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  1. I think that actually Evernote's note editor is actually pretty stripped-down; not that many bells and whistles. I just tried Microsoft Word 2010 (a program that has many bells & whistles, if ever there was one); that doesn't support the Shift+Alt+Arrow shortcut either. And you can always cut'n'paste. So I don't really see this as quite so "glaring". Sorry it doesn't match up with your needs, however; I don't mean to imply that it's a bad idea.
  2. That's the official response -- Dave is the CTO of Evernote. It's by design, so maybe a bug by your definition, but...
  3. Yeah, sometimes it's not always clear what to search for, though in this case...
  4. This has been previously requested, and is on "the list", meaning the Evernote staff have posted that it's something that they will implement, but per usual, have not posted any kind of schedule (though it's worth noting that the Windows client, for one, has a "Subject Date" field available, but unused, which appears to be the one that will be used for "Due Date", "Subject Date" being more general). You can search the forums for "Due Date" if you want more.
  5. Is there some reason that you're still running on version 4.2.2? Version 4.3.1 is in release ( - 144118).
  6. If you're using a desktop client (Windows or Mac), you can set up notebooks as "local", meaning that they do not sync to the cloud. Caveats: * You mush choose whether they're local or synced at notebook creation time; there's no changing once they're created. * Notebooks that aren't synced are not backed up automatically. You'll need to do that yourself.
  7. Nine worked beautifully, pasting from Visual Studio into the Win 4.3 version of Evernote. Didn't work so fine posting into the new web interface.
  8. I use this all the time. If I want to clip something, I just do it, until it's safely filed away. Focusing on one thing at a time is best practice for many tasks, including this one.
  9. That is correct, there is no way to do this in the client that I use (Windows, the web).
  10. http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=24567#p106463
  11. Sometimes it's just reporting what the Evernote folks have said before, sometimes numerous times (often it's accompanied with a link to one of their statements). For myself, I try not to predict what they're likely to do or not do, though if there's good technical reason to think that they won't do it, I might say that. Other than that, was there anything about hierarchical tags that you wanted to add?
  12. Tags are nested by merely dragging and dropping in the tag tree. Drop a tag onto another tag, and the tag (and all of its children) will become nested under the second tag. Drop a tag on the "Tags" label (it's not a real tag) and the tag and its children will become top-level tags. Stacks are merely collections of notebooks; they're nice because they allow you to organize your notebook list (you have a max of 250 notebooks -- managing them as a flat list can be onerous) and certain operations, like search can be applied on a stack of notebooks. Notebooks are merely flat collections of notes.Notebooks and stacks appear in the Notebooks list. Stacks cannot be nested: if you drag a stack onto another stack, the notebooks will be moved from the first stack into the second stack, and the first stack will be deleted. Notebooks cannot be nested in other notebooks. However, notebooks and stacks coexist in the root of the Notebooks list; stacks are there to allow you to organize that list better. The Knowledge Base is a work in progress, and more topics are being added.
  13. Nope. Each note in inside of exactly one notebook. Notebooks can be nested, to one level, inside a Stack, but you cannot nest a notebook inside another notebook. Stacks cannot be nested. Notes can be associated with tags, and tags can be organized in a hierarchical tree, but they are not themselves functionally hierarchical. There's plenty of discussion here on the forums on this topic, if you care to search.
  14. I just tried it, and it worked on Chrome 12. Took a while though... couple of minutes anyways.
  15. The fact that they have ongoing internationalization efforts cast some doubt on that statement. Look, all I'm saying is that it's sometimes easier to catch flies with honey rather than vinegar. I think that the fact of the matter is that they have limited resources, and they have to choose what to focus on. Some market segments may get left behind, wisely or unwisely. If they don't choose wisely, then their business suffers, which is bad for them and all of their customers, so you can bet that they've put some thought into their direction. On the other hand, if you as an Evernote customer feel that you've been wronged or misled (I hope that that's not the case), then that's something else; you should be able to take it up with them and get a resolution.
  16. It might be time to pause for a moment and take a bit of a breath, dam. It's perfectly fine to ask for Nokia N8 support, however you're probably not going to get very far by antagonizing the Evernote CTO (though he seems to be fairly thick-skinned) or positing conspiracy theories.
