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  1. Sorry, but I was able to copy an image as I suggested, and drop it into an Outlook email correctly. Ditto MS Word. According to ClipSpy (a nice tool that you might be interested in), Evernote puts it onto the clipboard as ENML format, and HTML format (which is what you're seeing). Any clipboard recipient that understands either one of those formats should work correctly. The bug I was referring to was the fact that Evernote does not copy an image when you right-click on it and select Copy. The fact that when you select and copy the image, and it gets put on the clipboard as HTML may be a bug or an oversight. Probably worth getting an answer from Evernote on, I think.
  2. You seem to be talking to me as if I am an employee; I'm not. FYI, at the premium level, you're paying for faster support, yes, but you're also paying for more storage and support for more file types. If that package is too expensive for you, that's your call. If your intention here is to threaten Evernote into supporting you faster because you might badmouth them to all of your friends, well, good luck with that. BTW, this is primarily a user forum, and other users can sometimes help with problems, sometimes not. And sometimes Evernote staff will respond here, but it's not guaranteed. Go through the support channel; that's what it's there for. Good luck.
  3. You need to select it first: move the cursor to the right of the image, and Ctl+Left Arrow back (or drag the cursor with the mouse over the image). Personally, I think that the Copy operation should work as you tried it, but it doesn't. May be a bug.
  4. Have you filed a support inquiry? Maybe you should try that first...
  5. Hey, no problem on my end. But sometime, if you can help out someone in these forums with their problem, that'd be great. Good luck.
  6. Hah, but I leave it on all the time; login is pretty much instantaneous (you might have heard of fast switching between accounts?). Updates are typically non-rebooting, and I never notice virus-scanning because it's scheduled at 2am. I guess that you could just say that it just works...
  7. Ah, you're right then, my mistake. Sorry, but I've never Foe'd anyone, ever. Nevertheless, my first statement remains true.
  8. Hey, however much we American Anglophiles love her, she's your queen. Ours is Sarah Palin, I think...
  9. I think that the answer is that your Evernote account name is private to you; this gives you the opportunity to post here under a different name. Since it's a one-time thing, it shouldn't be that big a deal. This forum isn't connected to your Evernote account. On the other hand, there is a way to be notified when a reply is posted. When you reply, but before you submit, look for the checkbox at the bottom of the screen that says: "Notify me when a reply is posted". Check that.
  10. If you've quit out of the Evernote UI by clicking on the 'X' (rather than File / Quit or Ctrl+Q), the Evernote icon should remain resident in the tool tray. Right-clicking on that should bring up a menu with Options as a choice. File / Quit removes Evernote completely from memory, including support for its desktop clipper.
  11. I'll bet there's a way to do this using AppleScript, but I am not a Mac user, so I don't know for sure (there's a way to do it in Windows, using the ENScript program)
  12. On the Windows client, the title edit control is just an F-key away (F2). Not if there's an equivalent on the Mac. Hey metrodon, when you've finished baiting the Windows users, maybe you could oblige?? :-P
  13. That's right-click on the Evernote tooltray icon, and select "Options", I think...
  14. There is previous discussion on the topic of voting for features, with input from at least one Evernote employee; search the forums for "feature voting". I think that eventually (maybe sooner rather than later), Evernote will switch to a different forum format, at least that's what the little Elephant birdie told me.
  15. Searching the forum for "import excel macro", I found this page: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=8953&p=34439&hilit=excel+import+macro#p34439
  16. Actually, BurgersNFries has helped a lot of people in these forums; guess you haven't seen them. BTW, the forum does have an "ignore" feature.
  17. In the Windows client, you can right-click on a note, choose Export Note... and choose ENEX format. This will result in a text file that expresses the contents of your note in Evernote's ENML. Remember, the text rendered by the OCR process is not in the form of a complete transcription that represents the text in the image, it's a series of ENML elements that describe guesses of individual words (there may be multiple per text segment), along with information that points to its location in the image (which supports highlighting). I would examine several samples before you attempt to gauge the utility for your purposes, no?
  18. OCR text isn't necessarily in any form that would be useful; for example, it often contains guesses as to what the text might be. You can check out image OCR data by exporting a note to Evernote forum, and examining the OCR content, down towards the bottom, I think.
  19. Basically, it seems as though you've already done your design with the fixed idea that you need notebooks to do what you want, and are now hoping that Evernote can be made to do what it can't do currently (maybe a 3d-party tool exists to do it, but I don't know of any), namely to make every note in a notebook inherit a particular tag automatically. But Evernote doesn't do that, at least today (and I'd bet it won't any time in the near future). And I still haven't seen any compelling reason in your use case to use notebooks over tags. As far as I can see, having every note in a notebook having the same tag is redundancy you don't need. Certainly it's exactly as much work as assigning a tag to a note or group of notes as assigning a note or a group of notebooks to a notebook. You can filter much more easily using tags vs. notebooks. And you can do it today. Correction: I am going to create a tag for each step. Each note pertaining to that step will have that tag. It'd be okay to have the project in its own notebook, though. I just filter on that tag... Yes, this works fine with tags. Select the project notebook, and filter on department. Filter on the Toronto tag. Select all these notes, and add the Toronto tag, and with (unfortunately because the Mac doesn't yet support mass tagging, I think, though it should, as the Windows client does), remove the Toronto tag from each selected note. Consider playing to Evernote's strengths, rather than trying to force it to do something that it doesn't do. Unless I've missed something (very possible, admittedly), your use case works with tags.
  20. You can also create a link to a note, and store it in another note. This sort of stuff may can probably done all in one notebook, using tags ("Stage 1", "Stage 2", "Toronto", etc.)
  21. Getting some puzzling results here. After letting it sync for several hours, I only have notes showing though Aug 2010, and the tag tree is incomplete and what's there is not nested per my current tree. It's almost as if it's synced to my old 3.5 database, but I don't think that I have any of those around. Hmmmmm.
  22. As I mainly use the Windows desktop client, image editing is no big deal; for the web client, which I use occasionally, this could be helpful, but ultimately this has minimal impact for me. We'll see how it plays out, though. BTW, there's a new Skitch sub-forum here: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=68.
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