex file and remove bad OCR guesses, or even, for extra credit, add your own items, then import it back in. This would be a workaround with the emphasis on 'work'.
  7. Seems a little antithetical to the Evernote idea to be cleaning the whole note store out at all, least of all on a regular basis. Are you sure that Evernote is a good fit with your needs? If you're doing todo list management, there are probably better options.
  8. Welcome. You might try this topic from the Knowledge Base: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/additional-notebooks?lang=en. There's also a New Notebook keyboard shortcut listed in this Knowledge base topic: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/mac-osx-keyboard-shortcuts?lang=en. ~Jeff
  9. I believe that that's a known behavior, related to how how Chrome manages its extensions. I couldn't find a backing post for this by Evernote staff in a quick search, though I believe that there's at least one. ~Jeff
  10. Yup, that's another way to make a tagged template, rather than using the .enex files that I mentioned. ~Jeff
  11. Yeah -- the various teams operate on different schedules, and features tend to leapfrog back and forth. ~Jeff
  12. You didn't mention which client you're talking about. There are specific forums for specific clients. Since I use the Windows client, that's the one that I will reference. You're very unlikely to get this capability. Tags are attributes of notes, not notebooks. Not sure what you're trying to do here. If you have the notes already tagged with @review, then you can easily see them all together, even if they're not in the same notebook. Conversely, it's pretty easy to tag multiple notes in one operation. You might want to check out note merging: make a selection of several notes, then right-click on the selection and select Merge Notes. ~Jeff
  13. The WIndows client does have this setting (it's a fairly recent addition). Not sure whether its appropriate for the Mac client, or whether Evernote has plans to make that change. ~Jeff
  14. Did you have a particular client in mind? Not sure that this has a lot of general applicability as many people use notebooks as containers for notes that have disparate and disjoint tags, so there would be no general tag set that would work for them. As a workaround, in one of the desktop apps you can always create a template note with the tags you want, save it out as .enex and use it to create new notes. ~Jeff
  15. Yep, it's just a matter of resources and priorities, same as most things. I'm also guessing there's an element of wishing that Apple would throw the development community a bone by making the APIs that they use external, but I guess it hasn't happened yet. ~Jeff
  16. You can export to HTML, which is a standard format, and will preserve your content. ~Jeff
  17. Uh, I was just trying to keep it light -- I didn't actually expect anyone to take the bit about The Book of Love seriously. Try reading the sentence without it. Me, I'm happy to discuss features, new, proposed features, forthcoming or whatever, here in the user forum. I just think it's a little presumptuous to expect that the CEO is going to come on here and explain why feature 'x' is delayed beyond your expectations. I mean, I'd welcome it and all -- more feedback from actual Evernote staff is always great (we get a lot as it is) and I'd probably find it interesting and all -- but it wouldn't alter how I use Evernote or advise others, since it's not in any version available for me to install. Until it ships, it doesn't exist for me, and I don't need to know why Evernote schedules things as they do, and prefer not to spend time second-guessing them. But as I say, again, I wish you good luck. ~Jeff
  18. Well sure,and I have lots of things I am interested in, and questions I'd like answered -- like Who Wrote the Book of Love? I really want to know that -- but I try not to ask them in places where I have a pretty reasonable notion that they won't be answered. Ah well, good luck... ~Jeff
  19. They'll release it when it's ready to be released, as is Evernote's practice, which you are well aware of. Does it really matter in any material way to you what the reasons are? Sure, sometimes it's interesting to the developer in me to hear those reasons, but I don't really need to hear them. ~Jeff
  20. To find PDFs: 'resource:application/pdf' To find .exe files (at least on my machine): 'resource:application/x-msdownload' ~Jeff
  21. I don't know about Attributes|Contains|Attachment. Never used it. To find the following file types, use the associated search item: Excel files: resource:application/vnd.ms-excel Word files: resource:application/msword Zip files: resource:application/x-zip-compressed These can be found by opening up the registry editor to Computer \ HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. You're looking for keys that are the extensions of the files that you want to search for, e.g. .zip', .doc', etc. Click on one of those and you should see a string value (REG_SZ) labelled "Content Type". The associated value is what you plug into a 'resource:' search term. I don't know of any easier way to get this kind of information. ~Jeff
  22. I'll have to wait until I get home and install IE9RC on my Win7 machine there and try things out; we've not switched over to Win7 here at work (but soon, though). ~Jeff
  23. I think you'll find that the search grammar underlies all note searching and filtering (per the Evernote API), therefore, if recursive search was to be supported, it would need to be supported there. If you want a global setting to govern recursive searching, then you'd have a conflict if you also allowed mixed recursive and non-recursive searches in the grammar (who wins, the literal search that the user typed in, or the global setting that the user may or may not have set explicitly?). Aside from that, there's the matter of where to put it: the controls that affect searching (e.g. Any/All, Notebook selection, etc) are, in the Windows client, kept in the Search info area; these can also affect selections in the Notebook and Tag lists, but interacting directly with the notebook and tag lists are conversely not affected by settings in the search area. So that's really not a good candidate location for the global setting such as you suggest. On the other hand, putting it in Options makes it hidden, and hidden modes are not often a great UI choice. You could also put it in the toolbar, but that's already a bit crowded, and isn't used for mode settings anyways currently. So, a bit of a sticky UI problem. Me? I'd just put it as a control in the Tag list, and have its setting affect only filtering actuated from there. But that's just me, and truth be told, this is all hypothetical anyway, since I've never seen any actual sign that Evernote was interested in such functionality (not that they tell me their plans anyway). I think that recursive tag search could help some folks here make better use of the tagging system (jbenson2, I'm looking at you ), but I'm not sure that I'm one of them. ~Jeff
  24. I think that that is a 50/50 proposition: half the people want the cursor to go into the title bar, half the people want it to go into the note text control (and another half probably wants it to go into the tag control). F2 will put the cursor into the title control. ~Jeff
  25. No, I very much disagree with that. The search tool should, as much as possible, accept the search grammar literally' and not reflect (also as much as possible) hidden search modes. In particular, you should be able to mix recursive and non-recursive searches in this (currently hypo0thetical and mythical) search grammar extension. ~Jeff
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