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  1. jefito

    Unable to move notebooks to a stack

    Version 7.6 of what? Sounds like you're using the Mac client, but this topic relates to the web client, which is different.
  2. jefito

    How to move a notebook to a different stack?

    If you're using the beta version, then you should switch to the so-called "current version" (Account Settings, "Use current version"), and you can stack and unstack to your heart's delight:
  3. jefito

    Make logins easier

    Or just use the following link: https://www.evernote.com/Login.action
  4. jefito

    PDF Annotations

    You'd need Premium for that, if you want to use Evernote's facilities. Otherwise you can use a third-party tool, I expect. A web search on "annotate pdfs" turned up the following, among others: https://www.educatorstechnology.com/2018/09/7-of-best-apps-for-annotating-pdfs.html
  5. jefito

    Order sub-tags alphabetically

    Subtags are certainly displayed in the Android tag UI, but not in a single tree as with, say, the Windows tag list. You need to tap down through the hierarchy to get to subtags. The web versions (current and beta) also expose the tag hierarchy.
  6. jefito

    Notes getting regenerated

    This is a file that lives in an Evernote import folder? So you have it configured not to delete after import? Is there anything that's causing the file to appear to be updated (in which case, Evernote would re-import it and is the expected behavior)? If not, is it related to shutting down and restarting Evernote (in which case, it might be a bug related to detecting existing unchanged files in import folders)?
  7. jefito

    Option to include URL in clip

    The URL is already included in the clip, but it's not added to the note body. It's available in the note Info, which you can access in various ways on the various Evernote clients. In the Windows client, this is on the note editor panel's toolbar by default (the icon is the letter 'i' in a circle). Also in the Windows client, you can also see it in list view if you include the "Source URL" field
  8. I can confirm this. I pasted a ~8000 line source file into an empty Evernote notes. and selecting text using the left mouse or using Ctrl+ arrow keys is pretty laggy. For what it's worth, one of the editing subprocesses goes almost immediately to 12.8 or so percent. There is only a 32-bit version currently. Not sure that that would make any difference. Don't know how this works; it sure doesn't for me.
  9. jefito

    Dark Mode is here... or is it?

    As noted above, 8.6 with dark mode is in the Play Store currently, at least that's what I'm seeing on my Android phone. Flip side is that the 8.6 version does not appear to be compatible with my Android 5 tablet. Which raises the question, which version are you running on your device?
  10. It's put there by the program that stores whatever's being clipped. An application can put multiple formats up, so that more programs are able to take advantage of what's up there. For example, if you clip some text from Word, then it's going to be up there with formatting (e.g., RTF, HTML), but simple text editors don't tend to understand formatted text; what they really want is plain text, and Word puts that up there as well. Receiving programs can pick what's most convenient for them. Longer form: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/dataxchg/clipboard-formats
  11. Report it to AVG: https://www.avg.com/en-us/false-positive-file-form
  12. jefito

    Native Markdown Support

    Oh, the irony... oh wait, but it doesn't have Markdown, either...
  13. jefito

    Is Bulk Select Spell Check Possible?

    Sure, but that won't update the Evernote user dictionary, if that's an issue...
  14. Curious. I don't have FastStone, since I use the Evernote screen clipper, so I can't reproduce that case. I created a new note with the same build. Found a JPG in Explorer, and right-click / Copy'ed it to the clipboard, and then pasted into my new note. Did the same for a .PNG file as well. They were both preserved in the note as their original formats. I guess this is similar to dragging an image into an Evernote note. The only think I can suggest is to download a clipboard format display program to see what format(s) FastStone is actually storing on the clipboard when it . I use a couple: Clipboard Format Spy and Free Clipboard Viewer. I doubt that this is related to the Mac Evernote, since they're pretty much separate code bases.
  15. jefito

    Is Bulk Select Spell Check Possible?

    Not at this time, evidently.
  16. Please refrain from cross-posting -- Forum Code of Conduct, #7.
  17. jefito

    Evernote crush

    Moving to Windows-specific subforum...
  18. jefito

    REQ: Simple and Clean Clip Please

    Pertains to the web clipper, so moving to appropriate forum...
  19. I do keep Evernote on all of the time; my two largest memory/processor chewers are currently Chrome (because I am lazy about tabs), Visual Studio, and sometimes the application I work on with VS. When things get slow, I find that the best thing that I can do is to shut down and restart Chrome.
  20. The Evernote import folder facility is just that, an import facility, not a sync facility. The Import Folder facility doesn't check for duplicate notes. It's why I set the Import Folder to delte notes after import. About the best thing you can do at this point is sort by creation date, isolate those notes that you know aren't duplicates and delete the rest that happened on the day you changed folders. If you wind up deleting anything critical, it will still be in your trash folder.
  21. This is a WIndows-specific subforum. You should post issues relating to the Evernote for Mac product here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/219-evernote-for-mac/
  22. jefito

    Thickness of the stylus line

    Which device?
  23. jefito

    Cursor 'jumps' when typing

    Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web?
  24. jefito

    One note in two notebooks?

    No, not in Evernote at this time.