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  1. Erm... Syntax error, line 1: expected ';' before ')' Maybe you need syntax checking too...
  2. I think that you're asking for two separate things: one is the ability to arbitrarily order note lists, and the other is to set default sorting on a notebook-by-notebook basis. Both get asked for every so often (you can search the forums for prior discussion). I haven't seen any signs that either of these are under consideration by the Evernote folks, but they don't always discuss what they're going to roll out, though they certainly do sometimes indicate that they're interested in implementing some particular ideas. If they're gong to add either of them, they it's unlikely that they'd make it available for more money. They seem to want to keep their pricing levels as they are now: freemium and premium.
  3. You should probably ask this over in the iPhone / iPad forum.
  4. Sure, it's fine to do that; it helps to keep the tag tree's top level smaller. jbenson has a system that works well for him, but not everyone needs the parent /child search features that he does. I have a loose hierarchical tree, but I don't really need to enforce the tree in searches; my tree is mainly to keep the clutter down. It's not just tags that have no obvious common parent either, it's also tags that could have multiple logical parents.
  5. The following Apple dev link may be of interest: http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/General/Conceptual/MOSXAppProgrammingGuide/FullScreenApp/FullScreenApp.html Aside from that, the choice of the one true view, if there is to be one, is arbitrary.
  6. I think that at least on the Windows client, an auto-save of sorts already happens when a Sync occurs. Since I have my client set up to auto-sync every 15 minutes, that works for me.
  7. Well, sure, you could add tags and increase the space taken up by thumbnails, but that may defeat the purpose of thumbnails and gives short shrift to notes that have more than a couple of tags. That being said, a way to customize either thumbnail or snippet views to include the information that you want could be a good feature.
  8. Hmmm, I wouldn't bet my lunch money on that (not before lunch anyways) -- at least on me becoming a True Believer. All computers have good points and bad points; I'm pretty satisfied with Windows as it is right now, and since that's the platform that I develop on at work, it works for me. If things change, then I may need to adjust to Mac / Linux / WhateverComesNext, but I have never been a fanatic about any OS.
  9. The simple answer is: Use notebooks when you have to; use tags otherwise.
  10. If you search for "EVER NOTE", with double quotes surrounding the two words, you should get back notes that contain that exact text phrase, rather than notes that contain "EVER" and "NOTE". If you leave the double quotes off, then you get what you observed.
  11. You Mac'ers don't need Replace because you never make mistakes???
  12. [whisper](so metrodon doesn't hear) The Windows client already has Replace functionality...[/whisper]
  13. I was thinking that you could use the 'intitle:' search operator to accomplish something similar, just type "intitle:" into the search bar, and you'd get a list of notes that starts with , but of course Intitle: finds that character in the title, not in the prefix, like other search operators. So maybe a new operator: 'title:', which does a prefix search...
  14. I'm thinking that eventually Evernote will need to add some ability to organize saved searches, maybe in a tree-like structure like tags.
  15. That's fine, but working with tags is generally better supported in Evernote than is working with free text in titles. For example, in the Windows client, you have an easy way to tag multiple notes, which would be difficult to do with keywords in titles. You must be very disciplined.
  16. Yes, this is known; the search grammar does only prefix matching. The search function for individual notes (Ctrl+F) will find internal matches, but that's no consolation if you can't find the notes that have that match in the first place.
  17. There is no way in the Windows Evernote client to insert just the date, as far as I know. You might be able to work around this by using a third-party program like AutoHotKey, though I've not tested this.
  18. Please refer to the Evernote API Overview for a description of the ENML format used in .enex files: https://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/evernote-api.htm
  19. Geocoding (address --> lat/lon) is one thing, since street addresses are notoriously inaccurate (but getting better); lat/lon discrepancies could be caused by any number of things, but if you're not referenced to the correct datum, then it's going to be off. Not that I have any idea of what's going on inside of Evernote, mind you...
  20. Probably using the wrong datum, or some other piece of map nerdiness (I deal in this stuff sometimes at work)...
  21. Evernote remembers my last choice, at least in the List View and Snippet view (which I just tested); It should remember your choice, too. http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=27910
  22. You can do OR operations using the search grammar (using the 'any:' search term), but unfortunately you cannot mix and match AND and OR operations in the same search. The only way that I can think of to get what you want -- and it's awkward -- is to make a temporary tag @WaitingOrSomeday, and tag all notes that have either @Waiting or @Someday, with that, and then use that tag to do your actual search.
  23. Thank god for that. And because of that, you can tell me how to automatically import anything that goes into that folder right? Remember, this was what this whole post about. HOW to do that in evernote on my Mac. All the other back and forth do not actually address how to do this (I guess because the mac doesn't support it - hence we ARE getting the short end of the stick by definition.) Actually, I think that you opened the door on the other "back and forth".? You asked a valid question initially, and metrodon gave you a useful answer. But rather than follow up on that good advice (and to his credit, metrodon -- replete with the milk of human kindness as he is -- eventually did that for you), you came out with the reflexive complaint "poor, poor pitiful Macs", which I thought was unmerited (and I said so), and also which opened up the whole side thread on just how poor and pitiful Mac support is (or isn't). This is nonsensical. The Mac and Windows clients are substantially equivalent (exceptions are already noted in the thread). And I really do hope that that can happen for you. BTW, you should have mentioned that in your previous postings; maybe someone can give you more specific advice in that area.
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