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  1. http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=21040 ~Jeff
  2. Since notes from multiple notebooks can appear in the note list at the same time, you'd have to figure out a way to determine which sort "wins", if the sorts are different. ~Jeff
  3. So I guess my "Red Herring" tag could be seen by sharers of my Cooking notebook, even though it's also in my Espionage notebook, right? (just by using the word "tradecraft", you're showing that you must be a bit of a spy buff) ~Jeff
  4. I guess the main question would be: which Evernote client are you using? (helps narrow things down) And a second: are you running a pre-release version? If you're running a pre-release/beta version, you're going to get a lot more update notices than with a release version. Another thing to check is whether you're actually being updated; i.e., is the version you're updating to the same as the one you're updating from? A bug could be the cause of that, rather than an endless stream of actual updates. ~Jeff
  5. Sandboxes are nice... ...except when they're not... ~Jeff
  6. Just to be clear: do you mean that you are trying to set up a blank intitle: search, like a form, such that a user can click on it, and just type in term that should appear in the title? Presumable you'd see 'intitle:' in the search field, and the carat positioned after it, ready to accept keystrokes? Doesn't work that way, at least on the WIndows client. The saved search populates the search description field, but doesn't populate the actual search field, as nearly as I can tell. You're already seeing that behavior on the Mac, I'd guess -- that's why you're asking for it? ~Jeff
  7. Thanks for filling that in, jbenson2 -- I didn't dig in and do the actual searches to back up my recollections (always a dangerous thing). ~Jeff
  8. What product/client are you asking about? Might help you to narrow down your search, too, for that matter. ~Jeff
  9. This has been true for some time: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=19805#p82249 ~Jeff
  10. Ultimately this is a Dave question, but I believe that Evernote won't throw away your notes or restrict your access to them if you lapse from Premium to freemium. Searching PDF files I am not sure of; I don't see the search index information when I export to .enex format, but I'd be surprised if this was disabled. ~Jeff
  11. If you saved the old installer, then you should be able to uninstall your current version, and reinstall the old one. Back up your database first, of course; ~Jeff
  12. Koolaid as in drinking the Phil Koolaid. He gives pretty good interview. He looks more orangey in the video than he did at LeWeb. ~Jeff
  13. I think that the Evernote philosophy is to keep things simple and clean, as much as possible. Tags are simple, flexible, and powerful; most people don't need a huge tag list, by and large. They've resisted adding folders (an easily understandable and common UI metaphor); I'd guess that they'd not be much in favor of a complicated system like the one you've suggested (such as I understand it), particularly if its usage would be limited to a small percentage of its users. That being said, your system might be ripe for a 3rd-party solution. ~Jeff
  14. Sorry, I can't help on the Mac. Windows-only. But surely, Chrome extensions -- not just Evernote's -- in on the Mac can be configured, right? If not via a right-click option, how about through Chrome's Tools / Extensions? ~Jeff
  15. I forget whther you need to install this yourself, but you can find it in the Chrome web store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc. ~Jeff
  16. Saved searches provide much of the same functionality as the "smart collections" you describe, except that they are not nestable (which would be keen, I agree). ~Jeff
  17. Have you tried re-installing? I mean, you'll need Evernote.exe and all of its friends to be somewhere on your drive before you can run it. You may want to make sure that your database it backed up. Look in your Local Settings\Application Data\Evernote directory for any .exb files and back them up. ~Jeff
  18. The clipper options; in Chrome, right click on the Evernote icon, and select Options... ~Jeff
  19. You'll need to point the shortcut to the location where Evernote is actually installed. The installer should have done that, so that sounds like a bug to me. ~Jeff
  20. Gee, that's what I usually do. How about if you select the note, and press Ctrl + Alt + T. That should bring up the Assign Tags dialog. Check the Hide Unassigned Tags checkbox, and then uncheck the tag that you want to remove. Does that work? ~Jeff
  21. Really enjoyed the latest Blogcast (Phil speaking at LeWeb), an interesting story and an interesting business. Oh, and thanks to the Windows devs for delivering the new multistate Note Info -- it gives me the note tags (and source URL) info, which is what I want to see, while leaving out authior and Created and Updated dates, which I usually don't need to see. ~Jeff
  22. Maybe that's the real reason you don't turn the EN ads off. :shock: *** busted *** ~Jeff
  23. I'm so lazy, I am going to wait until note links are supported... ~Jeff
  24. My tolerance for advertisement must be pretty high, since I leave it on even though I have a premium subscription. Either that or my observational skill are pretty low... ~Jeff
  25. The OCR'd text is not available, for export or at all really. The OCR is used to build up an index for searching, and includes alternative matches for text in the note, rather than being a literal rendering of the note text. If you want to see what's generated, you can (if you're on a desktop client) export your note to Evernote (.enex) format, and look for the tag, which signals the start of the text recognition section; the tags within describe the recognized text and its location in the image. ~Jeff
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