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  1. It ought to also be worth mentioning that Evernote already meets this standard. Reminds me of the old Palmolive dishwashing liquid ad/slogan: "You're soaking in it."
  2. Ditto for me, as well, my mice (on several different systems, all Win 7) work fine with respect to mouse wheel scrolling. Oddly, I can't find any mouse wheel scrolling settings in the system I am sitting at currently -- I'm not even sure how to change that now.
  3. @Murray: please file a tech support request. See the link in my signature.
  4. I don't believe that you can, on any client. Tabs are emulated using HTML.
  5. Evernote has said that they are focusing on improving sharing capabilities. I'm sure that your suggestions are welcome.
  6. There's no way that I know of to get a list of tags, in any Evernote client.
  7. Evernote do not usually divulge their plans ahead of time, so if they're planning something like this, we likely won't know until it starts showing up in betas. I'm doubting that this is coming any time soon, myself; it seems too specialized (maybe I'm wrong about that) and requires a bunch of new organizational glue to make it work.By the way, I'm not sure if this fits in with the notion of maps as purveyed by the mind-mapping crowd (granted I am n expert in that area). Bulletin board sounds closer, though. Anyways, some of the pieces are in place already. For example To me, this says tag
  8. Ah, right -- misread that a bit, and was thinking that the OP was having problems putting more than one notebook into a stack, rather than trying to nest notebooks. Peter is correct: Stacks can only contain notebooks, and not notebooks (or notes). Notebooks can only contain notes, and not notebooks or stacks. And notes can contain any content, but not notebooks or stacks. Thanks, Peter.
  9. This Knowledge Base article might be able to help you: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23530443 You might also be able to drag a notebook onto your stack icon as well.
  10. So you filed a support request from this page:https://evernote.com/contact/support/, right? And you didn't get contacted? They should have emailed you, for starters' have you checked your spam filter, in case their email to you was mistaken as spam? Could you have given them the wrong email address? Are you a premium user? They get priority, but you should still have received a confirmation email. Have you checked your notes on the web client? That accesses the Evernote cloud directly, and should show you whether the notes exist or not.
  11. Just a comment: sometimes it's the case that it seems that more folks dislike a new feature because those that do actually are motivated post their displeasure immediately, while the folks that actually do like it rarely post. So I wouldn't actually take forum complaints as the whole story. Ditto the "no-one asked for it" line: the forum is only one avenue for user comments and suggestions, and of course, Evernote staff have their own ideas as to what is useful, and what isn't. Case in point: the recent addition of a new multi-note selection behavior, on the Windows client. Immediately several
  12. For what it's worth, Android doesn't have it either. I'm sure it's on the list, though.
  13. Usually, if there's native support for displaying PDFs, Evernote will take advantage of it. If not, they're stuck needing a 3rd-party tool. Not sure if there is easy OS support for PDFs in iOS. The other possibility is that it's in the works, just not delivered yet.
  14. Glad that that worked for you folks. ENScript is a nice tool, but it tends to go unnnoticed. It's like a secret weapon for Windows Evernote users.
  15. You can always create a link to Evernote's ENScript.exe program, and use its showNotes option to send a search query to the Evernote client. For example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" showNotes /q "tag:MyTag"
  16. I'm sorry. For awhile, I thought that part of the problem in this thread was the language difference; obviously English is not your first language, and I give you credit for using it. However, I have since come to believe that you really, really believe that Evernote and its users are too stupid to understand your oh-so wonderful ideas, even though your notion that they are somehow easy to implement (two lines of code? seriously?) is preposterous. Sorry, but there's too much heat here, and not enough light, so I'm checking myself out of the thread. Good luck with your quest for.. well, I'm not
  17. I'll tell you "Wtf" happened: People realized that depth-first exploration of deeply nested tree structures is not efficient (though better search tools can help). People also realized the hierarchies are not always the best way to organize objects that are multi-attributed. The "limitation of intelligence" you posit is in people who can only think hierarchically (I'd phrase that more charitably, something more like a limitation of experience). Trees give you one way to categorize objects; any object is in exactly one place in the tree. Tags afford the opportunity to create multiple independen
  18. I'm not sure what it un-ordinary about it; it's a tree, correct? Similar to the directory (folder) structure in any desktop user's file system, right? Unless there's some cross-linking, or other search operations available in MyNotesKeeper, that's pretty basic (though admittedly you seem to have a fairly elaborate tree). Given that that's Evernote's choice not to implement nested notebooks, it would probably be better to try to focus on how to organize your data in Evernote. Example: if you were to create a tag named the same as each folder/subfolder in your system, and apply them in that way
  19. Uh, "dude", I am just giving you information. It's nothing to do with how open my mind is, or not. No, NOT AT ALL. Pure pretention. You don't know how complex is my need to write everyday on many subject and organize my thoughts, even by watching a screenshot of the soft I actuallay use. Did you actually try? Did you ask anyone here to help you? Or did you just assume that you cannot organize your information using tags and notebooks, only based on your experience, as opposed to the experience and advice of some knowledgeable folks here? Is that the open-mindedness that you seek? Pleas
  20. As I say, sub-whatevers are not the solution in Evernote, since they don't exist.. You actually may be able to organize your data using tags, but if you're uncomfortable/unfamiliar with the idea, then Evernote is probably not for you. Evernote makes a fine hammer. If you are looking for a screwdriver, then blaming Evernote for not being a screwdriver is just silly.
  21. There is much forum discussion on the topic of sub-notebooks, sub-folders, sub-notes, etc. etc. Evernote the company and the community are very aware of what these concepts are, and what they mean. The short answer is that chances are, this will not be added to Evernote any time soon, if ever. Hierarchies are not the only way to organize knowledge. Evernote chose tags (the equivalent of MS Outlook categories, or GMail labels), and these are a very flexible way to organize your notes. If you absolutely need subnotebooks, then Evernote may not be the product for you. If you want help on how to u
  22. Please note that this is the Windows forum, so answers are going to be tailored towards that platform.
  23. There's no direct way to find tags in the tree. Indirectly, you can create a new temporary notebook, and then create note with that tag, then "Hide unassigned tags".
  24. I live within 3 miles of the Big Boot mothership, and go by it every day on my way to work...
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