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  1. In Evernote you can express simple AND filters(the default), simple OR filters (using the any: modifier), but not mixed AND/OR filters. In this case, this is not so hard: tag:woodenspoon tag:bakingsheet -tag:lemonsqueezer -tag:sousvide An OR filter would look like this: any: tag:woodenspoon tag:bakingsheet
  2. This is pretty clearly a feature request, so let's make it official... go ahead and vote y'all...
  3. OK, a little deeper dive: #1 (Entering straight text...) is fine as noted #5 (Entering a new table row...) is broken as noted #2, #3 & #4: The initial Enter key can indeed push the next instance and the cursor off the bottom of the page, so that's not great, but typing any character at that point does the scrollup, so I'd be inclined to give them 50% on those. I don't really rate this as serious #6: (Adding a horizontal rule) Since the key combination that does this (Ctrl+Shift+_) inserts the horizontal rule above the cursor location, with the cursor on the screen (which is most of the time, I'd guess), the rule does appear. Other cases: * Cursor offscreen, press Tab key: This has different effects, depending on context: it can insert four space characters, or indent a bullet or todo checkbox. In any event, this is another 50% case: the cursor doesn't move to a visible location until you physically type some text * Inserting code block (Ctrl+Shift+L):: With the cursor onscreen, no problem, the code block is so as to surround the cursor. If the cursor is offscreen, then it isn't scrolled into view. Summary: Not completely fixed, not seriously broken for my usage, your mileage may vary, of course. It looks as though the trigger to scroll the cursor into view is typing a text character (Tab is not a text character in Evernote). If the added special handling for pressing the Tab or Enter key, and for the Horizontal Rule and Code Block commands (via keyboad or menu), that would cover just about everything that I can think of.
  4. Just a lucky guess on my part. Yoda says "welcome, you are".
  5. You are probably using the Evernote web beta, which doesn't support this (see https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006027). You should probably switch to the "current" version. From the link above:
  6. You should probably start here (it's labelled "for iOS', but it's general enough for amyone):
  7. The Evernote API, if that's what you're referring to by "server data", is strongly typed and is independent of processor size. See http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/
  8. Um, Google can. Web search on "google translate".
  9. I'd start here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/527-customer-supportbilling/
  10. In the Evernote for Windows application: Tools / Options / Note
  11. Moving to Windows Feature Request forum...
  12. Curious. This works for me in the latest beta ( (308380) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)). I tried this with my own sppace-containing tag, plus your -tag:"department meeting" tag. You're not using curved quotation marks (“…”), are you? That shows the same behavior you're seeing. I use: "
  13. This is not true: you can edit your own notes, even if you switch to a basic account.
  14. You can edit your own posts by clicking on the Edit link below your post:
  15. Merged to existing feature request in Windows Feature Request forum.
  16. You may have missed the fact that this topic is in a Windows-specific forum. You should check out the Mac and iOS forums to see whether it's been reported there... ------- For the record, I see this as mostiy fixed in the latest beta for Windows ( (308380) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)); at least I wasn't able to reproduce the scenarios I've seen listed here, except for the one where one is adding new rows to the end of a table..
  17. Merging this with original request...
  18. You just posted in it. Or, if you're old enough:
  19. Well, OK then -- you didn't mention your daily reboot so sure, that makes a difference in the way .I'd look at the scenario Aside from that, you do have an older SSD, and it sounds likely that the old warnings about SSD drives slowing down when nearly full does apply in your case (this article is from 2013: https://www.howtogeek.com/165542/why-solid-state-drives-slow-down-as-you-fill-them-up/). I'm not sure where the line between older and newer drives (i.e., where the warnings don't apply) is, though. In any case, these are all things to take note of if Evernote is slow when running on SSD, for sure.
  20. BTW, it used to be the case that SSDs that were close to being filled to capacity would slow down. Generally speaking, that's not the case any more (see e.g., https://superuser.com/questions/1344650/how-much-slower-do-ssds-get-as-they-fill-up-or-age). So clearing up space and then rebooting doesn't mean that having a nearly full SSD is the cause of the slowdown, because it could equally have been the reboot that fixed tings. Next time, try the reboot first to see whether that's the fix; if it doesn't help, then try clearing space off the SSD. That should pinpoint the problem a little more accurately.
  21. Would the people making requests here please specify which Evernote clients they are referring to? The OP talked about the web client, but also referenced the desktop versions. But in the Windows Evernote, the sidebar displays notebooks organized by stack, so stacks are shown in the sidebar: Notebooks Stack 1 Notebook 1 Notebook 2 Stack 2 Notebook 3 Notebook 4 etc. Seems confusing as to what's being asked for for which Evernote client...
  22. I'll echo the requestto post one idea per feature request topic. Keeps things a lot clearer. With that said, I'll address the first of your requests. In Evernote for Windows, building a note link hierarchy is made easier by the use of the Note History feature. For example, I have a table of contents type of note, and I want to add a new note link to it: Go to the table of contents note, copy its note link Go to the note I want to link to, and insert the parent note link somewhere in the note Copy the note link of the child note Use the note history (left/right arrows in the toolbar, or Alt+LeftArrow or Alt+RightArrow keystrokes) to go back to the parent note, and insert the link to the child note Since note links arre part of a note's content, that makes automatic note lining problematic, because the application must try to guess where to insert the links. As far as I can tell, Evernote doesn't do any automatic text insertion of that kind, and that's understandable. There's no guarantees that wherever you left the cursor in a note is actually a good place to automatically insert a note link. One other awkwardness is that notes need not form a strict hierarchy: a note can have more than one other note pointing to it, so there's no distinguishable parent. That being said, it would be a nice feature to have a single UI that presents the notes that link to a particular note, and the list of notes that it in turn links to, so that navigation in any direction would be easier.
  23. Which Evernote version are you using (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web)? I see no auto capitalization in the Windows application, either with plain typing or pasting from elsewhere. Or in a normal text area (i.e., outside of a code block), for that matter.
  24. In general, you have no right to privacy on your employer's computers. https://www.privacyrights.org/consumer-guides/workplace-privacy-and-employee-monitoring
  25. This is a particularly clueless "argument". First, your company owns your computer, not you. You, the employee , have no expectation of privacy when you use company resources (Internet access, computing equipment, etc.). If you put personal information on your company's computer, it's de facto not private. In general, it is in no way illegal for the company to access the data on their own equipment; if you think otherwise, then reference specific court cases that prove it. https://www.privacyrights.org/consumer-guides/workplace-privacy-and-employee-monitoring
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