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  1. Tabs for the note list, so that you could work on multiple notes at a time, have already been suggested (search the forum for 'tabs'). I'm not sure how tabs for notes would work; it's not a common document metaphor -- we generally think of tabs as useful for separate documents, not separate document sections. I'd suggest using separate notes for each lecture, possibly identified via a tag. ~Jeff
  2. There is no known release schedule for this or any other Evernote features. There rarely is; if anything, we might get an indication of relative priority for particular features, but no date specifics. ~Jeff
  3. You should be able to do it by exporting the notes that you want to transfer into .enex format, and then importing then into your desired destination. ~Jeff
  4. Search is your friend. All you had to do was search for the terms "green fingernail polish". ~Jeff
  5. Since you seem to be quite interested in correctness, BurgersNFries is a 'she'. ~Jeff
  6. I think that about the best that you can do other than having a special Archived notebook is to add an "Archived" tag, and tag notes accordingly. When you want to search your unarchived notes, you just add "-tag:Archived" to your search. Using the "Archived" tag also allows you to focus specifically on archived notes. ~Jeff
  7. If you are a free user, then there's a backlog currently, of a couple of days, I think. That should lessen as Evernote gets more hardware on line. ~Jeff
  8. Um, I think that he meant that that would be confusing behavior, i.e., not a beautiful thing, at least to some. Regardless, I think that Evernote's design is pretty well set for the foreseeable future, though as discussed above, I think that there are some things that Evernote could do to help out the folks who want some support for a classification-style hierarchy. ~Jeff
  9. Oh gosh, I am just imagining a closet containing an old Amiga, a Next cube and a few TRS-80s, linked via baling wire... ~Jeff
  10. You didn't specify which client you're using -- it's usually better to post questions in the forum specific to your client, as you're more apt to get an answer from someone with expertise in that client, and that's also where someone who has the same problem would look. In any case, in the Windows client, you can print multiple notes by making a multiple selection in the note list, doing a right-click and selecting Print Notes. In your case, click the tag you want, select all notes in the note list (Ctrl + A works there too), and right-click / Print Notes. ~Jeff
  11. I also prefer the way that it operates now, bu toccasionally I do wish for a separate (and not default) operation that allows us to apply a tags and its parents to a note, and I think that some folks might want that more than occasionally... ~Jeff
  12. Oh, I didn't disagree with the idea, just wanted to point out that shift-click was already taken. I can see how you might also want to augment the search grammar via, say (and this is where Dave twitches offscreen ), prefixing the 'tag:' modifier with a '+' sign: '+tag:MyTag' would search for all notes containing tag 'MyTag' and all of its children (and maybe its their children, etc.). Or something like that... ~Jeff
  13. Not sure what the blah-blah about 'openness' is all about -- Evernote has an open API, and their export format (.enex) is also open, and everything you put in, you are able to get back out again. Just seems like that's clouding the issue. The motto 'Remember Everything' is upheld in this case. You put a PDF or an image in, you can get it back, exactly as it was when you put it in. That any OCR information they've added to what you put in for PDF files isn't available (though it is for images) doesn't really contravene 'Remember Everything'. That being said, making the value-added OCR information available for export seems a not unreasonable request, unless there are licensing issues with the OCR software entailed; or maybe if it can't be expressed in the current .enex format. ~Jeff
  14. Very much agree, and this fits in with... Actually, for me, it *is* the point. Tags function for me like adjectives, and I prefer to keep them short, few in number and flexible. In English at least we don't have separate 'red' adjectives for the separate objects that 'red' may describe, and similarly I don't mind overloading a tag for different contexts. Presence of other tags often determines context in my scheme, so I might have tags "computer", "language" and "python" (common and reusable tags) rather than a specialized "python-language" tag. And I can organize my tag tree (which has ~90 tags) as convenient to me, without worrying about it too much -- most of the time I keep all but the top-level branches closed in the UI. So ultimately, the way that Evernote is designed works pretty well for me. At some point in the past when this debate flared up before (there was plenty of discussion on all of this back then), I proposed at least making it easier for tags-as-classification thinkers to apply a tag and all of its parents to a note as a separate operation. This kinda dovetails with your idea, which I think is a reasonable request, except for the shift-click bit, since the tag tree -- at least in the Windows client -- uses the standard shift-click, ctrl-click sequences for multi-selections. And I agree with this too. ~Jeff
  15. Like Dave said, it's a design choice, one that works for some (me, for example), but not for everyone. It really reflects that tags are descriptive terms with multiple meanings, depending on unrelated contexts. For example, if I were a herpetologist and a software developer, I might reasonably have a 'Python' tag, but where would it live if the tag structure was truly hierarchical, and not just an organizational scheme? If I put it in one branch (say, Snakes / Python), then the other (Computer / Computer Languages / Python) loses out: Hey, I'm just looking for my snakes, but I keep getting Dell and Apple and Ruby. But with the current design, I can put it in the tag tree wherever its convenient for me, and use it freely in any context where one if its meanings fits. ~Jeff
  16. What's your guess at the odds of your 'would/could' in Evernote's usage? ~Jeff
  17. If all the notes that are tagged with "CSC 330" have no other tag, then I'd say that it's working as designed... Hide Unassigned Tags works by taking the notes that appear in the note list (whether filtered or not), and shows all the tags for those notes in the tag Tree, plus their parent tags (even if those tags are not present in the filtered list; this allows you to see the tree structure) By clicking on the tag "CSC 330", you are further filtering the note list to show only notes that have that tag. The Hide Unassigned Tags rule continues to apply; i.e., any tag that is applied to any note in the list resulting from filtering on tag "CSC 330" (plus its parent tag, as mentioned before) is considered to be 'Assigned', and only these appear in the Tag Tree. Therefore, if "CSC 330" is the only tag applied to any of these notes, then no other tag will appear in the Tag Tree. You can't have 'Hide Unassigned Tags' work and not work at the same time. ~Jeff
  18. Despite the Chrome store reviews, neither of you has said exactly what isn't working. Does the button not display correctly? When you click it, what does it do? Does the clipper dialog come up? What version of Chrome are you running? It helps the devs to be precise about problems. For the record, it works well for me (Chrome 10.0.628.0); I use it all the time. ~Jeff
  19. No target dates have been announced (not something that Evernote does all that often anyhow). ~Jeff
  20. This is a correct statement, but it's not thee whole story; actually each note already has a globally unique identifier. Here's a relevant post: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=12465&p=68244&hilit=note+links#p68244. ~Jeff
  21. Right. I knew about this usage, but it slipped my mind in context because I don't think of them as tags. Good catch! ~Jeff
  22. There are no such things as hash tags and context tags in Evernote, at least the types you cite have no intrinsic meaning to Evernote, and really, use of '#' and '@'characters is not explicitly supported in tag names last I knew, though they may work fine anyways. The underscore character, '_' is explicitly allowed, and that's what I use. The only reason to use such tag prefixes is that the tags they prefix will sort higher than alphanumeric characters, which will tend to make them easier to find in the Tag list. ~Jeff
  23. Dunno, but it's not much worth worrying about -- work has pretty much stopped on the 3.5 product, as best as I can tell. ~Jeff
  24. It's not going tag-crazy to apply multiple tags to a note. Tags can work a lot like adjectives in grammar -- they describe a note (or its context). So it makes sense to describe a receipt with "home" and "taxes". ~Jeff
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