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  1. The knowledge base is still a work in progress, but it's improving all the time. In this case, it's probably not that helpful, though. There are no folders in Evernote, but recently they've introduced the concept of Stacks, which is a way of organizing notebooks. The knowledge base doesn't cover it yet, but there's a blog post that does: http://blog.evernote.com/2010/12/15/evernote-2-0-for-mac-is-now-available/. In the Windows desktop, you can select text and press Ctrl + K to edit it as a link; I don't know if this is available in the Mac client (I looked in the knowledge base for the mac keyboard shortcut keys: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/mac-osx-keyboard-shortcuts?lang=en). There's no icon to click on in either case. Also, in the Windows client, you can just type a URL (or paste it in), and it should be recognized as a link automatically (subject to certain rules) . Not sure if the Mac client does that yet. ~Jeff
  2. Neither are external links, for that matter. ~Jeff
  3. Essentially, if it can pick up XKCD text, I'm pretty much happy... ~Jeff
  4. Which version of Chrome, and can you provide a link where this occurs? I just tried this and it works fine... ~Jeff
  5. Just to be clear -- neither BurgersNFries nor I actually work forEvernote. We're just fans, and they let us wear the Evernote sailor suits... ~Jeff
  6. Not sure what your actual question is. Do you want to know why Stacks were implemented the way that are? OK, it's because with a max of 100 notebooks (250 now, I think), it's unwieldy to manage that many notebooks in a simple list, so Stacks are just a way to add some organizational structure to a flat list. Or is your question about the reason they're not available on all devices? OK then, the different clients are done by independent teams, and they advance on their own schedules. Stacks will most likely appear on all supported clients eventually. It's not a matter of beta testing, since you can't beta test a feature that hasn't been implemented yet. Or are you asking why the word 'Stacks'? It's just a word that has a lot of usage in the world of computers, sometimes different in different contexts (e.g. the computer stack data structure has a specific meaning to a developer). One important thing: using 'stack' is good because it's not 'folder', and these are not really folder-like in the sense that we use folders in a file system. Yes, that's right: stacks are not folders, and no-one's pretending that they are. ~Jeff
  7. Is this an image (e.g. jpeg, etc?) or an image-based PDF? ~Jeff
  8. PDF is fine, but I don't need it all the time. That being said, there are any number of printer drivers that you can use to print to PDF, so it's not a big deal. ~Jeff
  9. That was a pretty nice description, and interesting about your conversion. We live, we learn (if we're lucky). I think I'm pretty firmly in the generalist camp -- I've yet to break 100 tags; granted, I am not as prolific a note collector as say, BurgersNFries. I have to admit that I suppress a shudder when I see jbenson's tag-a-palooza stylings ( :wink: ) but I think it's a testament to Evernote's implementation that both approaches and more can be accommodated. ~Jeff
  10. Thanks for that -- I'm trying to promote it whenever I can. ~Jeff
  11. Search works this way as it makes for faster indexing. It's also more or less how search engines like Google work. That you turned up a bug is unfortunate, but us actually a good thing. ~Jeff
  12. It was right there in the Popular Articles sidebar. Stroke of luck, that, as the index is broken. ~Jeff
  13. What? How did I miss that? I am usually on the scene for those. Anyhow, earlier in the version4 beta process that highlighting technique was used, and the justification was that's how they do it on the Mac, and consistency was desired. I think it got voted off that particular island, however (I didn't care for it, myself). ~Jeff
  14. Or you could post in the prior threads where some of the same points/suggestions have been made already. Not sure what you mean -- multi-tag select is allowed on the Windows client at least (multi-selection in the tag tree via click, ctrl-click, shift-click). Or maybe I'm not understanding exactly what you're trying to do. Yes, agree that that would be useful; I've suggested that sort of operation a couple of times myself ~Jeff
  15. There's also this Knowledge Base article: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/email-to-evernote?lang=en (want to make sure we plug the KB!) Curiously though, something's awry with the Categories list; when I click on one (e.g. Email), it claims there are not articles for that category. ~Jeff
  16. No way.. he's gotta hit the ground rolling, er, running! (we'll try to be gentle) ~Jeff
  17. Further: Your example list has spaces between the entries, (e.q. PREPROD_PP1); I made a note and copied the list in. I was able to successfully search for both '_PP1' and 'PP1'. So OK, I then removed the spaces (e.g.PREPROD_PP1), and while I wasn't able to find '_PP1', I was able to find 'PP1'. ~Jeff
  18. A prior discussion here: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=19924&p=83399. ~Jeff
  19. Not everyone *needs* hierarchical folders, though I understand that it would be useful to some folks. Anyways, there's plenty of discussion pro and con elsewhere in the forum, if you care to search (I'd start with 'hierarchical folders'). If it's not working for you, then it's not working for you -- I felt the same way about the ribbon interface of the older version, and didn't really get into Evernote until the current approach took hold. But I feel that tags may be more useful than you may realize at organizing your notes. I don't miss folders in the least, even though I am very familiar with that organizational structure. Hope it all works out for you. ~Jeff
  20. http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=20260&p=84610&hilit=back+button#p84610, among others... ~Jeff
  21. Ahem -- may have gotten myself into trouble again, being as I am not a Mac user. Nevertheless, I found this post -- http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=7812&p=74362&hilit=mac+import+folder#p74362 -- that may be of help. Hope that it works for you. ~Jeff
  22. This isn't an unreasonable request, but it might not be in line with what Evernote wants to do, and even so, it would probably take some time to implement. In the meantime, it would be a good thing to get better at using Evernote as it exists today. The term 'intuitive' is used often, but a lot of what is called intuitive is really learned behavior, so the better you get at using Evernote, the more intuitive you'll find its current features. ~Jeff
  23. Not sure about the tech details of Chrome vs. Evernote, but a simpler workaround might be to define an Evernote import directory, and do your Save As to that directory. At least it saves a step, though you still need to tag it. ~Jeff
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