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  1. Evernote staff reads all threads. You might consider posting to the Localization Forum, but it may not be necessary. ~Jeff
  2. At a guess, I'd say no, at least in the short term. All notes that go through the API need to be formatted as ENML. If they were to support it internally (i.e. on the other side of the API), that would mean a change to their ENML specification, something that would affect all clients and the server code as well. To support it externally (client-side) would mean there'd need to be translation back-and-forth between Markdown'd text and ENML. I'd wonder about the fidelity of those translations. Also, how well does markdown work in the rich-text editing world? It's an intriguing idea, particularly in the context of their clients that don't support rich editing and plain text could be turned into text that contains formatting code; maybe that would be something that a third-party application could make some hay with? None of this means that that I think that it couldn't be done -- I'm just wondering about the feasibility of doing it. ~Jeff
  3. Searches can use more than tags for filtering a note list; for example, you can search for text, filter by date, filter by partial tag (e.g. 'tag:s*'), filter by attachment content, and so on. A saved search can capture all of that, and let you apply it in a single mouse click; very handy for commonly used searches. ~Jeff
  4. The limits as I understand them: - 100 notebooks - 10,000 tags - 32 saved searches ~Jeff
  5. Should be easy enough to test: try it and see... then report back so that other can share your experience. ~Jeff
  6. Should note that you need a desktop client to do export/import -- you can't do this on the web. ~Jeff
  7. I think that the proposal is to use double square brackets; e.g. [[My Note Title]]. ~Jeff
  8. I'm not really sure that I see the sense in introducing a stopgap solution to linking rather than the full-blown system. It's still not an insignificant amount of work to make the temporary fix happen, and then once full-blown linking is in place, Evernote would still need to support the old stopgap solution. ~Jeff
  9. Nope. If you don't want thumbnails, then you'll have to use List View. ~Jeff
  10. While better documentation is always welcome, I doubt that obviating the tags vs. folder debate would occur in this example; it's no good telling people that tags are like folders (i.e. containers) when they're really not (they're more like adjectives). Product documentation should mainly reflect the software and how it operates, rather than what the software isn't. Use cases and advice are good things, too, but adding concepts that don't exist in Evernote would seem to be more confusing than useful. ~Jeff
  11. Even 30 waffle recipes is about 29 more than I would ever use. ~Jeff
  12. While I'm willing to defend EN when it comes to the timing of new features, you guys are just wrong on this. It's not a matter of what people may or may not 'want', it's a very basic issue of software quality. Crispin, I pretty much agree with what you wrote (most of which I clipped as not germane to my point), but I'm not clear on why you wrote it in response to what I said, which I think that you may have misunderstood. When I talked about 'what some folks may want', I was really referring to the feeling that I get some Evernote users don't seem to believe that work is going on if they can't see it in a new release. I believe differently. I didn't say anything about whether Evernote should make working on new features or fixing bugs the higher priority, I was really only saying that I know they're aware of the problems, and I believe they're working on them. Simple as that. Oh, and unless I've gone MPD recently, my opinions are my own. No need to call me 'guys'. One person rattling around in my head is plenty enough for me. ~Jeff
  13. Without commenting on the any of the technical issues of use of 3rd-party tools (on which you make valid points), I would like to point out that Evernote staff do indeed read every post in their forums on at least a daily basis, even though they don't reply to all of them. There's been discussion on this topic before, with Evernote participation; I found this one: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=17437&start=0, pretty easily by searching on 'rich text editing'. I know that Evernote is keenly aware of the problems raised in this thread, and I'm pretty confident that they're working to address them, whether or not it's as timely or visible as some folks would want. ~Jeff
  14. The 'long wait' is likely due to the fact that they have higher priorities related to 4.0's functionality. As the man said, they know there's a demand for it; they'll focus on portability when it reaches the top if their priority list. ~Jeff
  15. Another way to skin, er, pet the same cat is to select List View, select All Notebooks, and sort by tags. Not something I'd keep a saved search around for, myself, but useful every so often when I go on a note-cleaning-up binge. ~Jeff
  16. This is certainly implemented on the Windows client; I'd expect it to be offered on the Mac client eventually as well, if it isn't there already. ~Jeff
  17. I'm quite confused on why a WYSIWYG HTML editor is needed for the iPhone - Is Evernote becoming a web-development application now? Nope. I believe that Dave is talking about the need for Evernote to build rich-text editing facilities for platforms where it's not provided natively, e.g. the iPhone. That's because notes are stored in Evernote in an HTML-based note format. Actually, you already can, at least on the Windows desktp (and possibly other clients; Windows is the only one I use). Make a note in the format that you wan to use, and tagged as you like, and export it in Evernote export format (.enex). You can then import this to make a new identical note. Fo rextra credit you can edit the .enex file and tweak the HTML bits to your liking. ~Jeff
  18. Ewwie... not until they update their web site, at least!! ~Jeff
  19. I think that that's one thing that makes it not so easy for Evernote to add this functionality, the need to add fields to their database. It's gotta be done in sync with all their other platforms. In isolation, sure, it would be pretty easy, but it's not isolated. ~Jeff
  20. They do pretty well with brewing there, it's true. How long ago were you there? ~Jeff
  21. Germany? How about Maine? We have good food in Maine, too: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/16/dining/16chefs.html?_r=1 ~Jeff
  22. I now know what 'NOM' (lolcats meme)means: Next Order of Magnitude. NOM, NOM... ~Jeff
  23. See the latest Evernote blog. Here's hoping that we'll be seeing even better things from Evernote, when they're ready, of course. In an unrelated note, I'll be visiting San Francisco and Yosemite starting tomorrow -- think I'll be able to see the mound of cash from the air as I fly in? ~Jeff
  24. I am guessing that any note caching is done behind the scenes by Evernote, nice to have for faster access when notes are in the cache, but nothing you can depend on or control via user operation, much like your OS's swap file.
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