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  1. To clarify, there is no Evernote virtual printer. evb's solution is a good one, though.
  2. This page indicates that the Evernote clipper will work on RockMelt: http://social.dailyblogworld.com/2010/12/5-chrome-extensions-that-work.html; I guess I'd try the Chrome clipper. Failing that, you might also try the bookmarklet. The Chrome clipper and the bookmarklet are both available on this page: http://social.dailyblogworld.com/2010/12/5-chrome-extensions-that-work.html.
  3. No thanks -- my brain has random fluctuations enough. [i am guessing that this would not be high on Evernote's priority list for features to implement, but good luck]
  4. FYI -- the Tag Assignment box is currently only implemented in the Windows client, so far as I know. There have been suggestions to have the Tag Assignment tag list actually reflect the tree that we see in the Tag List. The dialog doe allow you to navigate the list by typing tag prefixes; for example, if I type 'dev' I get to 'Development', skipping 'Debugging', say. There is a timer built in, so that if you've not typed anything within a certain time period, typing a new character starts the navigation over; e.g., if I type 'de', then pause, and then type 'b', it will skip to 'Books'. So far as I can tell, they monitor every post, but do not always reply to each one.
  5. I have no idea what the use of a random note generator would be, but can't you just use your existing Excel spreadsheet as before, and save/export your results to an Evernote import folder?
  6. That's only a different sort of grist for the same decision-making process that is used to determine feature priorities.
  7. Couple of supporting viewpoints: * 'That's a great idea, it's on the list * Minus 100 Points That's about the size of it...
  8. Yeah, editing a file via an external editor isn't going to recognize a file with a different extension as the original (which is still there in the directory where Evernote creates it when invoking the external editor). You might try setting up an auto import folder, and saving the converted JPG files there. Then they'll be imported into Evernote, and you can cut the JPG from the new note and paste it over the TIFF file. I don't think that there's any easy way.
  9. One aspect of this is that for at least some of us there is an existing "Subject" date field that will eventually, I'm guessing, morph into the proposed "Due Date" (or maybe keep the same name); as far as I know, this is the intended extra extra date field that can be used for due dates or whatever else the user wants to use it for. Right now there is no way to change it in the UI, though I can add it to the viewed columns in the Note list in the Windows 4 client and display any that have values.
  10. As jbenson says, there's a lot of discussion, suggestion, recrimination, etc. on the topic elsewhere in the forums. Search for hierarchies, folders, subfolders, whatever. You can often use tags to organize things as well as or better than using folders. That seems to be the Evernote way, for now and the foreseeable future.
  11. I am still holding out for WordStar editing keyboard support...
  12. I'm totally shocked that it doesn't have Lotus Notes integration; I totally need that for my workflow.
  13. Dave Engberg has mentioned some usage percentages in the past, here in the forum, but it's been awhile, some number of months anyways. Might be hard to find using forum search.
  14. Yeah, I knew that you could brute-force tag addition by creating a .enex file, and probably should have mentioned it, but usually when I suggest .enex solutions, I get looked at as if I have wo heads. Thanks for adding the tip, though.
  15. You should be able to select the photo and press Delete (or the Mac moral equivalent thereof). At least that's how it works on the Windows client.
  16. Wasn't my memory that I was talking about...
  17. Ah,memory can be so fleeting sometimes.
  18. It's pretty similar looking to the Snippet view provided in the new web interface.
  19. It's a whole heck of a lot easier than it was before, at least.
  20. Ah. There's nothing about 'templates' per se, but you should look at the new Copy Note operation. You'll find it in menu that appears when you right-click on a note in the note list. You can either copy the note to your default notebook (I think) and tags are preserved, or to another notebook, in which case you can choose to preserve tags and/or created/updated dates. So it's on you to create the templates, and them you can use Copy Note to do the work.
  21. This feature has been implemented in the forthcoming 4.4 Windows release; it's a common request, and I'd be surprised if it didn't make it on the Mac client as well, though that's just my impression of things.
  22. I have used DropBox and Evernote for a while now, and so far I've never needed to use them together. They both sync to "the cloud", so that I can access their contents on several devices, but DropBox is exclusively a file storage system, while Evernote is primarily a note storage system that allows you to store files also. DropBox is great for storing transient files around (like program files that I want to install on multiple machines) -- in that respect it's a lot like a cloud-based USB stick. Evernote is for more permanent storage. Evernote also provides to text recognition for images as part of its service, while DropBox does not. But that's mainly how I use these products. Maybe some other forum-dwellers have some ideas. Good luck.
  23. I think that the answer is "no", but you haven't said what you are trying to do with Dropbox and Evernote. Maybe if you did, someone might be able to help you.
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