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  1. That is cross-platform. Notes always sync up to the Evernote servers from one client and down to another, even on the same machine. And the web is a different platform than the Windows client.
  2. jefito

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    @Rob Freundlich Trust me, I certainly have a cynical side, but tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the marketing folks in their realm, and I don't have the necessary expertise or data to evaluate results. For areas I where I have more knowledge, sure, I'll speak up. I do believe that the occasional branding exercise for us is actually a good thing: it's something to send out some press releases to raise attention, maybe a blog post, etc. Mostly harmless. Fortunately we don't do it all that often, we don't make a huge deal about it, because our audience is mainly technical users who need us to do certain types of geographic analysis and data manipulation. A rebrand tends to be more cosmetic in nature, nothing too deep. We're not a lifestyle brand; our users just want to solve problems in their field; more function over form. The buzzwords "Functional", "Fast", and "Cheap" are where we live. Good UI in our software is important, good iconography helps, but the branding stuff doesn't feature much in the software itself. But it's not quite the same for Evernote, not in the wider world. I think that branding matters more for them. For myself, I'm not interested in quibbling over Evernote's marketing decisions. It's been what, three years since Chris O'Neill took over, after having spent the first part of his tenure getting Evernote into a better financial place (no more venture capital) and this is the first real marketing effort. Yes, the technical side is still a work in progress -- of course I want more stability and functionality -- and there have certainly been some stumbles, but let's not get too rosy-colored about the history of the software; stumbles have littered Libin's tenure as well. Ultimately, thogh, for my money (yes, I'm a paying customer), the features that attracted me to Evernote 10 years ago still hold: a fairly simple way to collect and organize information relevant to my life and work, and have it be available wherever I am.
  3. You might want to check your activity log to see if you've been having connection problems: Help / Activity Log... Also, you should mention your Evernote version number.
  4. jefito

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    Because they've said so in the forums. I am not a employee, and have never claimed to be. Which you already know. Sorry, no more troll food for you. Ignore cave activated.
  5. jefito

    Latest Evernote Update

    Are you going to actually try to help this person, or are you just going to continue to troll?
  6. jefito

    Technical issue

    That's why I was confused. I was pretty sure you knew all of that. Not that I'm not guilty of the occasional brain temblor now and then...
  7. jefito

    Technical issue

    ?? The 'And operator'? Not in Evernote, you can't. 😕 There isn't an And operator in Evernote. The rules: all searches are 'and' searches by default. To make an 'any' search, you need to have the any: term as the first term in your search. As in: any: title:"supply chain" tag:"material flow" , which will return notes that match either the title term or the tag term. Omit the any: and notes that match both the title term and the tag term.
  8. jefito

    Technical issue

    Two Evernote search references: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php BTW, it's better to ask unrelated questions in a separate topic, as they are, well, untopical.
  9. jefito

    Tables width ruined

    In the Windows version, if you right click on one of these tables, is there an option to convert to the new format? I seem to recall that there was at some time, but I don't have any way to verify it at this time.
  10. jefito

    Bug Report: Copying Text

    I'm pretty sure that this has been reported before. I've certainly seen as well. Yes, annoying.
  11. jefito

    Spaces between paragraphs disappear

    What Evernote client are you using? Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web?
  12. jefito

    Latest Evernote Update

    The user appears to be using the mobile app (not sure if it's iOS or Android), but we can let them specify.
  13. jefito

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    What makes you say that they're ignoring anything? Ignoring" is not synonymous with "not implementing". The usual practice is to log everything, and evaluate based on your input, your assets (i.e humans who do the work), and your other goals, and then set priorities. It's not always perfect, but there is almost always more work than there are assets to handle it. So how the heck are they supposed to gauge what people want if they don't give feedback? You go with the input that you have. I've been using those versions all along, usually in beta. They have generally worked fine for me. Sure there are bugs, but if you think that there weren't bugs in earlier versions, then you weren't paying attention. I don't really understand what your post is all about.
  14. jefito

