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  1. What do you mean? I use ifttt, and it adds tags automatically, which is how I organize my different feeds. You're right -- I guess what I wrote was a little misleading; since I read articles in Google Reader that I would wish to tag differently, based on content, I don't add any tags at all, I just send them to my Inbox notebook, for later winnowing. So yeah, you can add tags; I just don't find it very useful for my purposes.
  2. They're still weak with respect to searching: you can only use a single Notebook, a single Stack, or All Notebooks as your search scope. A stack lets you get multiple notebooks into a search, but it's not particularly flexible, but not bad if you don't have a lot of notebooks and you don't really care all that much about how they're structured -- just make an ad hoc stack and search away (but you can't really then persist that search, since it's ad hoc).
  3. That being said, notebooks are still the smallest granularity for offline notes (sets of notes that stay always resident on a mobile device, e.g. Android) and for local notes (sets of notes that reside only one a local machine, and not synced to the Evernote cloud), and are also the containers used for sharing sets of notes all at once. They're also useful as the targets of import operations or other external source that add untagged items to Evernote, like Google Reader via IFTTT or auto-forwarded emails, giving you an Inbox of sorts that you can paw through and categorize at your leisure. Th
  4. No, I think that that's just a note link. A Saved Search is exactly what it says it is: if you define a search in the Search area ( a search for text, or a tag, for example), then you can save it as a Saved Search (File / New Saved Search...) -- you just need to supply a name for it. It will appear (in Windows) in your Saved Searches panel, at the left side of Evernote's window, and if you click on it, the search will be performed again.
  5. First: if by saying "I'm sorry", however you're apologizing for your part in that misunderstanding, then I sincerely return the apology, for my part in it. That said, math was one of my majors as well. I am certainly not ignorant on that score. It's been 30+ years since graduation, but my in my field -- computer software -- I still use math a pretty fair amount (that would be an understatement). Curiously, as it happens, I also took a college math course and a computer programming course at the age of 15, but that was just a one-off thing; I'm not trying to start a "who's got the biggest, um,
  6. You may be on somewhat better ground grammatically speaking, but with "all due respect", you have no idea what you are talking about, mathematically speaking. Maybe you should "put your best foot forward" and try to learn something. You do have more than two feet, do you not? Because despite what you claim, it is mathematically correct: "smallest" refers to the smallest member of a set, regardless of how many elements are in the set (even if there's only one). When we apply the function "smallest" to a set, it doesn't return failure if the set has at least one element, it just returns the sm
  7. The fact that something is the smaller of two items doesn't make it any less the smallest.
  8. If you are using the Windows client, you could export them both to Evernote format, and compare them with a text file comparison program (we use Beyond Compare at work for source code).
  9. In the Windows client, you can Shift-click on a tag in the note info panel of a note (you may need to drop it down using F8), and that tag will be added to the current search filter. About as close as you're going to come, at least at the moment.
  10. Salient quotes are: I didn't say that either was better, but I do I think it highly unlikely that I would use this, which was why my vote was 0. I use tags to group related notes together, and it's dead easy in the Windows client to search for notes with the same tag from any one note that has the tag (Shift+Click on the relevant tags in the note info panel). I only maintain about 8 saved searches at a time (and replace ones that are no longer relevant), and only use 3 or 4 of them with much frequency. Depending on which machine (home or work) I am using, the frequently used searches go o
  11. But not irrelevant to the comment I quoted. What's your point?
  12. The way that I look at is is as follows: first, a stack is just a container of notebooks. Notebooks in a stack inherit nothing from being in a stack. Currently you can search a stack, rename it or delete it, export all of its notes, or move notebooks in and out. And currently, all of the sharing framework (logic and operations) for groups of notes is in the notebook. You can share a notebook with the world, or with a set of individuals. Since stacks cannot be shared, but notebooks can, someone who receives a shared notebook can create their own stacks to organize their own view of the world.
  13. I took it as a given that enabling/disabling of the automatic note generation was going to be 'optionized'. Beyond that, if you're going to give me options, I want options with some meat on their bones. Using a template gives you pretty much everything, and the ability to customize the formatting (e.g. date formatting the way that you like it, nudge nudge), and if you left it blank, that would just disable it altogether.
  14. Notebooks can already be shared. This thread is about sharing stacks of notebooks.
  15. Even better than 'Note on (date)' would be a user-modifiable template, with the date field specified by, say, '[date]'. So a user could have, e.g.: [date]: (source:iPhone) Even better than that, the ability to format the date as you like it: e.g. [date:YY-MM-DD] OK, so how about the ability to plug in other metadata into the title? For example, [location], [city], [state], etc? [This is all in aid of my secret, grand goal for automatic note data generation for Evernote: rules for auto-tagging, and now rules for automatic title generation. Automatic title generation might help out the folks who
  16. gazumped is basically correct; Evernote chooses the thumbnail for the snippet. The procedure used, at least the last time that anyone from Evernote commented on it is something called the 'largest smallest dimension'; it's explained here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18482-choosing-a-thumbnail/page__hl__largest%20smallest
  17. As far as I know, Evernote doesn't search attachments, except for PDF files. So I don't think that your PHP attachment will be searched. Tip: It was a little hard to figure out what you were trying to do; it helps to use the correct Evernote terminology. Evernote doesn't have folders or pages, it has stacks, notebooks and notes. Thanks.
  18. Are you talking about the Mac (currently at version 3.x) or the Windows client (currently at version 4.5x)? This is the Mac forum.
  19. But dinner and supper *are* different. One of many, many Google hits: http://truetowords.blogspot.com/2010/06/dinner-vs-supper.html
  20. If we had to limit ourselves to 10 adjectives to label the world, it would be a poorer place. Don't fear a larger number of tags; just learn to create them judiciously.
  21. Not sure what you mean by 'export'.Exporting to Evernote format preserves tags. Export to HTML doesn't, as far as I can tell, though.
  22. It's more of a billing / management thingy, it's still Evernote Premium as far as the users are concerned. http://blog.evernote.com/2010/12/08/sponsored-accounts-a-way-to-get-evernote-premium-for-groups-of-any-size/
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