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  1. There is, but you'll get more specific advice if you specify whether you're using Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or the web client....
  2. I've long considered Evernote to be a note management analog to Gmail -- just the overall search / organization stuff seems pretty similar. Gmail is of course a web-only thing, so that might make an web-only version of Evernote at least a thinkable option (though not a trivial one). And one thing about Gmail is this: you can download your emails to a local machine. If Evernote were to go to a web-only client -- and I have no means of gauging whether they will or not -- I'd hope and expect that they'd offer a download option as well.
  3. Sure, in this subforum (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/235-web-client/) is fine
  4. From the release notes of the beta (note the boldfaced item under "Fixed":: Maybe that's what you're seeing? At least I can't seem to reproduce your problem in this version.
  5. Found an old topic here that might be of interest:
  6. Sorry, no clue then, unless you did something with, say, stacks or tags or something. The search language doesn't support any notion of shared notebooks, and you can only specify a single notebook or stack in a search query, and you can't filter out notebooks (i.e., no -notebook:MyNotebook terms). There's a "sharedate" attribute you can search agains (e.g. sharedate:*), but that's only set on individually shared notes, not on notes in shared notebooks.
  7. Not as far as I know. I don't recall that option myself.Was it a search query option? A setting?
  8. Not necessarily. As far as I know, they already use cross-platform of sorts: Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), for note rendering and editing interactions, wrapped up in native applications. They may just be implying a better, or at least tighter, process to coordinate fixes and new features across the various platforms. They've been loosely coupled historically, aside from required changes forced by changes to their SDK (which all Evernote applications use).. Porting to an entirely new system would be a surprising strategy to try and gain stability. It just doesn't just work automatically, and it's not an overnight switch-over. We'll see, but I doubt that that's what they're doing. That being said, I'm not privy to their internal plans, and cross-platform isn't really what I do (mainly Windows-based GIS analysis and visualization) so I'm clearly no expert in that area. But swapping over to a new underlying framework is never as clean as one hopes, and not to be taken lightly. On the other hand, it could happen. Evernote for Windows, which I use most of the time, is pretty rich, though I use it pretty simply, and though I could probably work with a simpler UI if it takes awhile to roll out an Electron (or whatever) based system. The memory load doesn't bother me as much, not with Visual Studio weighing in at 1GB+, and Chrome being what it is,;it's mainly functionality. But there are a lot of people who absolutely depend on the way the Windows (and I expect Mac and the other platforms); one little weak/regression/change and some segment of users goes nuts. That's not gonna be great, optics-wise. I can only imagine what the Mac side of things would look like. Fortunately for Evernote, none of the competitors out there are perfect
  9. Aside from these, there are also.... Methodologies... Many Methodologies.... GTD Bullet Journal Eisenhower matrix et cetera, et cetera, et cetera Some of these have been adapted to Evernote --> try web searches for "evernote GTD", "evernote bullet journal", "evernote eisenhower matrix" I use a simpler system, mainly a weekly note (based on a template of course; it's all one big table), where I have separate list important, immediate tasks, tasks waiting on input from someone else, and "future" tasks that I need to think about before I actually do anything on them, plus a day calendar for journalling on what I've worked on that week plus appointments and meetings (few, thankfully), plus of course a list of tasks accomplished (mainly as prep for a weekly meeting). I can tie tasks from our bug database in directly (they're just web links) or for more complicated items, I can make a separate note for capturing debug results, code, screen caps, kinks to research etc, and use note links to tie those into the weekly note. And then these get tied into a master yearly calendar note. It's pretty simple, and I like it that way. Every Monday morning, first thing: duplicate the old week's note, change the dates (including reminder due date) on the new note, clear out the daily entries and any old unreported completed tasks, mark last week's note as complete, and store it into a "Journal" notebook. 10 minutes? 15, tops?
  10. A much-requested feature. Please go here and add your upvote:
  11. jefito

    Notebook Pages?

