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  1. You're going to have to try again; what you wrote doesn't parse...
  2. There's no way to do this. Tags apply to a whole note, as stated before (and I don't envision them doing anything else, for the foreseeable future). About the best that you can do is put your own special text markers inside a note, and search for them.
  3. Actually, I answered the first of your three questions, then suggested that you ask in the specific forum for your then-unknown client. As I say, they operate differently sometimes. BurgersNFries answered your question better, and with an answer that should suit you better. I can't imagine having 10,000 tags. I still have less than 100, but that's just my usage; I need relatively few specific (e.g. clients, employees, etc.) and mainly use generic terms. I aim to keep it that way for as long as possible.
  4. That's ok, Apple hasn't really gotten the hang of writing a Windows app either *cough* iTunes *cough*...
  5. In Windows, you right-click on the saved search in the Saved Searches pane on the left side of the display, and click "Properties" to edit it.
  6. That red ball keeps following me around all over the place. I wonder if anybody's figured out some days it's a clown nose...
  7. Tags are nestable. If you want information on how to perform operations on specific clients (they sometimes work differently), then you should post in the forum specific to the client.
  8. The 'file it under the vendor" operation is semantically equivalent to assigning the vendor's tag to the invoice note. To segregate employees, assign each employee a separate tag. Tag their stuff with their tag. "Grab the folder" is an operation that entails more than t seems. Which folder? Oh yes, you have to search for it. In general, the folder metaphor doesn't scale all that well. Our source code tree comprises some thousands of folders. Searching is a must. That's only if you don't have a good tagging strategy, or are looking at the whole filing cabinet. Tags help you to filter and view your filing cabinet in different ways, which are hard to do using strict hierarchies. Let's try grabbing all of the invoices from last week for all vendors in the aforementioned folder system. Oops. Learn to tag well, and those perceived limitations fade away.
  9. Try adding an asterix to the end to do partial matching. E.g. intitle:ever* I believe that this is from the search grammar. In Windows, I think that the client silently appends '*' to plain text so that it picks up partial matches, but I don't that that's done for search operators like tag: and intitle:
  10. For the Windows client, you should be posting in the Windows forum, but that does not guarantee any answers. You can start by searching the forum for "onenote import"
  11. You should file a support ticket, from the link down at the bottom of this page: https://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/.
  12. Make a tag named "Incomplete" and use it as needed.
  13. 1: no commas; use spaces to separate 2: correct: for tags with spaces, you must enclose them in quotation marks
  14. Is there some reason that you're still running on version 4.2.2? Version 4.3.1 is in release ( - 144118).
  15. The forum has plenty of discussion on the topic, including posts from Evernote employees. I'd start with "server security".
  16. Knowledge base topic: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/saved-searches?url=article/mac-saved-searches. Another on search operators: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/advanced-search?lang=en. To find all notes that do not have the tag "where", the search is: "-tag:where"
  17. On Windows (which I use), Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V should work. You can also, I suppose, use the Evernote snapshotting tools to make images that can be pasted into other apps. Just the normal stuff, I guess -- am I missing something? Is there a scenario that you've found that doesn't work?
  18. My opinion is that Evernote is fine for light editing, and it's pretty good at failthfully capturing web pages and other rich-text sources, but I don't think that it's intended to be a full-throttle word processor, at least at this time, and I find no irony that the forum's editing capabilities are better in some ways then Evernote's. Evernote's primary strengths lean more towards note capture, storage and retrieval.
  19. I am pretty sure that Dave Engberg (the Evernote CTO) does read every post on the forum, and he replies to a fair amount of them. I think that he matters. I share your thanks to clickbuild for taking the time to document the problem, and hope that that was also submitted in a support ticket.
  20. If you're a premium user and you file a support ticket, you are supposed to get a reply back from Support within one business day. If you're not, then you can get stuck in the queue. Regardless, thanks for taking the time to document the problems you're finding.
  21. If you're using a desktop client (Windows or Mac), you can set up notebooks as "local", meaning that they do not sync to the cloud. Caveats: * You mush choose whether they're local or synced at notebook creation time; there's no changing once they're created. * Notebooks that aren't synced are not backed up automatically. You'll need to do that yourself.
  22. First, support people generally aren't programmers, but if you've submitted the offending note, then they should have enough to pass on to the actual devs. Second, we here in the forum aren't Evernote developers, mainly, so we are probably not going to be able to help you much either. So you've submitted support tickets for this, and you haven't gotten any replies? Or did you just get a "we're looking into it" sort of reply. You should try to escalate this higher. It sounds as though there's some part of your workflow that creates these problematic notes -- have you been able to isolate that? The '(null)' thing is kind of interesting, but it doesn't in and of itself mean that there are null characters in your note; I know of some run-time systems that put something like "(null)" at address 0, in case a 0 pointer was dereferenced and printed. Oh yes, did Evernote actually crash? You started off with claiming a memory leak, not a crash.
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