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  1. If you go to the last character in the last column of a table. pressing the Tab key should add a new row. Not quite what you're asking for, but (based on some simple testing) if you add a new column, then you should be able to copy the other table and paste it into the first new empty cell, and the old table will be pasted in as if it were appended to the right if the original table.
  2. Maybe no, maybe yes. For one, if the interface / user metaphor for nesting notebooks made things more complicated or cluttered, sure I'd not be happy with that. Moreover, if the time they took to accomplish nested notebooks (hint, substantial) took away from other things they're doing that I want (better search, better functional commonality across all Evernote platforms), yeah, that would probably bother me too. Flip side: I believe that I am intellectually capable of coping with the presence of nested notebook functionality. Yes.
  3. We already know what Evernote's architecture is, at least its public face (it's changed a bit over the past 10 years, but it's largely the same): http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/ (feel free to inform yourself, as others have). Stacks were a bit of a hack, as there's no actual Stack data structure; it's just a name in a Notebook.If Evernote wanted to change it, they could, but it certainly would have effects downstream, and of course it would be a fair amount of work to re-architect their various applications, including their servers. That's not an excuse, just my viewpoint as a long-time developer and Evernote observer. Of course, such change could be made (and maybe yet will be, hard to tell as they're focusing, publicly, on other stuff currently), but maybe, just maybe, they don't want to do nested notebooks for aesthetic reasons. They haven't said, and I can't tell from outside, and don't spend a lot of time worrying about it. I'm just happy to have a tool that works well for me, and seems to suit a fair number of other folks. That it may not suit everyone is fine. There's plenty of room for other note keeping software out there
  4. Horses for courses. Sometimes a "dinosaur" like a plain text editor is the exact tool required. Evernote suits my needs just fine without nested notebooks and other stuff, as it pretty much has over the last 10 years or so -- it's simple and yet expressive..If Evernote isn't working well for you, then you should by all means explore other possibilities. It's a wide world out there; thankfully there's more ice cream flavors than vanilla, too. Editorial note: is it time to merge this topic with the main request in the General Requests forum?
  5. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004967-How-to-create-import-folders-in-Evernote-for-Windows
  6. The Evernote Windows application, when installed, also includes the Evernote Helper (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005067-How-to-use-Evernote-Helper-for-quick-notes-and-screenshots), which includes a separate screen capture (or screen clipper) utility which can clip images from your Windows screen; that's what " Windows based EN Screen Clipper" refers to. It is super useful: you can clip to a new Evernote note, to the clipboard, or save the clip to a new image file on the Windows desktop. You can define an area to clip by drawing a box, or just click on a window to capture it. The screen clipper is wholly separate from the web-based clipper extension, which can only clip from web pages. It's configured in the main Evernote application: Tools / Options / Clipping, and the settings there don't have anything to do with configuring the web clipper.
  7. Yea, you're correct -- my bad. You *can* do it in the web client, in Chrome for Windows at least: just click on an image, and you should see a resize box. If the image in in HTML content (I see this on web clips in the beta editor), then you need to enable editing on the HTML content first: click on the "HTML Content" label, and then click on the magic want icon that appears.
  8. Note that this dialog refers to the Evernote screen clipper, not the web clipper, as far as I can tell. The web clipper doesn't talk to the Evernote Windows client; it talks to the Evernote servers.
  9. And because the Android clipper doesn't support the "Smart Filing" or "Last Used" options that the standard web clipper does.
  10. Appears to be sticky; at least it stuck when I tried it again on a different page. I'm OK with it being different between the client applications and the web clippers.
  11. ...another metaphoric hint that Google is taking over the world!!
  12. I had previously moved it to the web clipper forum, as it's also a web clipper issue. It probably makes no difference, as it will be seen either way. But my experience is that the web clippers tend to be separately configurable from the applications; for example, on Windows, the web clipper doesn't appear to use the default notebook as configured in the Windows application (Tools / Options / General / Default Notebook). On Android, configuring the default web clipper notebook is not obvious, but you can do it by tapping on the web clipper "elephant" icon while it's clipping, and you can set the notebook there. It's different from the default notebook in the Android web clipper application, at least it is on my device. And that's why I consider the Evernote applications and the web clippers to be different application, and try to push web clipper problems towards the web clipper specific forums, in case they're different teams (I don't know how the teams are split up, or how the forums here are covered by Evernote staff). But it's your post, so I'll leave it alone...
