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  1. For fun, check out the CEF repository (I'm assuming that this is the one Evernote is based from, could be wrong, though): https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/cef 343 forks, to date. Never-ending, indeed... (and I know that that's not what you really meant)
  2. Manual ordering of notes in note lists is not available in Evernote, at any account level. It's a much-requested feature (e.g., see similar request: One exception: reminder notes can be manually ordered in reminder lists. The ones I'm familiar with are in the Windows Evernote application (snippet, thumbnail, card views) and the Android Evernote application. You can choose to have them auto-ordered by date, or manually, in which case you can drag/drop reminders to other locations in the reminder lists.
  3. Ugh. Sounds horrible. Where do I send the sympathy card to?
  4. Um, not really. "I'm not aware of a better service for storing my documents" is not the same thing as claiming "there is nothing better than Evernote". That the OP was not interested in solutions should be obvious. They did say that they were "actively looking for alternatives to Evernote and for ways to migrate all 14k+ notes out", but never once asked for help, nor have they come back in 3+ weeks since. If you want help, then you should ask for it, but they didn't do that. Their post post was a kiss-off, nothing more. For that matter, you haven't tried to answer the original poster either. If you really thought that that was so important, then maybe you should have started there rather than poking sticks at what others have said.
  5. This is of course the raison d'etre for tags. But you knew that already...
  6. Awesome. It's my fave!!!
  7. Nonsense. Show me where level 5 member in here says any such thing, in this topic, or anywhere on the forums for that matter. The fact is that most of the long-timers here are well-acquainted with the flaws in Evernote, but either they're able to work around any flaws satisfactorily, or they're not relevant to their workflows. What you will hear most of us -- me at least -- say on the topic of Evernote tends to be more along the lines of "Evernote works well for my use case, though it may not for yours." Beyond that, the Level 5 folks will usually make a good faith effort to try to understand other user's problems (not always easy) and try to steer them to some workaround, strategy, or something that works for them (not always possible, plus we're not always conversant with Evernote alternatives). And many people have been helped by other forum users, not just Level 5's. But hey, if you want to change the culture for whatever reason, maybe you should give it a try for awhile. With respect this particular topic, given its melodramatic "Farewell Evernote" title plus the rest of their post, it's pretty clear that they didn't want to be helped.Seemed to be a passive-aggressive way of getting a parting shot in, on their first and only post here.
  8. Can you right click on it, and unselect "View as Attachment"?
  9. Sigh... Your original screenshot of the problem: You then posted a screenshot of the editing toolbar for Evernote for the web: They are not the same editing toolbars. The first screen is actually from the Evernote forum software here, and has nothing at all to do with the Evernote web application. I have no idea why you posted a screen cap from the web application. What was the point of that? You're just confusing things.
  10. Is that in all note views? I use Snippet view almost exclusively.
  11. The Evernote web toolbar that you show in your own screen shot does not match the screen shot in the original post. It does match the forum editor.
  12. Please, you have no idea whether this is true or not. Either way, it's unlikely to be soon, since Evernote is currently in a cycle where bug and stability fixes are paramount, and prioritized over new features. See the CEO statement of priorities here: https://evernote.com/blog/looking-ahead-evernotes-priorities-2019/
  13. No, it's from the forum editor, not from an Evernote application. Yep, well spotted. I don't see this problem in Chrome on Windows, for what that's worth.
  14. Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web? On Windows, since Evernote doesn't have a PDF editor of its own, you'll typically need to rely on a 3rd-party editor to do that.
  15. The Evernote for Windows application will let you multi-select notes, and move them all to the Trash (looks like you need to do the delete via the right-click menu). Once deleted, it looks as though the current note list remains stable, minus the deleted notes (i.e., it doesn't go back to the top).
  16. As far as I know, no. Existing feature request and a possible 3rd-party solution is here: Another existing request: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/99283-shared-notenotebook-how-to-track-changes/ And another: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112986-notifications-or-alerts-when-a-shared-notebook-or-note-is-edited-by-someone/ And one more: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112189-notifications-for-edits-and-changes-to-shared-notebooks/ Really need to merge these all together
  17. I've put in a request to the forum admin, he may be able to do it.
  18. From the linked question. There is no way to disable the search bar in Evernote wor Windows. It's much smaller if you use one of the "vertical" view options: Snippet view, Card view, Side List, or Thumbnail view. Use F5 to switch among the various view types. Not sure what is meant by "Category" bar, but if you mean the left panel with "+ New Note" at the top, you can shrink it using View / Left Panel (or Ctrl+F11)
  19. You're welcome. But isn't that the behavior that you want? To be able to find a specific sequence of words, which may include stop words? I don't know what the intended behavior is supposed to be. I have a lot of respect for what support people do -- I work with them daily in my job as a software developer -- but I'm not really well suited to the hob, and it's not something I'd enjoy. Plus I'm guessing that the pay would be less. I do think working on the Evernote application would be interesting, though, but I already like what I do. That being said, I only guessed this because the post of yours that has seemingly disappeared had screen caps that showed the search filters in the Windows application, and the quotes looked a little funny, though the image resolution wasn't conclusive. But someone else had a similar issue recently in the forums, and that jogged my memory so I tried it out on my machine and the results matched yours. Without those screen caps, I would probably never have guessed.
  20. The user wishes to be able to scroll notes up so that the last part of a note appears in the top part of the note window.
  21. Relevant topic in the forums: Look for posts from Evernote employees @Rich Tener and @Scott T. in particular.
  22. @sam20e: last night, I think, you posted elsewhere in the forums about inconsistent search results with seemingly identical search filters in the Windows Evernote application. That post, and my reply, seems to have disappeared; I'm looking into having them restored. In any case, I looked into it, and am guessing that the problem you are seeing is based on using opening/closing double quotes (the curly ones) rather than the 'straight' double quotes around your search filter. E.g.: “in that case” vs. "in that case". Evernote for Windows doesn't handle these the same (though it probably should), and based on the search information in your screen caps, using curly double quotes matched your first search, and using straight double quotes matched your second result. Short form: you should use only straight double quotes in your searches. BTW, searching for "in that case" (straight double quotes) did indeed find instances of "in that case" in my notes. I.e., the stop werds were not ignored. Indeed, a search on "in that" (both stop words) worked as well.
  23. @Austin G: your post here, at least in my browser, is acting weirdly: I can copy/paste (Chrome) from what you quoted, but not from your post itself, nor can I open up links like your the Glossary link (which I'm adding here in case anyone else is having the same problem).Don't know whether it's a glitch in the forum software, or a glitch in me...
  24. And this is exactly the kind of search that Evernote makes easy in Windows with Alt+Shift+T.
  25. So how do they do that? Press the Turbo button? Turn it to 11? I mean, I understand what you're asking for, and why it's useful, but "improve their search engine speed" is one of those things that's easy to propose, but not necessarily easy to do. Some of the more technical commentary from Evernote employee @rezecib here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/110018-why-oh-why-is-there-no-literal-search-in-evernote/#comment-504507 and here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/94874-searching-for-exact-phrase-general/?tab=comments#comment-504506
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