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  1. Please go to the previously cited feature request(s) and add your vote.
  2. The question here pertains to the Spaces feature currently available in the Business edition of Evernote, not anything related to capacity.
  3. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    Any deep nesting? All it takes is one, at least from what I saw. Actually, looking again, what seems weird in your screen cap is the large size of the first full column shown, while the second full column is less wide. Doesn't match my theory (columns are sized equally to the widest entry), so I guess I'm puzzled too.
  4. OK. Moved to Windows Feature Request forum. Cheers.
  5. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    My guess would be that all columns are the same width, which defined by the width of the tag name plus indentation combo that's largest in your tag set. At least when I renamed one of my tags to a ridiculous length, the tag columns all widened to accommodate it. Renamed it back, and all columns shrunk back.
  6. If you let us know which device you're using, then we can move this topic into a feature request subforum.
  7. Annotate Image appears to be available in the 8.6 beta, at least on my Android 8 device. Sounds like the public release of 8.6 is not out yet.
  8. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    This seems to be working for me in the current version. Do you have a more specific case where it fails?
  9. Not on Windows either.
  10. jefito

    How to delete tags

    Current web version, or beta? In the current version: open the tag list by clicking on the tag icon in the left column. Find the tag you'ds looking for, and hover your mouse over it. To the right, some icons should appear. Hover over the trash can, you'll see the text "Delete tag" below. Click on the trash can icon, and you'll be asked whether you want to delete the tag.Select "yes". In the beta version, I don't think that you can do it.
  11. jefito

    Notes disappearing when scrolling through list

    I think it's probably the list view that keeps the oldies coming back...
  12. jefito

    Notes disappearing when scrolling through list

    Amazingly enough -- and you know this is coming -- danh, danh, danh.... the snippet view seems to work fine, at least with respect to this bug. Edit: OK, fooling around with this, I did see the bug appear in snippet view, so I'll retract the gloat... for now...
  13. jefito

    Notes disappearing when scrolling through list

    What I see in my settings: The link for the classic version is: https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action?disableIonToClassic=
  14. jefito

    Sort Reminders By Date (Specific)

    Following up for Cal: Specifically a search of: reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+1 Meaning: find all notes with a reminder data of today or later, but not with a reminder date of tomorrow or later. I.e., notes with a reminder date of today only See the Evernote Search Grammar reference.
  15. jefito

    Unable to Access Notes in Evernote Web

    What @Scott T. said. But yes, the desktop applications do use a local copy of your notes database, for performance purposes. The web clients do not. The mobile applications can cache note data on your device for offline use, so that's a mixed case. All applications do connect to the Evernote service, and notes should be synced from the web service to local storage before you use them, so long as you're not offline. In general, you should see the same notes etc. on the native applications that you do on the web.
  16. jefito

    Notes disappearing when scrolling through list

    Looks like this is the "Classic" version of the web client (as opposed to the "Current version" and the "Beta version"), which is still available to some users who were grandfathered in. New users can't use this, as far as I know.
  17. You're welcome, and no problem. Better to have a good answer for an accidentally off-topic post than to have no answer at all. Cheers.
  18. Since this is a Windows-specific subforum, you should report this in a Mac-specific subforum: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/219-evernote-for-mac/
  19. Not related to the original topic. However: Tools / Options / Clipping : uncheck "Launch Annotate after screenshots"
  20. As I understand it, the standard search grammar (the one that allows for tag, notebook, reminder, etc. as well as literal text) runs its text search against an index that's created specifically for matching word prefixes in all of your notes. This makes search a lot faster, but doesn't really scale to infix searches. That being said, it would be nice to have the ability to override that behavior in the search language (example: the presence of a leading '*' in the text string would be an easy case, since '*''s aren't matched literally), and let the user take the time penalty. For large note databases, that would be a lot slower., since they have to access the text for each note, rather than the pre-built indexes. Searching individual notes in parallel would probably help some with that.
  21. The relevant feature request is here: Please feel free to go there and register your vote / opinion.
  22. jefito

    vertical scrolling issue

    Which Evernote client? Windows? Mac? Web?
  23. And yet, I've shared notebooks between two separate accounts (work and personal) for years, and have never had this problem. I'd be curious to know what the difference is...
  24. jefito

    Chance of a 64bit evernote?

    Sure, but if your customers are still using it, you don't want to freeze them out. We still do a 32-bit application for that reason, though we also do a 64-bit version, which is much better for the things we do (geographic rendering and analysis, we need to handle very large data sets sometimes). Took a while to shake out any 32-bit assumptions for the 64-bit code, and make everything build off the same code base, but it's pretty seamless now. The decision oint, I guess, is how much of a pain point that is vs. the fact that 32-bit versions still run fine on 64-bit OS's. Our experience is that they run fine.