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  1. You can always use little images or emojis or whatever to insert into your task list.
  2. It's also a menu option: View / Left Panel Double-click on the panel to toggle on/off would be a handy shortcut... *hint, hint*
  3. Those would be stored on the device, I would think. For Android, I'd start in Android/data/com.evenote/files, though I've never really examined what's available, much less what would be useful to a user...
  4. No way on the Android client. The Android client will cache the contents recently used notes, and any notes in notebooks marked as Offline (a premium feature, I think), but other notes are not fully stored (some metadata is ket for search, etc.). The mobile applications are designed this way due to storage constraints on mobile devices. The only way right now to get hold of all of your notes in full is to use one of the desktop (Windows or Mac) applications.
  5. It's fun & exciting to speculate on degree-of-difficulty issues in changing someone else's software system. In the interest in supplying some extra context, some quick thoughts: Evernote technical blog posts on Evernote architectural features -- a little dated, I think, but overall should still be relevant (modulo the fact that Evernote now does live in the cloud -- rather than their own servers): https://evernote.com/blog/whysql/ https://evernote.com/blog/so-api-together-evernote-and-thrift/ https://evernote.com/blog/a-digest-of-evernotes-architecture/ The tech blog repository is here, for further perusal: https://evernote.com/blog/category/tech/ So somethoughts abotu the analysis offered The API: adding new fields means updating the API, used both by Evernote and 3rd-party applications. What are the implications of an API change? (Evernote Developer docs here: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/, API Reference here: http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/) At a guess, adding the pinning feature is most likely a bit (cough) more than just adding a Pinned boolean. Pinning as implemented by in reminders also includes an ordering (reminderOrderTime). I'd assume that that would be desirable here as well. How much more development time this might take would be guesswork. UI work seems to be underplayed in the analysis, given that pinning is not an on/off operation (or shouldn't be) Policy stuff: Is 'pinning' a local or gobal property? I.e., if I share a note or notebook with someone else, do my pinned notes become someone else's pinned notes? Reminder state, including reminder order is shared (it's persisted in the ENML). If that's desired for normal note pinning, then the ENML spec must change as well. Is pinning a note in the new way independent of pinning in the old reminder way? I.e., if you pin a note in the new way, is it automatically pinned in reminders as well? Note that nowhere here am I suggesting that this couldn't or shouldn't be done, or making any claims on feasibility. Just providing a little more context for the armchair quarterbacks among us (I do it too!)...
  6. Or is it the Android Q beta (with which Evernote's current Android version has known problems)?
  7. Well, actually it would be a stack hierarchy, because stacks aren't notebooks. That being said, nesting stacks would probably be closer in spirit to the common folder/file tree metaphor,. In any case, you might look at the following to see how you might approach using tags to organize:
  8. So let's see -- you've had 10 years to figure things out, knowing about the Evernote architecture which has barely changed in all that time (they added stacks), and your're pissed at them??? Oh, and had you read what I linked to, Evernote *are* indeed "considering" adding nested hierarchies. They're just not able to do it currently. And no promises there, either, but "considering" is not synonymous with "implementing". You should consider asking for help in your restructuring effort. There are folks here who will gladly help.
  9. Nobody's forcing you to do anything, but if you want to use Evernote, you have to figure out how to organize your notes using notebooks (non-nestable), stacks (which can only hold notebooks) and tags (nestable). There are many way to approach using tags. A lot depends on what you're trying to do. That being said, Evernote are aware of the desire for nested notebooks. You might be interested in the following.
  10. Not sure why it would be revisited. <All Notes> already does something that many Evernoters use. Aside from that, there is no way to select individual notes unless you have the Note List enabled; if you want to keep it closed most of the time, then that's fine, but if you want to view it temporarily, then the F11 shortcut key will enable or disable it. So select your notebook, hit F11, choose the note you want, and hit F11 again.
  11. Well, I don't think anyone here would mistake you for an average user... I've done SQL before and used the SQLite browser, and could probably hack my way to doing something like that, but it's way more work than my simple workflows require. In an emergency, sure, I'd try that as a recovery method, but beyond that, if the note content is missing, it may have been overwritten , so there's no guarantee that it'd be in te database anyways. Worth a try, though, and probably better than Notepad (which doesn't load my .exb file anyways 'cause it's too large)
  12. I was going to suggest that as well, but spelunking the Evernote database isn't a trivial matter either, so I hesitated.
  13. ??? I have no idea what this post is intended to mean. Maybe try narrowing your comment focus, or using quoting to specify who/what you're responding to?
  14. Are you referring to the web clipper? What OS?
  15. Tags in the beta are shown along the bottom of the note, on the left side. At least that's what I see, on Chrome for Windows.
  16. OK, so, on my Android phone, here's what I did: With Wi-Fi and mobile data on, loaded a note that doesn't reside in an offline notebook; ensured that it was loaded Exited out of the note Disabled Wi-Fi and mobile data Reloaded the note. Got a message about"unable to obtain note lock", or something. Makes sense; no web connection. Added some text to the note, and clicked the checkmark to save. Exited out of the note. Re-enabled Wi-Fi and mobile data. Synched. Checked the note on my PC, and lo -- the edit made it. So yes, at least on the Android client, you *can* edit a note that it not in an offline notebook, even if you are disconnected from the Internet, so long as the note is cached locally. That's exactly what I guessed before, and it turns out it's correct, though as noted, it's not something to base a workflow on.
  17. If it's up to date, that information would be perfect content for.... the Web category that should exist in: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/536-evernote-betas/...
  18. I'll have to try it on Android. It's have to eb a note you accessed on the device before you went offline, but the rules around those aren't published, as far as I know.
  19. This certainly works in the Evernote for Windows client. Which one are you referring to?
  20. Actually, I'm guessing that any note that's been cached on a mobile device can be edited. Conflicts are always possible in those cases, though.
  21. Nice post. I can relate, and appreciate all Evernote engagement in the forums. Thanks.
  22. Just to add some additional clarity (or maybe additional confusion??), in a user's Account Summary page, the latest version is referred to as the "beta" version, the older version is called the "current" version, and the oldest version is called the "classic" version.
  23. Reported by @Scott T. above. They know about it, it's not fixed, but hey, Android Q is a beta. People who choose to use betas for critical workflows probably ought try a rethink....
  24. I'm guessing that the Classic version is still around because people are still using it, since it's the only one that supports a list view. And its snippet view with reminders is ok, too. They should be able to tell how much each version is being, btw. But three versions is a mystery to me, and the lack of communication about their strategy there would be more concerning to me if I used the web client any significant amount.
  25. There is ~absolutely~ no restriction placed on 'senior members' about what they can and cannot post, except for the standard forum rules. They don't 'need' to do anything, and can post what they like. If you like Notion, then use it and be happy. If you have better answers to user problems than what you're seeing here, then post them. If you want to criticize other forum users for not posting what you want them to post, too bad. Unless it's factually incorrect, that is, in which case your opinion is as valid as theirs.
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