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  1. The new web interface allows you to break out a note into a separate browser instance, so you should be able to do something close to what you want, depending on the device you're running on (desktop == pretty easy).
  2. You use the Mac client for your Macintosh, and you use the Windows client for your netbook. Your notes reside in the cloud, but are sync'ed down to each computer; changes made on one computer are sync'ed to the cloud, and then down to the other computer. Yes, there is an Evernote client for the iPhone: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/iphone/.
  3. OCR for images is done on the Evernote servers. If you're a premium user, you get first priority at OCR, though depending on load, that may take several hours to turn around. Free users come second.
  4. If you're talking about a desktop Evernote client, you should be able to set up an import folder and direct your scans there.
  5. If it's generating thumbnails, a GPU might come in handy.
  6. Tags are nested by merely dragging and dropping in the tag tree. Drop a tag onto another tag, and the tag (and all of its children) will become nested under the second tag. Drop a tag on the "Tags" label (it's not a real tag) and the tag and its children will become top-level tags. Stacks are merely collections of notebooks; they're nice because they allow you to organize your notebook list (you have a max of 250 notebooks -- managing them as a flat list can be onerous) and certain operations, like search can be applied on a stack of notebooks. Notebooks are merely flat collections of notes.Notebooks and stacks appear in the Notebooks list. Stacks cannot be nested: if you drag a stack onto another stack, the notebooks will be moved from the first stack into the second stack, and the first stack will be deleted. Notebooks cannot be nested in other notebooks. However, notebooks and stacks coexist in the root of the Notebooks list; stacks are there to allow you to organize that list better. The Knowledge Base is a work in progress, and more topics are being added.
  7. Nope. Each note in inside of exactly one notebook. Notebooks can be nested, to one level, inside a Stack, but you cannot nest a notebook inside another notebook. Stacks cannot be nested. Notes can be associated with tags, and tags can be organized in a hierarchical tree, but they are not themselves functionally hierarchical. There's plenty of discussion here on the forums on this topic, if you care to search.
  8. @nevernoter: if you have a comment on the substance of the request, then that's welcome in the forum, but it's probably better to leave off the personal remarks. @JMU: I think that only thing that would be an issue is that there is already an existing "List View" in existence in the desktop clients, plus the old web interface, and has been for a fair amount of time, so a different name would probably be wise (maybe "Vertical List" was implied?). The current List View is he one that I use 99% of the time, and I like the wider format, so I'd prefer to keep that one too, though I have no problem with adding one to the 3 column layout as you propose. I expect that the columns would be configurable as with the current layout.
  9. I am not a Mac person, so I can't comment on some of your issues; the Windows client has some of the capabilities that you're asking for (auto-titling of notes, etc.). This came through perfectly on the Windows client, clipping several ways (via the web clipper --> web, via copy/paste directly into local Evernote instance). As stated, this works in the Windows client. Tags and notebooks serve separate organizational functions and are not redundant. A note belongs to exactly one notebook (and hence partition the note space), but a note can have many tags (and I like to think of tags as describing notes); tags are also independent of notebooks. Granted, some users might want to dispense with tags, in favor of notebooks, for organizing, but tags are an important part of Evernote, and a lot of people use them. For iPhone specific questions, you're probably better off asking in the iPhone forum: you'll probably get better answers, and other iPhone users are more likely to look there for answers to the same problems. I don't really understand the context of your other points (are they Mac related or iPhone related?), so I'll ignore those.
  10. Nope -- it's not supported, and I don't think that Evernote has a plug-in architecture that would allow you to change the display of a note in its Evernote window.
  11. The only rule I know about tags is that they must already exist in your account -- you can't make a new tag via email. I just tested this, with an existing tag and a fake one: the existing tag was applied to the note, the fake one was left in the note title.
  12. I just tried it, and it worked on Chrome 12. Took a while though... couple of minutes anyways.
  13. Our common cultural framework seems to intersect at XKCD (I had to look up Dora the Explorer).
  14. You'll find the "Intitle:" search term, along with other advanced terms, on this page in the Knowledge Base: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/advanced-search?lang=en.
  15. "Too many notes". A classic line; I've used it before, in fact, the other day. Then of course I had to explain it to our youngest staff member, who wasn't even born when the movie came out. Or for many other of my cultural referents, for that matter. *sigh*
  16. This has been requested before; for more discussion, you can search the forum for "note template clone". I think that on the Mac this is something that you can do pretty easily with AppleScript (I'm not a Mac user); ditto for Windows using PowerShell.
  17. Hmmm, I think you missed just one little level: Notebooks: Stacks --> Notebooks --> Notes Still, there's no escaping that it's fairly flat organizational structure.
  18. jbenson's scheme works well for him, and is worth studying. It's not for everyone, and I have my own way that works for me. I do understand that others might want to use tags differently, and I've proposed operations and extensions to the search grammar to help aid those folks. I'm not arguing against adding true hierarchy to the tags, by the way; it just so happens that the current Evernote implementation works for me. But at the current juncture, that system is likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future; at least I've seen no indication from the Evernote team that that any changes are in the wind (unlike, say, with note linking, where they acknowledge their interest in implementing that functionality).
  19. The truth of the matter is that there is no Evernote-blessed "best practice"; Use and organization of your tags is left up to you. There are no search operations that take into account the hierarchical structure of the tag tree, though some have been proposed. For the example that you give, I would tag "Alice in Wonderland" with "book" and "fiction" and maybe "fantasy". To find all books, search for "tag:book". To find all fiction (maybe you categorize movies as fiction/nonfiction too), search for "tag:fiction". To find all fictional books, search for "tag:book tag:fiction". Since tags are unique (i.e., a tag can only be stored in one place of the hierarchy), where you put a tag in the tree is a bit arbitrary. Some tags lend themselves nicely to a hierarchical storage; others, like the example here, do not. You can also use notebooks to separate classes of notes, if you want; search can filter by notebook or stack as needed.
  20. It is by design. They are organizational, since you can have up to 10,000 of them. There's ample discussion on the proposition that they be functionally hierarchical in nature, but I've perceived little or no interest on Evernote's part to make them so. There is no such syntax for the ':tag' search operator.
  21. No problem. Sometimes searching the forum will find prior discussions of the topic you're interested in; sometimes it's hard to tell what search terms you should use,so it can be a bit of a crapshoot.
  22. This is a fairly commonly requested feature. You can find further discussion elsewhere by searching the forum for "highlight' or "background color".
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