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  1. Oh, no problem -- I've missed a few myself.
  2. I don't think that these work for the Mac; in particular, there is no "Assign Tags" dialog (invoked up by Ctrl + Alt + T in the Windows client).
  3. I don't remember ever seeing Evernote folks evince much interest in open-sourcing their own code (and I certainly don't speak for them), but they have a published API, and welcome 3rd-party developers to code against it; see NeverNote (a Java client) and PeoplesNote (a WinCE xlient). Both are featured elsewhere in the forums. Developers should start here: http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/.
  4. Sure, with your developer's hat on, you can probably recognize this: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2010/05/31/10017567.aspx. There's another one: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ericgu/archive/2004/01/12/57985.aspx. Carry on...
  5. Maybe "double secret" premium?? The Evernote folks have pretty much resisted implementing voting schemes here; I believe that they feel that they have a pretty good handle on their user's feature wishes via this and other channels. There's some discussion of this elsewhere in the forum; you can probably find it by searching on "voting" or something like that.
  6. There is not, nor is there one for non-paying customers.
  7. Yep -- a search history's been suggested before, and would be welcome, I think.
  8. That's only assuming that the Mac and the Windows clients share code bases, particularly in the UI, which is unlikely.
  9. It's probably better understood as "Evernote is not primarily intended to replace dedicated task list or to-do list management software", but you can certainly use it for light task list management. If it doesn't do all of the things that a dedicated to-do list manager does, then that's just not its primary intent. On the other hand, you can strikeout text yourself. So sure, such things are possible, it's a matter of Evernote's priorities. And the web site, particularly the main page should give you an idea of what the main priorities are: "Capture Anything, Access from Anywhere, and Find Things Fast."
  10. Flog away -- it's mainly your energy that's being wasted, and the horse is still dead. All of these arguments have been presented here before; the Evernote folks have decided to use a different system than the one that you want. I doubt that it's going to change any time soon, so if you want to keep using Evernote, you'll have to figure out how to work with tags. Some people want to express full hierarchy with single tags, but you don't need to do that; in fact,in my opinion, that's almost antithetical to how I believe tags should be used. Fortunately, tags are flexible enough to accommodate that usage if you really want to do it. So you have 4 Lecture 4s. So make a tag called 'Lecture4' and apply it 4 times as appropriate, and make tags for all your other lecture numbers (me, I'd just be using 'Lecture 4' as the not title, but that's my system). And make tags for your subjects: 'Subject1', 'Subject2' etc, and apply them as appropriate. And if you think you need to have separate notes for individual lectures, make some more tags ('Notes1', 'Notes2', etc.) and apply as appropriate. Now you have sets of tags that can be used to find subsets of notes across your world of subjects, lectures and lecture notes, for now and the future Regardless of your claiming to speak for most people, it ain't necessarily so that hierarchical note organization is essential -- tags work too. But then again, some people like lima beans, and some don't. If Evernote truly doesn't suit your needs, then you'd probably be better off with some other system.
  11. Ah, well, this is probably fraught with all kinds of potential difficulties. First off, I almost never clip full pages. Second, I often edit clipped pages for better formatting. Reconciling these types of scenarios would be very difficult if not impossible. I ty to clip useful information, understanding that it's a snapshot. If suspect that things have changed, I can always use the Source URL to check.
  12. You can do this currently in the Windows client (it's a relatively recent addition). I'm sure that the Mac client will catch up at some point.
  13. I have no insider information on anything -- I'm just a user like you...
  14. If you're talking about clipped web pages, why wouldn't you sort using the Source URL field?
  15. Two articles are linked from this Knowledge Base article that are relevant: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/category/search?lang=en.
  16. If it's a bug, the the usual procedure is to prioritize it against other issues, and schedule it and address it. They rarely give fix (or new feature) date estimates -- you shouldn't expect that from them. It is probably your imagination. The various dev teams seem to work on their own schedules, with their own priorities. Sometimes features ship first on the Mac (e.g. notebook stacks, notebook sharing), sometimes on Windows.
  17. You're paying Evernote for what it actually does, not what you assumed it does. However, if you're dissatisfied, you can most likely get a refund.
  18. Yes, I noticed the blue "bowtie". Congratulations, metrodon!
  19. Thanks, Brett. I was going to mention the bit about wildcard formation here, since my testing turned up some crazy results when I had more than one '*', or had put text after the '*', but I thought it might cloud the issue here, and hadn't gotten around to posting it as a separate issue. But clarifications are always welcome.
  20. The answer is to make sure that you are doing regular backups, particularly if you have local notes for desktop clients (which do not sync to the Evernote servers), and make sure that your backups work.
  21. This is correct; That sounds like a bug in the Mac client. However, it's also important to understand that intitle: search is not the same as normal search. For example, intitle: search in the Windows client matches whole words; i.e. a search using 'intitle:his' would match 'his' explicitly, but not 'history'. You can add wildcards, however: 'intitle:his*' would match both 'his' and 'history'.
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