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  1. The behavior is by design. I've seen Dave Engberg (Evernote's CTO) post on this in the forums before; you could try to do a search to find the reasons. If I recall correctly, it's basically so that other users cannot "pollute" the tag space of the person sharing the notebook with external tags.
  2. We wouldn't want you to come back thinking we haven't upheld the high standards that we've become known for...
  3. For a workaround to this, try "Hotel Pap*"
  4. As it happens, Latin lives on, in the form of the modern-day Romance languages... It never died; it just changed... I hate to say it, but centuries of language evolution has made it just as potentially obfuscatory as ever it was. I see no hopes that ambiguity will magically vanish any time son.
  5. OK, thanks for the correction, metrodon.
  6. TO amplify metrodon's answer a bit: the Evernote note that you clipped from the web site is derived from the HTML text that makes up the web page. It's a copy, and not a screen shot, and Evernote doesn't monitor changes to the page.
  7. I don't know exactly how it works in Mac-land, but in Windows, there is a menu option (Tools / Import Folders...) that allows you to set up folders for automatic import into Evernote, meaning that you put a file in the folder, and Evernote imports it automatically. You can set it up to import to a specific notebook, and also you can choose whether Evernote deletes the file from the import directory after importing it.
  8. You can't search multiple arbitrary notebooks, but you can search multiple notebooks in two specific ways: * All Notebooks * Searching on a stack will search all of the notebooks of the stack
  9. The Evernote Windows desktop client won't import HTML files directly using File / Import (it's looking for .enex files), but the the Import Folders facility will import HTML files just fine, or you can always drag'n'drop an HTML file from Explorer into Evernote.
  10. Oh. My. God. You really don't get it... I really do get that your feature request has merit. I just don't think that it's as important as you seem to believe, particularly since there's a workaround (i.e. cut'n'paste). It's still allowed for users to have differences of opinion, last time I checked. It'd be OK to keep the melodrama down to a dull roar...
  11. I believe what metrodon is saying -- though somewhat laconically -- is that what you feel is an oversight might actually be a conscious design choice on the part of Evernote. Your right to voice your opinion is not in jeopardy; nobody's attacking you. Surely another user offering an alternate view from yours shouldn't be seen to be threatening...
  12. Ctrl+Shift+C adds a checkbox. Or use the checkbox tool in the note editor. This is a knowledge base item; see this article: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/windows-keyboard-shortcuts?lang=en
  13. It helps other to help you better if you say what you are trying to do, rather than leave it open-ended.
  14. I think that actually Evernote's note editor is actually pretty stripped-down; not that many bells and whistles. I just tried Microsoft Word 2010 (a program that has many bells & whistles, if ever there was one); that doesn't support the Shift+Alt+Arrow shortcut either. And you can always cut'n'paste. So I don't really see this as quite so "glaring". Sorry it doesn't match up with your needs, however; I don't mean to imply that it's a bad idea.
  15. There were many problems in 3.5; I can't speak for 3.1, since I only used it for a short time.
  16. My take on the Evangelist job it's to try to help people find solutions to their problems, and part of that is acknowledging when Evernote doesn't do what people want it to do (or Evernote's limitations, if you will), and trying to find a way to work around those situations, if it's possible. But I was pretty much doing this before I was offered the Evangelist badge, and that why Dave made the offer. In the interest of full disclosure, at the time, Dave was kind enough to upgrade me from freemium status to year's Premium subscription (I would have subscribed eventually), and later gave me several year Premium subscriptions to hand out, but other than that, I get no compensation. That's just my deal; I have no idea about anyone else, and truthfully, I don't think that it changes much in terms of my participation here. Ultimately, though, it doesn't mean that I can't criticize Evernote's programs (I have), though I tend to say things like "if Evernote had feature 'x', then that would be easier" rather than "Evernote should have feature 'x', how could they have missed this?". I really think that Evernote thinks that constructive criticism is helpful. I'm not sure if you're serious about being an Anti-Evangelist, though I can't think that this would be a title that Evernote would ever bestow on anyone. On the other hand, there is the notion of "Ombudsman" which might be closer to what you're intending.
  17. I don't know the actual requirements. One day Dave Engberg got in touch and asked me if I'd like to be an evangelist. Later, the evangelists became forum moderators, but there's at least one non-evangelist who is also a forum moderator. You could ask them...
  18. metrodon is a moderator for the forums, and an "Evernote Evangilist". But not an employee.
  19. I doubt it (though a Mac user could verify) -- this option doesn't exist in the Windows 4 client. Not sure when it vanished from the Windows line.
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