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  1. What client are you using? With the Windows client (125286) the very first line in the email is a hyperlink that says "From Evernote" (and points to www.evernote.com). ~Jeff
  2. I think you'd need to start by installing Evernote on your PC, then using its OneNote Import facility... ~Jeff
  3. Evernote is one of Mark Frauenfelder's essential Mac applications: http://www.boingboing.net/2011/02/09/my-essential-mac-app.html. Congratulations, Evernoters! ~Jeff
  4. Gosh, you're right. I saw the Feb, but didn't see the 2010. Hmmm, maybe if you post the version number of the software that you're using, someone from the Mac gang can help. I only have access to the Windows client, where this scenario seems to work fine. ~Jeff
  5. The Mac client has a bug (see Andrew's post above0. You'll need to wait until they fix it. ~Jeff
  6. And if tags were *actually* hierarchical, rather than just appearing to be that way, that would be a good solution. But they're not. There's no intrinsic need for them to be (see the plentiful discussion else-forum on the topic). In point of fact, they are very useful to many people as they are today. I do believe though that Evernote could implement some functionality that would make them more useful to people who want hierarchical tags (also discussed elsewhere). ~Jeff
  7. This has been requested elsewhere (also the desire to password protect a whole note). I haven't heard anything that leads me to believe that Evernote intends to implement this feature, but they certainly know about the feature request. ~Jeff
  8. And maybe Rooms for Bookcases, and Libraries for Rooms, and Cities for Libraries... and Universes for Galaxies... Nah. What BurgersNFries said. In Evernote, Tags are the way and the light... ~Jeff
  9. Actually, that's exactly what it does: for the notes shown in the note list, which is dependent on your search filter (e.g., via notebook/stack, text search, tags, dates, or other search criteria), it shows only the tags that are present (plus the parent tags to the root, I think). ~Jeff
  10. Most people never see it, and at that, they never see it for very long, so very few style points are subtracted from the final score... ~Jeff
  11. How did you determine average size if you're limiting the size before it even gets into Evernote? Seems like you got the cart before the horse. If the size limit was larger and people were able to put large documents in, then your average would be a lot bigger. There's nothing saying that they don't keep track of the sizes of PDFs that were rejected because they exceeded the then-current limit. ~Jeff
  12. Browsing a notes folder, for large numbers of notes is inefficient. Why not using tagging to narrow your searches? If food, cooking and ingredients are important to your use of Evernote, why not have 'Recipe', 'Beef', 'Salmon', etc. tags to help you find the recipes that you want? ~Jeff
  13. I explained how it works on Windows (Tab/Shift+Tab for lists, and Ctrl+M, Ctrl+Shift+M for normal text), which is not a repeat of your original assertion, but only because you brought up the Windows behavior in the Mac forum. I don't use the Mac software so I can't speak to that. ~Jeff
  14. As Evernote stores their internal content its HTML-derived ENML, they do not store tab characters; instead, they emulate tab stops using elements. There's no such thing as tab stops in HTML. In the Windows client, you use Ctrl+M / Ctrl + Shift + M to indent / outdent unbulleted text (i.e., not in an evernote list, bulleted or numbered). Pressing the Tab key (or Shifht + Tab) will insert some number of elements (non-break spaces). On the other hand, in a list, Tab and Shift + Tab will indent / outdent the list at that point. ~Jeff
  15. The other word, "proprietor" also puzzled me, as I had not seen it mentioned either, and it's not in the TOS. I'm not sure what it means in the context of the discussion. ~Jeff
  16. Due dates (or 'Subject dates') are definitely on the way, note linking too, as near as I can tell. Plenty of discussion on the forums if you care to search. Also better if you post in the forum that's appropriate to the one you're using; you'll typically get better answers. ~Jeff
  17. In the WIn 4 version, List View, right click on the column headers, and you should see a column named 'Subject'. That's the one. I don't know how to make changes to it, but I do have some of them set, maybe from the 3.1 / 3.5 days. ~Jeff
  18. Seems very unlike the Evernote that I know to have "file format lock-in" (I can't even understand what the file format has to do with Note title printing anyways) -- notes are stored in a SQLlite database and the database schema is published; you can spelunk it to your heart's content). If you feel insulted, then you are surely not locked into paying for the service. It's unfortunate that you feel this way; it's probably less a matter of intention than prioritization -- they have lots of things on their plates. But it's your money... ~Jeff
  19. As discussed in the other thread, I don't do note linking at this time, and probably won't until they're supported natively. If I were to need this, I would use GUIDs, probably generated via the Microsoft developer tool, GuidGen.exe, e.g. : {77FB8881-6CBD-403e-920B-BDB3F2A14447}. As unique as they need to be for a single person, you can find them as-is by wrapping them in quotes in the search string, and you could also fabricate series by modifying the last 'n' hexadecimal digits of a base GUID, which will still likely be unique enough. ~Jeff
  20. Isn't the bcc field used to specify email addresses? Wouldn't your mail server get confused about that? ~Jeff
  21. One more thing: if you're dealing with the Mac client (which I assume, since you're using the Command key), you should probably post in the Mac-specific forum. Glad there was a solution for you. ~Jeff
  22. I think you meant hold the Ctrl key as you click on tags. ~Jeff
  23. 'Fragrant' is a term that is quality-neutral. *cough cough* ~Jeff
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