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  1. I believe that the answer is no. You can select a single not, and copy it (Note / Copy... or Right click, Copy Note...), but if you select multiple notes, those options disappear. On the other hand, you might be able to do this: export multiple notes to Evernote format, and then, using ENScript.exe, import them into a different notebook.
  2. I think that most people understand the utility. It's whether or not we feel that need a new mechanism that captures the functionality, or can use existing ones (e.g. tags).
  3. Why not have a master note for each state, and then keep your associated notes separate, but link them from the master note (and tag them all so that you can filter on just that set of documents easily). Every time you add a new supporting document, update the master note with a link. Not sure where the updates go, but probably right in the master note. Generally, the master note will be updated more frequently, so a sort by updated time will keep it at the top.
  4. Yes, they know about it and have filed a ticket on it.
  5. Search the forums for "Time Machine backup" and you may find some relevant information.
  6. There are lots of posts in the forum about using Evernote for GTD. You should try searching the forum for these, and it may give you some insights. Yep, that's the way it works, on the Windows client at least (don't know about the Mac). Saved searches serve to filter your note database, and if you create a note that doesn't match the filter, then it's not shown. Sounds like that's the case for you. To add several tags all at once, use the Assign Tags operation: select one or more notes and press Ctrl+Alt+T (or right-click and select "Tag Note(s)..."). Limitation of the iPad client, I believe. Not sure whether it's planned to remedy this. You should file a support inquiry for crashes. You can also check the iPad/iPhone forum and you may find other users with the same problem.
  7. That's what I thought, too, but it's a real word (I looked it up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arborescence_(graph_theory)).
  8. There is no way to exclude a notebook from a search. The API doc states this pretty clearly, in the section on the search grammar. See: https://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/evernote-api.pdf.
  9. It's most likely in combination with the errorCode:3; "User.active" is probably the parameter name. This stuff is for the support folks, not for general consumption.
  10. Interesting idea, but may be kind of a tough sell in the Evernote-Features-To-Be-Implemented market, since currently tags do not really point to anything, they're just text labels that can be applied to a note. So there'd be a need for some kind of internal linkage mechanism to be added to the note architecture, for example, notes would need to have some internal named bookmarking ability that can refer to a note selection (or a note location, that would be handy too). Then all the API that allows you to select and apply a tag to it (just adds the tag to a note), Then the search stuff that says, hey, I matched tag "Good quotes", and I am displaying this note from that filter: do we we have any bookmarks named "Good quotes" available? OK, then highlight those selections. And add new UI to allow navigation amongst the matching bookmarks (and any other named bookmarks in the note). So lots of interesting pieces; couldn't tell you whether anything like this is on Evernote's road map, though.
  11. You didn't say which Evernote client you are using -- it's usually better to post in the client-specific forum you are using, so you can get better replies (and other people using the same client will have a better chance of finding an answer to a similar question). On the Windows client you can select text in your note, right-click and select Simplify Formatting. The Ctrl+ shortcut will perform the same operation.
  12. I generally think of tags as adjectives that describe the note content. They need not form a strict hierarchy, since some tags may apply equally well in several areas. I just try to think about how I'd search for a note when I apply tags. For example, thinking about computer software yields two tags "computers" and "software". I have tags for the applicable OS, so "windows", "linux", etc. And I am a programmer, so I have "development", plus a few for specific languages: "c++", "python", "javascript", etc. The "computers" *is* at the top-level of my tag tree, but I don't use it all that much, since if I am dealing with a note about software, that's pretty much about computers anyways (though I am not wholly consistent about it) -- it's mainly for organization. So, for example: Microsoft Word: "windows" "software". Evernote is an interesting case, because it spans OS's, but mainly I use Windows so it's "software" "windows" "productivity" for most Evernote-related notes ("productivity" isn't kept under "computers"). And so on, and so on. Ultimately, it's largely a matter of individual taste / style.
  13. Honestly, I feel that that if you don't get the hang of tags in Evernote, you'll not be using it effectively. I actually have a only a small number of notebooks -- my account is for personal use, and I mainly use tags for organization. I think that if I had a different use case, like business, where sharing is possibly more important, I might use more notebooks.
  14. Notebooks are the way that you partition your collection of notes, but i'd say that tags are the central organizing theme. Regardless, generally speaking you're going to create a lot more notes than notebooks, so you optimize that operation.
  15. OK, got it. I think anything else would have too many words, and "largest smallest" probably works because it's short and easy to remember (and apparently self-contradictory). Cool.
  16. There is no planned due date that has been release publicly. Search the forum for "due date" or "subject date"; there's plenty of discussion thereon...
  17. Hey, good find. I think that you're right that this is new. I was able to use Ctrl+Shift+M to unindent my bullet point, but I'd rather have Shift+Tab back for that.
  18. To clarify, there is no Evernote virtual printer. evb's solution is a good one, though.
  19. This page indicates that the Evernote clipper will work on RockMelt: http://social.dailyblogworld.com/2010/12/5-chrome-extensions-that-work.html; I guess I'd try the Chrome clipper. Failing that, you might also try the bookmarklet. The Chrome clipper and the bookmarklet are both available on this page: http://social.dailyblogworld.com/2010/12/5-chrome-extensions-that-work.html.
  20. No thanks -- my brain has random fluctuations enough. [i am guessing that this would not be high on Evernote's priority list for features to implement, but good luck]
  21. FYI -- the Tag Assignment box is currently only implemented in the Windows client, so far as I know. There have been suggestions to have the Tag Assignment tag list actually reflect the tree that we see in the Tag List. The dialog doe allow you to navigate the list by typing tag prefixes; for example, if I type 'dev' I get to 'Development', skipping 'Debugging', say. There is a timer built in, so that if you've not typed anything within a certain time period, typing a new character starts the navigation over; e.g., if I type 'de', then pause, and then type 'b', it will skip to 'Books'. So far as I can tell, they monitor every post, but do not always reply to each one.
  22. I have no idea what the use of a random note generator would be, but can't you just use your existing Excel spreadsheet as before, and save/export your results to an Evernote import folder?
  23. That's only a different sort of grist for the same decision-making process that is used to determine feature priorities.
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