    Tags certainly can be used to "structure" your notes, but it's a different flavor of structuring. Pure folder/tree systems are predicated on the idea that an object has exactly one place to live in the hierarchy. Tagging systems recognize the fact that often objects it more than one category (think books: historical romance, for example). There are many ways to approach this, but I think about it as follows. In your case, a project might merit a tag, (e.g. "My Project") and also a meeting might merit its own tag (e.g., "Meeting"). There might be other tags to describe general project categories: "Report", "Specification", "Requirements", "Research", etc. etc. Apply as needed. So now you have another project "My Other Project"; you can re-use all of those other tags with your new project. You can isolate on all projects, using their project name tag, or all meetings, etc., etc.
  12. jefito

    Notebook Pages?

    I would track meetings using tags, and possibly title information.
  13. I just create my own templates, save them in a specific notebook, and Copy/Duplicate them as needed. Tags in the template note come along for the ride.
  14. Taking this as a feature request for the Window Evernote application...
  15. jefito

    Notebook Pages?

    A notebook contains notes. There are no pages in Evernote.
  16. You should join the chorus of folks who've already asked for this here (from the General Feature Requests subforum): Add your upvote at the top of the topic, and your own discussion if you desire, though it's been discussed pretty thoroughly already. Some folks just use other methods of organization...
  17. You are allowed to change reminder time. If your initial estimate of a task's completion time was incorrect, then you should adjust accordingly.
  18. I know of no workarounds for what you are seeking. Sounds like a feature request to me. If you want me to move this topic to a feature request forum, I can do that.
  19. For laptop users, it's a battery drain, is about all I can come up with.
  20. But that's entirely sensible advice. The editor does indeed do formatting, but it's limited compared to, say, MS Word. If you want more formatting than Evernote offers, you would be advised to, yes, use, say, MS Word for your purposes. You use a tool for what it's good for, not for what you wish it would be. I don't drive nails with a screwdriver; sure, you can do it, but it would be a lot better to use a hammer. A parallel a little closer to home: if I need to send email content that needs more elaborate formatting than GMail provides, I'm a lot more apt to send a PDF as an attachment. Of course that doesn't preclude you from asking for improvements. It's entirely valid, and nobody's saying that you shouldn't. But in the meantime, you have a choice and the ability to use alternative means to accomplish your tasks. The irony here is that choosing to add more features to the editor, across all platforms, would actually harm the immediate focus as implied by the CEO's post on fixing stability and reliability problems...
  21. If you 'delete notes, they wind up in the Trash 'notebook', where you can easily undelete them. Note that Trash is itself searchable. If you then delete them from the Trash. then you'll be prompted that the deletion is permanent. In other words, you need to work at it to delete things permanently.
  22. As I said, you should check the Evernote shortcut key configuration to see if that's conflicting. Also, if you use any keyboard macro applications like AutoHotKey, thise should be checked as well. Evernote shouldn't interfere with clipboard functionality in other programs, and I doubt strongly the notion that it does.
  23. If you're using the Windows application, the better thing to do when you've chosen a notebook first is to use the tag picker to select tags. It's located at the bottom right of the search information panel, of by using the Alt+Shift+T hotkey. Options associated with the tag picker ate in Tools / Options / Navigation : "Tags related options". If you uncheck the "Show all tags in the tag picker", it will filter your tag list to those tags that exist in the current search filter. I find this incredibly usef, and much better than pawing around in the tag tree in the left panel. Really? I've never heard any such thing from Evernote staff. To the contrary, in fact.
  24. Are you using the web beta? You should probably switch to the so-called "current" version as described above. The beta version is known to be an incomplete work in progress, whereas I can see the current version working in Edge. Of course, it should be noted the USPS delivers billions of pieces of mail every working day, with pretty high reliability. As an insult, that's pretty weak sauce. A web search on "how reliable is the us postal service" might help to enlighten. But good luck with OneNote -- it's not for everyone (same as Evernote, or Keep, or etc.), but if it works for you, then that's great. We should all have tools that work for us.
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