  17. No problem -- thanks for making the suggestion and presenting it well.
  18. Except that you left out the actual UI work, before you pitched it over the wall to QA. Off the top of my head (and guessing at the behind-the-scenes machinery): * adding the right-click menu item for "Convert to LaTeX image", and its converse (but only when the alt text indicates it's a LaTeX image), and hooking up the handler code * fetching the LaTex conversion URL service from the preferences (and adding UI to set and maintain that in Options) * handling any errors from the HTTP GET operation (which itself can fail) and any appropriate user notification * converting the image to whatever internal format Evernote uses and storing it in the appropriate place * Making sure that the Undo's are handled correctly * Adding the unit tests (if they're used) * Handling undos if anything special needs to be done * Handle the converse of the convert-to-LaTeX operation: replace element (however its represented in Evernote) with its alt text string * Write up the test cases for the QA engineers * handle any other host of seemingly trivial but time-sucking tasks that need to be done Anyways, I know what you're saying. This is not in the realm of rocket science in terms of complexity. It would be an interesting addition. But the question always remains for the developers: is it worth whatever effort it takes for the expected benefit? That's a question that I usually step away from, because I'm not privy to any of Evernote's internal plans. So good luck...
  19. I'm still not sure where you get the notion that this is all so easy for Evernote to implement.
  20. That's not a problem at all, you've misunderstood my idea. The only thing needed is an option in the context menu that converts the selected text to an "existing web-friendly renderings like JPEG, GIF, PDF, etc." by using a web service that interprets the text as LateX (or MathML). That's everything! To be fair to Dave, your original proposal was automatic conversion of '$' delimited text into LaTex generated images. By changing the requirements to a right-click option after Dave replied to you is just moving the goalposts. BTW, I do think that a user-initiated approach is better in the context of Evernote.
  21. Nope, it isn't XML: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaTeX
  22. Having already suggested '+tag:' and 'tagtree:' previously in this thread (I now think that 'tags:' would be better than 'tagtree'), 'tag:+' is spelling variant on the same concept. The latter might be a little problematic for anyone who , for whatever reason, uses a '+' character on the end of their tag names, but then again a similar problem already exists for someone who uses a '*' character there; both are currently accepted by the Windows UI (the '+ seems to work). One further refinement to the basic concept that would probably be required/desired: a way to search for tag + immediate children and also a way to recursively search on tag + all children. Hey, how about 'tag+:' and 'tag*:'? How these all sort themselves out w.r.t other tags in the search, 'any:'/'all:' combinations, etc. is open to further analysis. I'd be disinclined to want a special mode, via a checkbox or Preference, if it prevented a user from mixing and matching search types. The other end of things is making it easier for people to apply a tag and all of its parents to a note in one shot. In interacting with the tag tree, in Windows at least Ctrl+click and Shift+click to do this with the selected tag might have been possibilities, but as discussed, they're already taken (maybe alt+click?), but a right-click menu option with something like "Apply tag and parents to note" would probably be OK. The Assign Tags dialog and the Note tag control are more problematic. One question would be whether this operation was static: the tag and its parents are all added as-is, and remain so, even if the tag is moved elsewhere in the tree, or dynamic: its parent tags are recomputed if the tag is moved.
  23. That's cute, jbenson. I'm certainly nerdy enough to get the joke. Even so, I'd rate this as an interesting idea rather than great, and I have some doubts as to how widespread demand for this would be. Not that it's wholly conclusive, but i founds only three threads in the forum from a search of 'latex', plus some google hits.
  24. I guess a question would be how you would disambiguate between this use of '$' delimiters and other uses of '$' that don't designate LaTex, in a backward compatible way? I would think that this makes things not-so-simple. Probably means storing the original source into an 'alt' attribute, and then you need to interpret all of those for the special LaTeX delimiters too.
  25. I certainly disagree with the characterization of the situation as stated in your 'bottom line' for reasons stated. And there is concrete discussion here in this thread on the topic that you profess to want to discuss. If you want discuss actual issues, then do that.
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