  13. As before, confirmed as working in the Windows native application; you're evidenly using the web client (and maybe the native Android client)?.Can't recall if resizing was ever supported in the web client or the Android client. With respect to copy/paste in the web client, I see it working in the current web beta, which I'm using, and also the current version (the so-called "classic" version) on Chrome in Windows.
  14. I saw this today, too. I was pretty cool/alarming. I cancelled out of the Google-Is_Taking-Over-The-World dialog, and just logged in using my email/password, which worked fine.
  15. It's just not as easy as saying "Hocus Pocus! Switch Colors!" And yes, of course it *does* depend on the operating system, since you need to interact with the operating system to switch colors, and in a Windows 32 application like Evernote, it would likely mean changing each and every dialog, menu, and images used in the Evernote UI (images in particular don't really respond to "just use different colors"), or at least providing a parallel set of dark mode resources. As for Windows "dark mode", if it actually worked by simply flipping a switch in the OS, then all applications would automatically work, including Evernote. That many don't should give you a clue that an application needs to be modified to implement dark mode, and according to the person who had their fingers on the Windows code (and who's previously commented on this above), it would have been a very time-consuming process in Evernote's case. Funny, I program full time for a living, and switching between Evernote and Visual Studio (something I do a lot) isn't blinding at all. Silly me, though, I work in well-lit places and don't use dark mode system wide. *shrug* I doubt that anyone expects everyone here to understand the technical aspects of implementing dark mode; I don't fully understand it myself, as I've never implemented it, though I have a fair understanding of Windows programming. On the other hand, I don't understand how to fix anything much more complicated than a flat tire on my bicycle, and so, like non-techies here, I need to rely on others' understanding of the problem domain. Possible responses in that case range from "Oh, OK" to "You lazy programmers are just giving us fake news again!!!". Whatever. Again, according to the testimony of someone who had their hands on the Evernote Windows code, it's not a simple matter, and despite the feature's popularity it's apparently been prioritized down. Folks here can trust them or not (I do because they spend a fair amount of time on the forums helping users in a constructive way). BTW, note that Evernote have implemented dark mode on platforms where it where is feasible, evidently the Windows case isn't. If it were easy, they would have also done it Windows, don't you think? Some fun dark mode reading: do a web search on "is dark mode a fad?"
  16. You seem to be asking for a sort based on distance from the location information in a particular note. Evernote sort doesn't work that way: it only provides a simple ordering of notes based on some "location" information (could be possible City+State+Country, street address, or Latitude+Longitude as far as I can figure it out). Sorting doesn't give you a closest-to-x calculation. To illustrate, imagine a spreadsheet that consists of a column of numbers. Now select all of those numbers. The spreadsheet gives you the simple ability to sort by smallest-to-largest or vice-versa -- which is what Evernote provides -- but to sort by distance to a particular number in that column is a whole different calculation. As far as I know, no Evernote client gives you that capability.
  17. Perhaps you should have posted this in the Android section of the forums rather than in the Windows section. Or at least have mentioned Android in your initial post so a moderator could move it as appropriate. In direct response to the Android question; there was no mention of Android until your 4th post here, and even that was oblique, I already mentioned that there's no Evernote setting that I can find, and my Evernote camera test captured in JPG, not PNG. Again: check your camera settings and/or the Internet.
  18. Well, they probably have all of the pieces to implement the save-as-different-format functionality, but maybe never saw any need. Original request to change an image's format in place is pretty easy; generally you'd convert to some convenient internal format (this is Windows, so likely a Windows bitmap), and then convert it to the desired file format, with appropriate internal bookkeeping on the note resource for the image (change in MIME type, etc., possibly ensure that the new filename doesn't collide with an existing resource in the note), etc. Saving a note image to disk is clearly useful (just another aspect of getting content in and out of Evernote), and the current interface does that fine, but a real save-as-a-different format would have a different UI, one that lets you specify allowable formats, and possibly any parameters (e.g. compression settings, etc.), rather than detecting a file extension change and doing whatever's required. Generally SaveAs dialogs let the user control the name, regardless of whether it makes sense or note: what if they changed the extension to .xls, (Excel spreadsheet) for example? Or .zxy (no known format)? SaveAs dialogs just assume the user knows what they're doing. I just loaded a jpg into a my text editor, and saved it out as a .txt file, no problem. It's still a jpg internally.
