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  1. Sounds like the kind of corner case that the devs would be interested in; I'd file a support inquiry.
  2. Pretty cool and easy to figure out service. They need to weed out their recipe; how many Starred-item-in-Google-Reader to Evernote versions do we really need?
  3. Yep. That's how it works on the Windows client as well.
  4. The move and expand/shrink selection tools seem to be working for me (Win 7/64, Chrome 13.0.782.220 m). Cool stuff!
  5. Hmmmph, more color stuff. Well, we know they've been working on that, on at least one platform, so it's probably on its way for others...
  6. First, which client (Windows, Mac, Web, iPad, Android, etc.) are you running on? (It's usually better to post in the forum appropriate to your client) On the desktop clients (Windows, Mac), you can sort your notes by Note title. If your contact notes have titles of , , then that should work. Other clients, I am not so sure about.
  7. No worries... this is an open forum; your opinion is just as useful as anyone else's.So just colors (and possibly icons) for notebooks, tags and saved searches, but not notes? That doesn't sound like an unreasonable request. I don't know of any plans to add color-coding Evernote in that manner, but hey, over the next 100 years, you'd think they might get around to putting something like that in somewhere along the way. Thanks.
  8. No, not that I know of. And they are notebooks, not folders Yes it does. On WIndows, it asks first, and will move deleted notes to the trash. You are probably looking at Snippet View. You should be able to choose List View. In Windows, it's View / List View.
  9. In the Windows client, at least, the starting condition seems to be persisted from the exit state, that is, on startup, the context seems to be the same as when I exited Evernote. It may be a simple notebook selection, or it may be a saved search, but from what I can tell, it's pretty much the same as it was when Evernote was shut down (except maybe for Attributes selection). List view sort order is maintained, even, as nearly as I can tell, the last note selected. I know that some of this is persisted in the Windows registry (note list state), but I'm not sure where the rest is stored. So it sounds like my experience is different fro yours. I'm not sure why that is. We occasionally do get reports that the note list state is not persisted, but I've never come to understand how that could be.
  10. The client isn't specified here, but just to be clear, in the Windows client at least, sort order is not a notebook-dependent setting, it's a global setting. In other words, you set sort order for one notebook, and switch to a different notebook, and that sort order remains enabled. My experience is that that setting persists between invocations of Evernote.
  11. There is no optimal-for-all users approach. It's really what works for you, so long as you play by the existing rules. BurgersNFries' approach is basically what I would do; I worry less about hierarchy, and more about description. There is no semantic hierarchy in the tagging system; the tree structure is for organizational purposes (the "tree metaphor" as you call it is plenty real, but it 's not meant to express hierarchy). But your approach is not uncommon either; user jbenson2's system is a notable example. You may think it a lot of work to tag each note with a number of tags, but as you point out, it's a lot of work as well to rename tags in your system for a simple client name change, probably a lot more work, whereas it's easy in my system; just change the name. And one thing that the current tag system can do that might be hard for a strict hierarchy: you can express a relationship between client1 and client2 easily, but tagging with both. Re notebooks (not folders) / stacks: I don't really use them heavily. One main notebook for work and personal stuff, one for test scenarios of Evernote functionality, and one small one for note templates. One stack for notebooks shared by others. Notebooks are also the atomic unit for maintaining local notes in desktop clients (i.e. notes that do not sync to the cloud). Again, there is no one best way to do this. There is a fair amount of discussion on the topic in the forums (tags vs. hierarchy), and it may be worth you searching it out. There are also suggestions for ways that might make it easier for folks who want hierarchy to operate (I think that enhancing search would help).
  12. By searching the forum for "linux", I found this topic: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=29074&hilit=linux. Short answer: I wouldn't count on it any time soon, however, there other options discussed in that thread.
  13. Just curious. At what level of granularity do you want this feature to apply? Should notebooks have their own colors? Tags? Or should the colors be totally separate from the note/tag organizational scheme? Or should it be an attribute of notes?
  14. You didn't mention which client you are using. On the Windows desktop client (and others), you can keep tag display to a minimum by making sure that the Hide Unassigned Tags setting is enabled, so that you only see the tags that apply to the current notebook. Aside from that, no, I don't know of any way to make a tag apply to only a single notebook (or set of notebooks) except by enforcing it yourself, nor have I heard of any plans to add that feature (but Evernote doesn't typically release plans like that beforehand).
  15. Please check out the Knowledge Base. It's linked from here: https://support.evernote.com/ics/support/splash.asp?deptID=16058, and the screen shot options are covered here: https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/627/How-can-I-add-Windows-screen-captures-directly-to-Evernote
  16. [talking to myself] Of course, you can do that by selecting a different notebook in the Search Explanation.
  17. See this post: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=27360&p=117704&hilit=smallest+largest#p117704
  18. Appears to work correctly in prerelease. Thanks, Everfolks.
  19. We are seeing it the same way. I have Evernote up all day and the chance that the last specific notebook is "All Notes" is not likely. Thus requiring the use of one of these "hot keys." I think when you go select your cycling tag it should show deselect all selections and show you all the notes with that tag, unless I also (my choice by holding "ctrl") select a notebook. I would prefer it not assume the last notebook I used; maybe 2 hours ago or 10 secs should be used to limit my results, unless I requested it by some command. Ah, I see. But i"m not sure that I agree. I picked that notebook; I might have done so 2 hours ago, but it might have been 2 seconds ago, also. The flow sort of mirrors the search grammar: pick your search context (i.e., notebook), which starts a new search, and then pick your filters (i.e. tags and/or attributes), which refine the search. So I'm used to it, and it conveys a certain sense of consistency to my mind, and so I wouldn't want it to change behavior, though it might be one of those 50/50 propositions vs. your preference; there may be no absolute right or wrong answer here. Anyways, this brings to mind one thing that I would like to see: if I Ctrl+click on a new notebook (or Shift-click), I would like to see my Tag/Attribute/text/etc. search items retained, rather than blowing them all away as happens now; current simple click on a notebook could clear them as it does now. On that we agree.
  20. Almost sounds like a badge of honor. Make up some t-shirts!!
  21. Ah, but you cannot search two notebooks with one search; only one or all. At least with the current search functionality, that is. It just happens to be what I use most; other seasoned (grizzled? ) users might have a different preference. Evernote couple put a preference in the Options, but their predilection seems to be to keep the number of options small. Glad for that. You're welcome. Like I said; sorry about not being clear. I can see all the tags (all visible all the time), I just don't want the the notebook from above to remain selected; if I wanted it to remain selected I should use "ctrl." I'm not sure that you're trying to do here. If I click on "All Notebooks", and then click on tag "Cycling", I get all Cycling-tagged notes in all notebooks. If I click on a specific notebook, and then click on tag "Cycling", I get all Cycling-tagged notes just that notebook. This is in the Windows client. Is that what you're seeing?
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