    Alternative Icons

    Which icons are you taking about?
  15. jefito

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    Well, I'm a software developer who believes that branding does matter, and in a potentially good way (potentially because not every rebranding -- or even product direction or software architecture -- change is successful). Yes, it matters less to me, personally, than to, say, the marketing folks. Sure I'd rather be making, er, fixing bugs, but the company decides what is important for me to do, and what isn't. This is a team sport; everyone needs to play their part. Fortunately, this type of exercise doesn't happen very often, and it's typically just akin to changing the wallpaper (usually changes to graphics resources, with little actual code changes), and if you're a smart developer, you might be able to make your life easier with some forethought. Yes, sometimes we need to do things that we don't want to do. Per Spock: “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Any engineer ought to be able to get behind that.
  16. jefito

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    I am feeling a little validated just now... 😤
  17. jefito

    note content missing

    Android? iOS?
  18. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 Beta 3

    OK, but you're posting in a 6.14 beta 3 specific topic, not particularly relevant to 6.11. In t6.14 beta 3, I can copy entire tables or selected sections, using Ctrl+C or Edit / Copy, and paste them elsewhere.
  19. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 Beta 3

    A bit of terminology: Tags view is what you get when you click on the Tags item in the left column, per its tooltip (or use its shortcut Alt+Shift+T or its menu item). That view does show the tag hierarchy. Your use of "tags view" had me confused for a bit. Anyways, Alt+F2 brings up the tag selector. Might be an UI issue with presenting the full tag hierarchy, as they can be arbitrarily deep, wheras notebook and stacks are not. On the other hand, they are infix-filterable: you can type some characters, and the tag list is filtered as if you'd stuck wildcards on both ends of the filter string, which is handy. I'd rather do that than claw my way up and down tag hierarchies, most of the time at least, Not saying that presenting the hierarchy there would be a bad thing, but it does tend to complicate the UI somewhat.
  20. Windows selections generally preserve order of selection -- we can see this in Evernote when you choose notes to merge. So are you saying that the order of selection is not the order of printing?
  21. Do the documented Cmt+] and Cmd+[ work? Or is the documentation in error? On WIndows, tabs work as you describe them here, but Ctrl+M and Ctrl+Shift+M always indent, and never insert spaces.
  22. jefito

    Unable to move notebooks to a stack

    Note: I did try these operations before I posted earlier. I see things working pretty much correctly, or at least as designed. You need to pay attention to what the text on the right-hand side of the green bar that represents the notebook you're dragging. It says things like "Add to stack", "Remove from stack", and "Create stack" as you drag over various targets. There doesn't appear to be a "Move to new stack" or equivalent, for when you were moving a notebook from one stack to another; the text said "Remove from stack", and it did remove the notebook from its original stack. So to summarize, you can: drag a notebook to another notebook that's not part of an existing stack; the text should read "Create stack", and if you drop, you'll be prompted to enter the new stack's name drag a notebook from a stack to a location outside of its stack; the text should read "Remove from stack" drag a notebook that's not in a stack to a notebook that's in a stack, or a stack; the text should read "Add to stack" I did see scrolling, but it seems a little slow, and moreover, I don't have a huge number of notebooks, so scroll amount was pretty small. So not perfect, but you can move notebooks in and out of stacks.
  23. jefito

    how to NOT print headers evernote august 2018

    Neither; you just do it differently: Tools / Options / Printing --> printing preferences
  24. jefito

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    Gosh, tough crowd here (but not unexpected). Easy folks, it's just a Branding Exercise. The marketing folks get to have their day, and maybe the troops get fired up, too. New T-shirts and coffee cups all around!! Meanwhile, the weary coder looks up, bleary-eyed, from their screen, raises an eyebrow and smiles wanly, maybe checks their email for the ticket that says "Plug the new graphics into the UI", but then sighs and inevitably plunges back again, once more, into the breach..
  25. jefito

    Unable to install on Windows 7 64 Bit

    My thought too, but even easier: try right-clicking on the installer, and selecting "Run as Administrator".