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  1. I am still holding out for WordStar editing keyboard support...
  2. I'm totally shocked that it doesn't have Lotus Notes integration; I totally need that for my workflow.
  3. Dave Engberg has mentioned some usage percentages in the past, here in the forum, but it's been awhile, some number of months anyways. Might be hard to find using forum search.
  4. Yeah, I knew that you could brute-force tag addition by creating a .enex file, and probably should have mentioned it, but usually when I suggest .enex solutions, I get looked at as if I have wo heads. Thanks for adding the tip, though.
  5. You should be able to select the photo and press Delete (or the Mac moral equivalent thereof). At least that's how it works on the Windows client.
  6. Wasn't my memory that I was talking about...
  7. Ah,memory can be so fleeting sometimes.
  8. It's pretty similar looking to the Snippet view provided in the new web interface.
  9. It's a whole heck of a lot easier than it was before, at least.
  10. Ah. There's nothing about 'templates' per se, but you should look at the new Copy Note operation. You'll find it in menu that appears when you right-click on a note in the note list. You can either copy the note to your default notebook (I think) and tags are preserved, or to another notebook, in which case you can choose to preserve tags and/or created/updated dates. So it's on you to create the templates, and them you can use Copy Note to do the work.
  11. This feature has been implemented in the forthcoming 4.4 Windows release; it's a common request, and I'd be surprised if it didn't make it on the Mac client as well, though that's just my impression of things.
  12. I have used DropBox and Evernote for a while now, and so far I've never needed to use them together. They both sync to "the cloud", so that I can access their contents on several devices, but DropBox is exclusively a file storage system, while Evernote is primarily a note storage system that allows you to store files also. DropBox is great for storing transient files around (like program files that I want to install on multiple machines) -- in that respect it's a lot like a cloud-based USB stick. Evernote is for more permanent storage. Evernote also provides to text recognition for images as part of its service, while DropBox does not. But that's mainly how I use these products. Maybe some other forum-dwellers have some ideas. Good luck.
  13. I think that the answer is "no", but you haven't said what you are trying to do with Dropbox and Evernote. Maybe if you did, someone might be able to help you.
  14. Not directly, no. The question has come up as to whether it would be OK to point your Evernote database there for your Mac or Windows desktop client (so that it would be automatically backed up), but the feedback from Evernote folks is that isn't such a good idea; see for example http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=14821. Did you have an intended usage?
  15. Yeah, that's a good tip and I don't think it was suggested in here either. Sorry for the thread noise...
  16. Again, I ask you to substantiate where I comment on the motives of other individuals. Umm, I think that you ought to at least try to model the behavior that you wish others to exhibit. It's been a number of hours since you *publicly* accused me of bird-dogging you, and my PM inbox stands empty of messages from you.
  17. You can take a look at the Knowledge Base here: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/#. It has some good information, though unfortunately it is not complete (and the products are moving forward with new features all the time). There is also Mac-specific information; press on the "+" sign by the "Platforms" link, then "Mac".
  18. I don't think this works on the Mac -- at least not for me. This is the Mac forum, right? You are correct; for some reason I missed that on my little netbook. Sorry about that. Hopefully there's a Mac person who can shed some insight. There is no Assign Tags dialog on the Mac, I know -- it's something that should be there, as it's useful.
  19. So why are you wasting everyone's time and adding clutter to this thread only to repeat yourself? What value are you adding to this discussion? Are you disputing that we've had the discussions on the same topic before? I wanted to spare us from having another, because they often follow the script I presented. Great. I am looking for that new topic that you want to start but haven't. Meanwhile, since I believe that this doesn't require "involved discussion", nor is it particularly "controversial", I felt it worthy of comment. At the risk of making this sound self-fulfilling, you know very well that I don't (and please don't weasel around your use of "seem to"). Your post is the one that is not helpful. Do you disagree with the idea that the behavior that I named is unhelpful? Please substantiate anywhere where I said that you did. Please substantiate this (and ditto the above comment about "seem to"). A simple count of and references to threads and where I disagree with one or more of your posts in a non-constructive way (or does constructive discussion, e.g. clarification / amplification count as "making arguments"?) vs. the count of and reference to threads where I don't (including threads of yours where I do not post at all, threads where I reply to you constructively, or threads where I post but do not disagree with you, or threads where I post but you haven't), over whatever recent time period you choose, ought to suffice. If you can't back it up, then please retract it. You're allowed to believe what you want.
  20. Itry to tag as early as I can -- right in the web clipper, before I press the "Clip" button. You didn't mention which client you are working on, but in the Windows client, there are at least two ways of tagging multiple notes. One way is to make a selection of notes in the note list, and then press Ctrl + Alt + T. This will bring up the Assign Tags dialog which lets you set the tags for all of the notes. A second way is to make a selection of notes in the note list, and drag a tag from the tag tree on the left side onto the selection. This will add the tag to all of the notes in the selection.
  21. I've certainly wished for this in the forums. I use rules a lot, both in gmail and Outlook, and think it would be a useful feature. Anything to help in getting good tags, easily, would be great. There is scads of discussion on the various aspects of Evernote's security, including what you're asking for. Search will find it if you look a bit deeper, I'm sure.
  22. What's the reason for throwing in this comment? The original post as well as the responses were quite civil and helpful. This is behavior I have observed over the time I've been here, and I believe it to be indeed unhelpful, without meaning to be ironic, sarcastic, or otherwise pointing a finger at anyone.
  23. We have had this discussion before. It's pretty straightforward, and goes something like this: * Hey, this feature is in client X but not in client Y * Correct: the various platforms move at different speeds in implementing certain common features; this may be one of those cases. * Hey, that's that's not wonderful * True, but what can we (the users) do about it? * Nothing really, but sometimes it helps if you calmly remind Evernote about a discrepancy when you notice it; sometimes it's inadvertent. Aside from that, behaviors like whinging, hand-wringing, calling it "unbelievable", "inexcusable" or the like are just exercises in melodramatics, and are probably not helpful.
  24. Note that I know of, no. I'll try to think of a workaround, but short of doing some custom programming, I can't think of any. If you're on the Mac, maybe an AppleScript script would be feasible; I understand that that's a pretty approachable system.
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