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  1. It really, really helps to be specific. Beyond that, do the notes that don't match have OCR text (i.e., an image with text in it)?
  2. Same facility exists in the Windows application, same method.
  3. Search works fine for me in the latest Windows release -- what kinds of search are you doing that are failing? Are there any that work properly?
  4. In general, it's helpful to mention which Evernote client you are using (Windows, Mac,e.g.) so you can get specific help for your issue. As mentioned, the Windows client has a solution for this.
  5. But that would mean being able to exclude any notebook, would it not? I mean, if the search language had support for -notebook: terms, multiple notebook: or -notebook: terms, that would solve more problems than adding a private notebook facility. Not that I'm not saying that the search language couldn't be improved, or at least made more consistent. Meanwhile, there's still the two-account workaround. Yes, I know that tagging a shared notebook is problematic, but it still give one the flexibility to have private (unseen) notebooks in a shared account situation...
  6. This is not the same thing as the original feature request (exclude a notebook from searches). You should search the forums for requests for private notebooks and add your vote there; you can't find one, then create a new request. Since you cannot make private, secret, confidential notebooks in Evernote, one way to is to maintain a second account with your personal stuff, and share only the notebooks that you want to with accounts that are shared with someone else. I do this: personal, premium account, plus free work account. I have a couple of my personal notebooks that I need to share with my work account (mainly research related), and that works fine. My work account cannot see my personal stuff.
  7. Whatever for? You should just delete them, since you're no longer using them. Or maybe move them to a far off branch of your tag tree. Re tag trees: see https://evernote.com/blog/how-to-use-tags-to-organize-evernote/
  8. I see them in the latest release (8.9.1), right under "Tags" (which is presumably English for "Etiquetas")
  9. Seems weird that a backup application would cause duplicate copies, or would somehow update an existing copy. Is there some way to exclude that particular folder from Google Backup and Sync?
  10. You should check your account settings: https://www.evernote.com/PersonalSettings.action. There you'll find a checkbox labelled "Surveys (once every several months)". Uncheck it and see if that helps.
  11. So the only thing that should cause this to happen is someone/something updating the file that remains in the import folder (because you've marked that folder as "Keep').At least, it seems to be working fine in a 'Keep' import folder in the latest version ( (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)), with no duplicated notes.
  12. Is this on Windows? What are your import folders settings (Tools / Import Folders..)? Is the Source field for your import folder set to "Delete" or "Keep".
  13. Problem is that an image is not formatting; it's content. The "Simplify formatting" command would be a poor UI choice for this sort of functionality. A more appropriate command like "Convert to thumbnail" would be better, though you still would need to parameterise what you mean by a thumbnail (e.g., desired dimensions). Ultimately, these seem to imply workflows that are more complicated than you claim to want initially: you'd need to parameterize (i.e. prompt for or have separate settings for) thumbnail dimensions, among other things I could certainly see a separate "Create Thumbnail" command, or ever better a "Create Snippet Thumbnail" command that resizes the selected image to become the image used in views that use note thumbnails (e.g. Windows Snippet view), meaning it would be the winner of the "largest-smallest" criterion for selecting a note's displayed thumbnail. Might actually increase the size of an image, but it would be really useful, considering the number of people who've asked for the ability to designate a selected image as an Evernote thumbnail.
  14. F6 is a hotkey that only works when you're in the Evernote for WIndows application. Ctrl+Shift+F is a global shortcut key that should work from anywhere in Windows, not just when you're in the Evernote application.
  15. Sure, consistency would be great.That seems to be what they're focusing on currently. I have no idea where they are in the process. Thanks for adding the examples. I'm on Windows almost exclusively, at least for making content, Android for reading notes and clipping from web sites, and the web only occasionally.
  16. No problem, please don't worry about it. Cheers!
  17. Um, I didn't forget anything. I am not an Evernote employee. Just reporting how it works today, as best I can tell. Yes, they changed the behavior awhile ago. I noticed, but didn't care that much either way. Might even be intentional, though I'm not sure. Maybe it will change back someday. Not critical for my usage. Well, for me, if I wanted syntax colored code, I'd just paste it into a code editor. I can read code without coloring, so it's not a big deal to store code clips in Evernote. But hey, if you need functionality that Evernote doesn't have, then you should probably look for a different product. Which is the usual advice I'd give to anyone anyways...