  19. Sigh. This has nothing to do with Save As or Open With or anything relating to what you can do with an image in an Evernote note. Once more, I am referring to the the Evernote screen clipper, available via the taskbar notification area icon (right click/Clip Screenshot) or via the "Capture Screen" shortcut in Tools / Options / Shortcut keys. When you clip an area, if you hold down the shift key before letting up on the left mouse button, then a file gets saves to your Windows desktop. It has a base filename as indicated by the filename in the registry name, and in the corresponding format. I figured that since you mentions the 'snipping tool app' and that you and OP referred to the ability to configure it to use JPG and PNG, that you were referring the the screen clipper, I only elaborated on how the screen clipper works because I believed it was being mentioned. Again, you cannot solve the OP's problem in Evernote, because Evernote doesn't have that capability. You can change the extension in the file from the Save As dialog, but it won't change formats; it will only write out the exact same file with the extension you chose. The only way I know how to do this is to open a note image in a separate image editor, save it out as a different format, pull the new image into your note, and delete the old image; an onerous workflow indeed.
  20. This does not work with Save As on a note image, and I never said that it did. As noted before this is only for the screen clipper The "ScreenClipperFileName" registry value name is the hint there, plus the fact that it's in the "TrayApplet" key: The "Save As" feature is completely different than the screen clipper functionality, and is indeed not affected by that registry setting. As far as I know, Save As may have had the ability to save as an arbitrary format, but I don't know either way whether that's true. Citation would be nice from those who think otherwise...
  21. No, not quite. Go to that registry key ("Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote\TrayApplet"). In the pane on the right-hand side, right-click,, In the text box, type "ScreenClipperFileName" (without the quote characters). This is a new empty string value. Now double-click on that "ScreenClipperFileName" entry, and in the Edit String dialog, under "Value data", type "ScreenClip.jpg", and then click OK. You do not need to reboot for this to take effect; Evernote reads it every time you do a screen clip. In short, the value name must always be "ScreenClipperFileName" exactly (that's how Evernote finds it), and the value data ("ScreenClip.jpg", in this case) is the file that Evernote will produce if you do a screen clip with a file target.
  22. I don't see anything in the Evernote for Android client for this, but when I tried it, the images came in as JPG anyways. Maybe it's a system setting?
  23. You can just create a new string value names "ScreenClipperFileName" in that key, and give it the file name that you want (soesn't need to be "ScreenClip"), with the image file extension that you want (e.g. ".jpg"). Then try it out. If it fails, you can always just delete the "ScreenClipperFileName" value, and it will go back to the default file name of "ScreenClip.png", I believe. Should be pretty safe, all in all.
  24. Not sure what this means. The Evernote for Windows screen clipper can be configured to use a different format by editing the string value "ScreenClipperFileName" string value in the registry at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote\TrayApplet. Default is "ScreenClip.png", but you can change it to "ScreenClip.jpg" to save in JPG, and other formats may be possible: ".tif" and ".bmp" also appear to work. The keyboard shortcut used to invoke the screen clipper can be configured off the Evernote taskbar notification icon's right-click menu using Options / Configure SHortcut Keys... or from the main Evernote application: Tools / Options / Clipping. Beyond that, this doesn't solve the OP's request. Obviously, Evernote for Windows has the ability to create images in various formats, and given that they can obviously read and display other formats (and having implemented similar functionality myself), it probably wouldn't be a stretch for them, technically speaking, to provide a Save As for various formats (it really seems that this would be a "Convert To..." operation, to convert a note image in place, rather than saving it to disk, but whatever). So it all then comes down to a prioritization issue, per usual. Evernote is not an image editor, and relies on external applications to do that, which is an entirely valid approach. Having never seen a request like this before and given, I'd guess that this wouldn't be terribly important for most users, and therefore a nice-to-have, lower priority item, but that's purely a guess on my part.
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