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  1. You do not need to bump topics; all posts are read by Evernote staff. This topic has been suggested before; you can search the forum to find previous mentions.
  2. Absolutely. Stacks are mainly useful for organizing collections of notebooks, and also because you can direct search queries to particular stacks (the only way to search specific, multiple notebooks). But at the base, your main organizational tools are really notebooks and tags.
  3. Not possible in any of the clients, as far as I know. Not directly, but you can get at the XML note representation using the desktop clients (Windows and Mac); just export to Evernote format (.enex), and you can edit away, and then re-import it back in.
  4. Sounds complicated. I think that you'd need to explain this more. Generally speaking, "connectors" conect things to each other; what are you proposing connecting tags to (or to tags)?
  5. That is correct, there is no way to do this in the client that I use (Windows, the web).
  6. http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=24567#p106463
  7. Forr support, you should file a support ticket, and attach your debug log.
  8. I did nothing special to install this extension.
  9. This is working for me for Windows Chrome 12.0.733.0 dev.
  10. If you're importing text files (.txt, maybe other extensions), the actual text of the note becomes the note content, and the title is set to the first line of your imported file. If you're importing things like PDFs, Word documents, etc, then the file becomes an attachment, and the title of the note is set to the filename.
  11. You need to tell us which client (e.g. Windows, Mac, iPad, Blackberry) you are running on (there are specific forums for these). If you're on a desktop client, you can always export to Evernote format (.enex) and hand-edit that (it's XML, with formatting), and then re-import it.
  12. You need to tell us which client (e.g. Windows, Mac, iPad, Blackberry) you are running on.
  13. Strangely enough, that's by design. You've filtered your note list on untagged notes, so when you add a tag to a note in the note list, that note no longer meets the filter criteria, so it's not listed any more. As jbenson says, you can use Assign Tags to help do your tagging for you in a way that doesn't make them disappear after one tag.
  14. I'm not sure exactly which areas you're trying to navigate to, but I'd start with the Knowledge Base article on Windows client shortcuts here: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/windows-keyboard-shortcuts?lang=en.
  15. First, you need to tell us which Evernote client you are using (Windows, Mac, iPad, Blackberry, etc.)
  16. J: might want to check your math. :oops: Hah, you're right. I take it all back...
  17. I couldn't figure out from your article what the "new solution" is.
  18. It may take more than four days to fix the problem. The Windows beta client release cycle seems to be every week or two; even so, that fix might not be scheduled for the next release.
  19. It's an interesting problem, but "should be possible" and "feasible" are not necessarily synonymous. I think that the searching is meant to mimic the common web search, which is also prefix-driven.
  20. No subnotebooks is the way that the Evernote note storage system is designed. Notes are stored in notebooks; notebooks can be stored in stacks (to one level deep). Notes can have multiple tags, and tags can apply to multiple notes. ??? Tags are case-independent, as far as I know. Evernote is actually designed to be long-term storage, but you almost certainly need to come to terms with tagging to make it so.
  21. Thanks for fleshing out what I had hinted at in the post just above yours.
  22. You can also use stacks to organize notebooks; one example might be to "retire" projects that are no longer active.
  23. Tags are not notebooks. This is a simple result of the architecture; notes can have multiple tags (and tags can apply to multiple notes), whereas a note belongs to exactly one notebook. You cannot use nested tags to do the same thing as nested folders. That they're hierarchically organizable doesn't turn them into folders, since, as you point out "Invoices" can't exist in two places in the Tag tree, which is allowed in the file folder scheme. So ultimately, you cannot navigate your notes using tags as you would do in a file folder tree. However, there's nothing stopping you from using notebooks and tags to work together. You have 250 notebooks to play with; maybe you can partition your projects into separate notebooks, and tag invoice notes with "Invoices" and so forth.
  24. Sometimes it's just reporting what the Evernote folks have said before, sometimes numerous times (often it's accompanied with a link to one of their statements). For myself, I try not to predict what they're likely to do or not do, though if there's good technical reason to think that they won't do it, I might say that. Other than that, was there anything about hierarchical tags that you wanted to add?
  25. Stacks contain --> Notebooks, which contain --> Notes Where do pages and/or tabs fit into this picture?
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