  18. Um, all that was is a search for posts that contain the text "untitled", it's not clear that all of them are asking for what you are. That being said, in the latest Evernote for Windows application, if I create a new note and type into it, or paste some text in to it, the new note does indeed take the first line of text as its title, where it will show up in the list view Title column. If there's a scenario where this doesn't work, you should probably specify it. I checked my note database of ~7500 notes, and found <10 that had "Untitled" as note title. Several of those actually had just an image as their note content, so "Untitled" seems like a valid choice in those cases. Several others looked like web clips gone awry; not sure what happened there, but if "Untitled" goes into the note's title field when the note was created (as opposed to having the title field be blank) for whatever reason, then that's semi-valid, at least. That left a couple of pretty old notes that I'm not sure what might have happened; there certainly was some debate over what the proper behavior should be in the forums at the time (2009-2010, I think), so it's hard to tell. As I say, if you have a repeatable scenario that demonstrates the problem, you should post it here, along with the Windows client you're using.
  19. The way that this generally works is that, when copying to the clipboard, an application can put the clip onto the clipboard in one or more formats. Then, when pasting, Evernote will scan the available formats, and pick whichever one works best for Evernote. Evernote does not scan to try to detect code clips in text, and I don't know of any code editors that generate such a "code" format. You can examine what formats are available using one of any number of clipboard viewer utilities I(I have something called "Free Clipboard Viewer 3.0). So, for example, with Visual Studio, a copy operation will put the text onto the clipboard in several formats, including, most importantly, Text, OEM Text, Unicode Text, and Rich Text. On the other end: as far as I can tell, Evernote will choose Rich Text if it's there, because when I paste into a standard text area of Evernote, I get monospaced (Consolas in my case, which is what I'm using in VS), colored text from syntax-colored source. But the code block is currently "special" in that it doesn't use the colors, and -- I think -- uses a standard monospace typeface (Monaco). That's the way it works right now, and I doubt very much that they're going to specially change that behavior and release it within a week...
  20. I see it working in the latest Evernote for Windows application ( (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)), as described in the linked article (though the resize handle is a square, not a circle): The article does seem to leave open a possibility that some images cannot be resized, but I don't know what the criteria would be. The fallback for me, in that case would be to right-click on the image and select "Open with" and select your favorite paint program, resize it there, and save it.
  21. I think I had more or less the same reaction when I looked at it a few months ago: cool stuff, but how the heck do I get started? And how do I turn it into the all-purpose, searchable shoebox that I use Evernote for? I never quite got over the edge on that one, and Evernote continues to be useful in its own unique way, so Notion isn't really on my radar currently.
  22. Ha-ha, you and me both, my Evernote-lovin' friend.
  23. The main feature request for full Boolean search in Evernote -- which I would take to include NOT operations and full generality -- is here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50625-full-boolean-search/. You should consider adding your vote/voice to it. I think it would be a good thing to have, myself (yes, I upvoted the request).
  24. Ok, so more personable is fine, but very secondary to precision, in my opinion. My opinion: a little goes a long way, and it's easy to overdo. And if you're trying to appeal to a professional audience, too cutesy may not be the right tone for that. Anyways, a quibble/question: You don’t have time to hunt through menus, so we added some new shortcuts, like: .... Overall, that's fine, but the addition of "like:" implies that there may be more shortcuts that were added. Were there? And more importantly, are they reflected in the official Evernote for Windows Shortcuts page (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807-Keyboard-shortcuts-in-Evernote-for-Windows)? And are they also in the menus? Because otherwise they're not really discoverable. And what do they do, specifically? E.g., what's the difference between CopySelection and what Crtrl+C does? Edit: Ah, OK: these are new global shortcut key defaults for existing functionality. That could have been made clearer. A lot of people don't mentally distinguihs Windows shortcuts from application hotkeys -- I tend to forget myself, and I should know better.
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