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  1. Do you really want to go there? @DTLow has helped -- at a guess -- thousands of Evernote users to use Evernote better. And your comment about him denying that problems exist is just plain wrong; there's nothing of the sort there. Not sure where you're getting the stuff you're claiming, but it's not from anything written here. Please stop.
  2. You should be able to do that, somewhere up near your original post, or mark it as answered, or something.
  3. On your "mobile" what? Android? iPhone? Blackberry? Palm Pilot?
  4. That's what I thought that you were reporting, and it's behavior I've never seen. ... Oh, aha. Check and see whether the option Tools / Options / Navigation / "Scroll left panel item into view when the item is selected " is checked. I think that that's the culprit.
  5. In the version I'm using (, the search field in three Tags View and the search control on the Tags header in the left panel both do infix matching on tag names -- they match tags that have those characters anywhere in tag name. In other words, if I type "od", both will return a list containing my "Todo" tag. This is handy for finding tags in your tag collection. This is that same as the tag search filter that you get when you click on the tag icon in the search area of the note list, or use the Alt+Shift+T hotkey. But if you're referring to the difference between that and Evernote tag searches (i.e. tag:MyTag" , Evernote tag searches are supposed to match the documented Evernote search language documented here: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php. For tags, that means it's an exact match, or a strict prefix search if you use a trailing '*' wildcard (matches tags that have those charcters at the start of the tag name). Those are searches that are used on the Evernote servers, so they need to be consistent across all Evernote platforms. So two different contexts, and so two different search implementations. That being said, it would of course be nice to have a more flexible search language, including infox searching for tags, etc. etc. Suggestions like these have been around for years. Edit: btw, the infix matching that goes on in the tag picker is configurable: Tools / Options / Navigation / "Match tags by word prefix in the Tag Picker"
  6. I replied to your other post on the same topic here: This is not going to happen. The people who comprised that team moved on long ago.
  7. The Evernote screen clipper has been around for a long time, implemented as a background process. I find it quite handy. What you report shouldn't happen (I've never seen any behavior like that), but the shortcut keys that it uses are configurable by right-clicking on the Evernote icon in the Windows notification area, and selecting Options / Configure Shortcut Keys. You can see if there are any conflicts with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+P (?? Windows Paste is Ctrl+V, did you mean that?)
  8. I don't see this happening in either of my two Evernote for Windows installations (version Don't know of any option to enable/disable this behavior, so a bit of a mystery....
  9. There's an option to do either in the Windows application.
  10. Is Tools / Options / Note / "Assign selected tags to new notes" checked?
  11. Which Evernote application/OS are you using?
  12. Short form: The company is financially healthy Improving reliability/stability/consistency/performance should be prioritized over new features I can get behind that. But read it anyways. Good luck, Evernote -- we're counting on you!!
  13. I think that I was lucky in my experience of Evernote. I use it to do research -- easy categorization via tags. I also use it for task management at work -- it's software development, so it's bug tickets, bug logs, screen caps, etc., all a breeze, plus a bit more organization. Weekly and yearly journals for work. I don't do much content creation in Evernote, it's mostly content and information capture. Over 10 years of use, I've found Evernote pretty frictionless for what I need it to do (so as I say, I'm lucky about that), but understand that it may not be the best tool for other folks' uses. Vive la difference. Good luck in your search...
  14. You should be able to use two devices. I don't think that this is your problem.
  15. Because different users have different use cases? For example: 1. You can't change the background color of notes - this is a don't-care for me 2. You can't sort notes manually within a notebook - don't need this either (you *can* sort reminders manually if you want, but I don't do that either 3. You can't "pin" a note to the top of a page (maybe with reminders?) - I do use reminders for this 4. You can't manually sort Notebooks - not a problem for me, as I maintain relatively few notebooks Edit: that's not saying that this isn't a valid request, indeed, many of these things have been requested already. But acceptability is governed by usability for use cases, and Evernote fills the bill for many people.
  16. I see them fine in the latest version (6.7.0, I think --'s pretty faint in settings) on Android 6.01.
  17. If you go to your account settings, there's a "Devices" link available that will tell you what devices are currently linked to your account.
  18. This is Android, right? What version of Evernote? What is your OS version? I am seeing the stack information in the latest 8.7.0 version on Android 6.0.1
  19. Is this for the Evernote for Android application?
  20. Which app? Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web?
  21. Which Evernote application are you using? Windows? Mac? Web?
  22. This is a duplicate of requests in the Windows feature request forum. Moving it there.
  23. OK. Looking at the API (http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/), there is no "Subject" attribute, but there is a "SubjectDate" attribute in the "NoteAttributes" struct (http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Types.html#Struct_NoteAttributes). The comment for this field is: All of the notes that I have that have non-empty "Subject" fields -- as shown in a note list view -- contain dates that appear to match its note's Created date, though it you edit the Created date, the Subject date does not appear to change. I know of no way to edit this (though maybe you can do it in a .enex file; I'd have to dig a little deeper, as there's no explicit mention of it in the ENML docs, though there is a "<subject-date>" field in the exported ENEX file), and how they get populated is a little mysterious, too (some of my notes that have this field are quite old, and some are relatively new). So a little unclear / ambiguous. Maybe this has a prior usage that's gone vestigial; I'm not sure. It's there, but you can't do much with it, so pretty much useless as far as I can tell. Nothing I'm going to lose any sleep over it. *shrug* Postscript: all of the notes that have a non-empty Subject field in my work note account that are mote recent than late 2009 were generated via emails into my Evernote email account. So maybe that's a clue as to usage, at least these days.
  24. The new web application is regarded as beta. You can switch back to the "current" version using Settings, or via this link: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action?switchingBack=true
  25. I use both, as appropriate to what I'm trying to do.
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