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  1. If you're already separating notes by notebook, then you don't need tags to keep them sorted -- they're already sorted. Just pick the desired notebook and do your search / sort / whatever.
  2. No need to over-analyze this... it was just in passing, and "need" refers to your own needs, not any intrinsic Evernote requirement. But as a rule of thumb, it's probably better to merge cautiously, because undoing a merge, while not difficult, is something you have to do by hand, whereas merging is something that you can use Evernote to do. But large vs. small -- it's really up to you; there's no real stricture on making large notes.
  3. That's the key. I'd probably avoid merging separate items into bigger notes, though, until you find yourself needing that; it's easier to merge than to unmerge. Tags are key to organization, in my mind, more so than notebooks for most usages. But blunder away; there's not a lot of irreparable harm that you can really do, though occasionally take some time to assess where you are in your organizational scheme, and find out what works best for you.
  4. In the note editor, Alt+Shift+D or Ctrl+; will do that (it's a Knowledge base topic: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/windows-keyboard-shortcuts?lang=en). For more complicated tasks, there's a program called AutoHotkey which seems to work well. There may be others.
  5. For bugs, the right way to get them addressed at this time, as nearly as I can tell, is to file a support inquiry. You should reference this thread, so that they know that a ticket's been filed against the issue. You can get support on the forums, both from Evernote staff (though that's pretty hit or miss) or from other users (and BurgersNFries has done a huge amount of that, and continues), but this one's a bit beyond that -- and a reminder to the tech staff via a support inquiry might be helpful. For the rest, nobody's trying to shut any discussions down, and nobody's really doing battle (don't forget that everyone has the option to simply walk away from any discussions if they feel it's not productive), but I think if you read what's been said about the actual issue, you'd see that nobody actually cares for the way it works now. But none of us users can fix the problem, and since there's a viable workaround, that's good enough for me. Call that fatalism if you wish; I call it being realistic. And that's not the same as wanting Evernote to stay the same, warts and all; there's ample evidence that even the evangelists want Evernote to get better, if you care to look for it rather than just assuming it.
  6. I can't speak to your Mac-related issues. Previously discussed. Please search the forum for "red circle".
  7. If what is wanted is named bookmarks, then ask for that. Don't muck it all into what tags are, which is essentially free-form labels on your notes. If you feel the need to bring HTML into the conversation, then remember that in HTML, keywords are in the section, and are not to be confused with anchored tags.
  8. Maybe, but when I type a search into Google, say, and it doesn't return what I think it ought to, I don't first assume that Google has lost the Internet. I assume that I've typed something wrong, or not understood the tool I'm using (i.e. search syntax). If I care that much, I'll go and find out what's happening: first try to figure out the correct search syntax, and if I think I am correct, then I'll tell Google that I want my Internet back. What "most people" may or not do is of little concern to me; you either seek out the answer to your question (the forum isn't that hard to find) or file a support inquiry (what you do if you think that Evernote is broken or has lost your data). In any case, I do agree that what Evernote does with the '-' in the middle of an unquoted search string is a bit awkward. The API does specify that search strings are split on whitespace and punctuation, and while the '-' also cause a split, it's retained and used in its match-notes-that-do-not-have-the-following-text sense, rather than being dropped entirely as other punctuation characters are. I also think that the search behavior could be better, and more publicly documented. I don't think that you should need to go to the API to figure this stuff out, and while I thought that the Knowledge Base was a good start, it hasn't really grown as much as I'd hoped.
  9. * if you want to search for a string that includes a '-', enclose the string in double quotes (e.g. "spider-man") * Search facilities have nothing to do with data integrity.
  10. Tags are just labels and have no pre-ordained purpose (i.e., they need not be 'content-agnostic'; they're labels, not formal keywords) but can be used to serve some user purpose, including describing note content, whether you like or dislike a note, how a note plays into one's GTD schema, describing hierarchies, and so on. Sure, it's not great for all purposes, and it's possible that stars might be added (or re-added as in the case of iPhone) but for now, all we have are tags.
  11. The Evernote products don't support the DEV releases of Chrome, as far as I know. If you file a support inquiry, they may want to work with you to find out exactly what happened, but I think that only the public releases are supported.
  12. So does this mean that you're offering to fund the entire development effort for these features?
  13. Hey, that's pretty cool to know (it's more notes than I have in my entire database).
  14. Actually there are things that are topical in these forums, and some that are not, and Evernote does try to keep things more or less topical. There certainly is moderation going on, but one user telling another user to stop posting about topic 'x' is not policing; it's just another user exercising their right to post, just as you have. True enough, but to be fair, you're the one bandying around terms like "false advertising", "blatant dishonesty" and mentioned a " a call from the Federal Trade Commission or other relevant government office" (yes, I know that you put a 'smiley' on that one, but it could just as easily be read as passive aggression). How abut this: if you tell me what I can and can't say, I might consider it, but it has no real force here. Note that the folks who could really do something about what you're saying have not done so (i.e., you've not been censored you on the topic, so far as I know). While there's no actual right to freedom of speech in the forums, there are entire governments that do try to control what their citizens say and write, all the time. I don't understand it either, but it's a fact of human existence, unfortunately. I actually do hope that the issue gets resolved, either by changing the wording or explaining it better. It doesn't bother me personally, but I think it would be the right thing to do, and in doing so, I guess that some folks would be ale to sleep better at night. Good luck.
  15. Probably, but it might take a bit of time...
  16. I hope that for your sake, and for the sake of others who use the same workaround, that when Due Date arrives in all of its glory, that there's a way to copy the Created Date to the Due Date for selected notes, so that people can get on the onto the true path without troubles.
  17. Yes, I understood all of that before, and I never said that it's not as user-friendly, or whatever. On the other hand, you could try creating create five tags, say '$', '$$', '$$$', '$$$$', '$$$$$', and then if you want >= 3 stars, search for tag:$$$*. (don't have enough time to test this, and testing for <3 stars would not be nice).
  18. I believe that the answer is no. You can select a single not, and copy it (Note / Copy... or Right click, Copy Note...), but if you select multiple notes, those options disappear. On the other hand, you might be able to do this: export multiple notes to Evernote format, and then, using ENScript.exe, import them into a different notebook.
  19. I think that most people understand the utility. It's whether or not we feel that need a new mechanism that captures the functionality, or can use existing ones (e.g. tags).
  20. Why not have a master note for each state, and then keep your associated notes separate, but link them from the master note (and tag them all so that you can filter on just that set of documents easily). Every time you add a new supporting document, update the master note with a link. Not sure where the updates go, but probably right in the master note. Generally, the master note will be updated more frequently, so a sort by updated time will keep it at the top.
  21. Yes, they know about it and have filed a ticket on it.
  22. Search the forums for "Time Machine backup" and you may find some relevant information.
  23. There are lots of posts in the forum about using Evernote for GTD. You should try searching the forum for these, and it may give you some insights. Yep, that's the way it works, on the Windows client at least (don't know about the Mac). Saved searches serve to filter your note database, and if you create a note that doesn't match the filter, then it's not shown. Sounds like that's the case for you. To add several tags all at once, use the Assign Tags operation: select one or more notes and press Ctrl+Alt+T (or right-click and select "Tag Note(s)..."). Limitation of the iPad client, I believe. Not sure whether it's planned to remedy this. You should file a support inquiry for crashes. You can also check the iPad/iPhone forum and you may find other users with the same problem.
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