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  1. Rather than keep these in separate notebooks, you could tag your receipts with month (e.g., "January", "February", etc.) and year (e.g. "2010", "2011", etc.). You can then keep them in a single notebook.
  2. This has been requested before. Probably involves a whole set of UIs, so that the various multi-level outlining styles are supported. No idea whether it's in the works or not, short-term or long-term. In the Windows client at least, this has gotten better. There's still the occasional corner case that pops up for me. The best thing that you can do is post, in the forum appropriate to the client that you are using, cases where this breaks down or doesn't behave as you expect. A much-discussed topic. No idea whether Evernote is planning deeper hierarchical structuring or not. You can search the forum for existing discussion on the topic.
  3. It's not all that cryptic: what it means is that they have a specification (see the link), that the "filename" search operator will not go away (because it's part fo the spec), that all clients do not at this time meet the spec, but that they will eventually.
  4. Nested tags in Evernote are mainly for organizational purposes, and not for exposing semantic hierarchies. It's been that way since Evernote added the nesting capabilities, and was acknowledged by them at the time. And they understand the difference. That tag nesting exists doesn't make them non-useful; they are exactly as useful as before nesting came around, but now you can organize them, which makes them more manageable, so long as you don't fall into the trap of assuming that they behave hierarchically with respect to searching. Auto adding tag parents is problematic; in my opinion; it's coming at the problem from the wrong end. I think that enhancing search to allow for hierarchical functionality would be the way to go: i.e., the ability to search for notes labelled by a tag and any of its subtags would give users the ability to treat their tag trees as semantic hierarchies, which seems to be what some of them want.
  5. Which client. You can certainly do this in the Windows client.
  6. Click on "All Notes" (je ne sais le mot en Francais ) Open up your Tags tree, and make sure that you are displaying all tags (Show Unassigned Tags). Now look for tags with a count of 0. These should be able to be safely deleted, but just to be sure, click on any tag that you think you want to delete. If no notes show up in the note list, you should be OK. Right click on the tag, and select "Delete" It should prompt you to affirm the deletion. Note that this will also delete all subtags of the deleted tag, so be careful.
  7. Are you talking about "tags"? Which client are you using?
  8. There's certainly no convenient way to do this at the current time. In the Windows client, you can copy such a list from, say, MS Word, and it will appear correctly in Evernote (so far as my limited testing goes), but editing it will not keep the style for new entries. You might also be able to do it with the 3rd-party ENML editor announced here: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=28799. Again, even if it works, once edited there, Evernote will not honor the different styles that you want.
  9. I believe that it's also true that you can't depend on getting the ordering on other devices / clients that you get in Windows.
  10. Actually, you'd be surprised how often a re-install can solve a problem; that's why they try that first. Since it didn't work for you, you should follow their advice and give them more feedback. The forum is fine for giving feedback, and you can sometimes get technical help from Evernote staff here, but technical support is really where such problems are better solved. It's what they are there for.
  11. You mean that you wouldn't approve is it were available to all users? Seriously, I doubt that this is the kind of feature that they would make as a premium-only feature.
  12. Since it's not supported on the Mac, you'd need to somehow get a Windows version running and do the import from there. I think that forum search will help you; I seem to recall the scenario being discussed.
  13. Indeed, you are correct, though I've never used it. File / Import / Microsoft OneNote. Further forum search would probably be helpful.
  14. They may not be commenting here, but then again, they don't comment on everything. I'm guessing that they're not ignoring the issue. It's certainly got enough attention. Good luck.
  15. I'd try throwing myself on the tender mercies of the support folk first...
  16. You could try submitting a support inquiry. Or pay for a premium membership, then recant after a month.
  17. The other layer of organization is stacks. I think that if Evernote had wanted arbitrarily nested notebooks (that's been requested numerous times), they'd have done that rather than stacks. But you never know...
  18. Yeah, no hanging indents in Evernote. Generally, if you want to do lining up of text in lines, you could use a table. Not that tables are fully fleshed-out in Evernote at this time, so that's no picnic either.
  19. If Evernote didn't look at WebOS / Touchpad with a careful eye, I'd be surprised. Seems to me to a situation where wait-and-see would be the best strategy; If some other hardware vendor picks up the WebOS flag and waves it vigorously, then sure, go for it. But in the mean time, you put your efforts where you can see actual growth possibilities.
  20. In the Windows client, at least, you can use Ctrl+M and Ctrl+Shift+M to increase or decrease indentation.
  21. It seems unlikely, given past behavior, that this would be the sort of feature that Evernote would put in the Premium-only feature list. And even if it were, the usual calculation on this is how many more paying customers would this gain vs. the effort that it would take to implement it (including any necessary database changes to support it, and any side-effects of making those changes compatible with all other Evernote clients). Sure. But Evernote does a lot of things that other note-taking apps don't do. Ultimately, Evernote could probably do anything that they chose; so far, they just haven''t chosen to implement this particular feature, and that doesn't seem to have hurt its growth. But who knows, maybe they'll do it someday.
  22. In lieu of actual manual sorting which does not exist in Evernote at this time, you may be able to come up with a tag system that allows you to order your tasks.
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