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  1. One curious thing: I set the default font to Segoe UI 10, and created a new note, then typed some text into the note ("Segoe UI 10", how original). OK, fine -- looks like the same in MS Word. Then I copied that text, hit a newline and pasted it. With Segoe UI/10 showing for font parameters, I then selected the new text, and re-selected "10" from the font size dropdown, and the selected text, while still looking like the original, spread out just a little, as if the spacing between characters increased a tiny bit, maybe by a pixel. On the other hand, it didn't change if I re-selected the "Segoe UI" font. So I'd guess that the font that's created by default and the font that's specified when you change font size isn't created with exactly the same parameters as the default font is.
  2. The day I'm asked to do installer stuff will be the day I retire...
  3. Are you talking about the evernote.com home page? I see the login link at the top of the page. A screen cap of what you're seeing might help. Alternatively you can just save a bookmark for the actual login link target: https://www.evernote.com/Login.action
  4. Hopefully it's nothing worse that espresso overload. (I was smartlucky and hadn't updated to Beta 3 yet) Good luck -- hope that the rollback goes better and everyone's heart rates can drop back. Working under pressure isn't fun, it's worse when it entails undoing something that didn't work. See the scars here? And here? Oh, and over there?
  5. It's less a matter of leaving snippet view, which I do occasionally for other purposes (it's not as though lists are some kind of rough neighborhood, after all) -- it's just that I don't delete things all that often, so not much need to go trawling around in the dank basement of my castoff notes. No feat, though -- I retreated to the safety and comfort of my beloved snippet view in short order...
  6. Oh, pshaw... that'd be a first... I can't really say if/when it changed, but it didn't seem right that the notes would be purged forever so it seemed worth a test. This way is better, though retaining the original notebook would be helpful. I didn't previously know about the deleted date, so I even learned something there.
  7. I don't think that that's true. I just now verified it (in the Windows beta 2, FWIW). I set up a test notebook, moved some dummy notes into it, and synced. Then I deleted the notebook; got the "Are you sure message" as above and synced again. True to the message above, the notes were moved to the Trash. You can find them using the "Deleted" date, which you can add to a list view and then sort by it. If you click on a deleted note, in the note preview, you get an "Erase Note" button and a "Restore Note"button. "Erase Note" will purge the note, "Restore Note" will move the note to your default notebook (as far as I can tell). If you multi-select, then you can move them to whatever notebook you wish. It does seem as through the deleted notebook name is not retained, but you can always recreate it. However, the notes in that notebook are not automatically purged forever; you need to do that yourself.
  8. Download to where? If you have attachments (documents, images, etc.) in an Evernote note, you should be able to move them to your local file system. Is that what you mean? Which Evernote client are you using? Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web?
  9. Crashes are being reported over in the 6.18 Beta 3 topic (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119592-evernote-for-windows-618-beta-3/), which is the one you're actually running, not Beta 1 (this topic).
  10. This makes no sense to me. I can freely drag notes to other notebooks in the Windows desktop. In fact, that's how I populated a new notebook that I then tried to delete, in my example above. Oh, and you can multi-select (Ctrl+click and Shift+click) notes in the note list, even in the trash, in the Windows application. When you do that, you get a panel that allows you to move them en masse to a different notebook. Or you can drag them as well. Note that you cannot drag notes into stacks, because stacks do not contain notes; they only contain notebooks. You've never been able to do this in the Windows application. You can drag notebooks into (and out of) stacks. How do I know this? I just tried it and it works, just as it has for some years now.
  11. In the Windows client, when I right-clicked on a notebook and selected "Delete...", I got an "Are you sure?" dialog, and no option to stop seeing it:
  12. So you'd then need to add a special extra section to a note that's its description. How would that be materially different to adding the same description to the beginning of the note?
  13. Last time I checked, they use the Windows setting for short date. Settings / Time & Language / Date & Time / "Change date and time formats"
  14. You mean like Snippet view in the Evernote for Windows application?
  15. Evernote is not a task manager. It knows nothing about completion status, start dates, end dates, etc. You can use reminder notes for simple task management (I do), but it's not the same thing.
  16. Sounds kinda metaphoric there, given the context...
  17. For fun, check out the CEF repository (I'm assuming that this is the one Evernote is based from, could be wrong, though): https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/cef 343 forks, to date. Never-ending, indeed... (and I know that that's not what you really meant)
  18. Manual ordering of notes in note lists is not available in Evernote, at any account level. It's a much-requested feature (e.g., see similar request: One exception: reminder notes can be manually ordered in reminder lists. The ones I'm familiar with are in the Windows Evernote application (snippet, thumbnail, card views) and the Android Evernote application. You can choose to have them auto-ordered by date, or manually, in which case you can drag/drop reminders to other locations in the reminder lists.
  19. Ugh. Sounds horrible. Where do I send the sympathy card to?
  20. Um, not really. "I'm not aware of a better service for storing my documents" is not the same thing as claiming "there is nothing better than Evernote". That the OP was not interested in solutions should be obvious. They did say that they were "actively looking for alternatives to Evernote and for ways to migrate all 14k+ notes out", but never once asked for help, nor have they come back in 3+ weeks since. If you want help, then you should ask for it, but they didn't do that. Their post post was a kiss-off, nothing more. For that matter, you haven't tried to answer the original poster either. If you really thought that that was so important, then maybe you should have started there rather than poking sticks at what others have said.
  21. This is of course the raison d'etre for tags. But you knew that already...
  22. Awesome. It's my fave!!!
  23. Nonsense. Show me where level 5 member in here says any such thing, in this topic, or anywhere on the forums for that matter. The fact is that most of the long-timers here are well-acquainted with the flaws in Evernote, but either they're able to work around any flaws satisfactorily, or they're not relevant to their workflows. What you will hear most of us -- me at least -- say on the topic of Evernote tends to be more along the lines of "Evernote works well for my use case, though it may not for yours." Beyond that, the Level 5 folks will usually make a good faith effort to try to understand other user's problems (not always easy) and try to steer them to some workaround, strategy, or something that works for them (not always possible, plus we're not always conversant with Evernote alternatives). And many people have been helped by other forum users, not just Level 5's. But hey, if you want to change the culture for whatever reason, maybe you should give it a try for awhile. With respect this particular topic, given its melodramatic "Farewell Evernote" title plus the rest of their post, it's pretty clear that they didn't want to be helped.Seemed to be a passive-aggressive way of getting a parting shot in, on their first and only post here.
  24. Can you right click on it, and unselect "View as Attachment"?
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