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    Which Evernote version are you using? I see links working fine in (308255) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.0.7477) Can you post an example of a link that's not working?
  2. This actually does not work for either 'notebook' or 'stack'., at least in the Windows Evernote client, and is not allowed by the Evernote search language (http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php), so probably not for the Web client either. If it works in other Evernote clients, then that would be good to know. It does work for 'tag', which is not what's asked for here.
  3. Could be we're not updating our versions here at work (not under my control; I am a lowly developer, not mighty IT). I don't take much notice because it works fine for me, but if it ever stops working (and I'll know, because screen clipping i pretty useful for me), I'll sure know what to do!!
  4. jefito

    Move "All Notes" to the top

    I think that everyone who responded here understands what this is 'about'. It's pretty clear what was asked for; we Evernote users can't fix things, but alternatives/workarounds exist (viable or not for a particular person's usage) and those were what was offered. Of course, the original poster hasn't responded in over 3 months, so it's hard to tell if those helped or not.
  5. Working fine for me. Win 10 Pro 1607 / 14393.2007 Evernote (308255) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.0.7477) Word Office 365 ProPlus subscription
  6. Not strictly true. I'm using Win+Shift+S to run the Evernote screen clipper on my Win 10 work machine. Works fine. What you can say is that if you're not getting the Evernote clipping tool with Win+Shift+S, then you likely have a conflict, and you should go to Evernote options and change it to something else.
  7. jefito

    Search in a single notebook

    It helps to mention which web client you are referring to: the beta, the "current" version, or the "classic" version. Aside from that, a search like "notebook:MyNotebook sometext" will work in all web clients.
  8. Um, meaning that I would use the Word document as an attachment...
  9. Snippet view works well for me because: Reminders list 7 +- 2 Rule (try to narrow search results to a small subset, easier than working harder getting exact match for one note) Quick overview of note content and meta stuff But overall, the approach is not to work so hard for diminished returns. In this case, if I need presentation-ready stuff, I'll just use Word.
  10. Hrrmm, just what I need -- to spend a long time hacking Evernote to get my note looking just exactly perfect via some specific sequence which may be repeatable but will likely need to change in the next release. Good luck, great detective work and all that, but no thanks. I'll just stick to the basics and spend my dwindling brain cells elsewhere. Content is king, presentation only secondary.
  11. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    True, that. Nice change.
  12. jefito

    REQUEST: Evernote Archive

    So glad you all cleared that up. Now all that needs to be done is: Modify the Evernote server database schema to reflect this little change, including the code that interacts with it Modify the API to that applications can use the new stuff: http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/ Modify the search language to allow searching the archives, probably (you will want to be able to search the archives) Modify all of the Evernote clients (and their respective database schemas/storages) to interact with those API changes, and add UI to allow the user to be able to use the new stuff Migrate over to the new stuff, and flip the switch (well, maybe test it a little bit behind the scenes; there's only 200 million or so Evernote users who'd be potentially affected) Whaddya think? Couple of days? No problem! Seriously, the parallels are compelling, though this particular iceberg has a lot of stuff that lives underwater than may seem apparent. In the API, I suppose they'd probably start with the Note object (http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Types.html#Struct_Note), which has a 'deleted' member (it's actually a date, empty if the note is not deleted), and add an 'archived' date member.So you could then archive a note. But you'd probably need to figure out how archiving an entire notebook works as well. And so on. But I'm not Evernote; I'm sure it's not anywhere near as simple as what I laid out. I wouldn't expect this any time soon, though you never know...
  13. jefito

    Multiple subscriptions

    I'd start here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/527-administrativebilling/
  14. jefito

    Can't edit a table

    Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web? A screen shot might help.
  15. jefito

    How to hide the upper bar?

    Appears to be the Evernote for Windows application. Moving to appropriate subforum. There's no way to hide this panel in the WIndows application, as far as I know.
  16. jefito

    How do I get to the title using keyboard?

    Yeah, I always access via the forum headers, so I'm usually aware of the post context. But people do sometimes post in the wrong forum, so I figure it's better to ask if it's ambiguous...
  17. jefito

    exclude notebook from search

    It may or may not be difficult to code (you tell me), however, coding difficulty is not always the sole consideration: a bubble sort is easy to code, too, but you'd never want to actually use it since it's really inefficient at scale. And searches need to be implemented across the range of contexts used by Evernote notes: web, mobile, desktop, and server. Moreover, adding this feature probably doesn't go far enough. First, if you have a non-trivial number of notebooks, you're probably going to want to want to specify multiple notebooks to exclude, and since you can't specify more than one notebook to search at a time, that functionality would need to be added as well. Oh, and you're going to want to throw stacks into the mix as well, so now -stack would need to be added, and multiple stacks supported.
  18. jefito

    How do I get to the title using keyboard?

    You've posted in the Evernote for Web forum. Are you actually using the web client, or the native Windows application?
  19. jefito

    Sorting Checkbox Lists

    It's not going to appear for you in this discussion, since you started the topic. It's assumed that a topic starter would vote for their own idea / suggestion.
  20. jefito

    True hierarchical tags

    Oh, Evernote's tag system does form a "true" hierarchy all right. There's nothing in the definition of hierarchy that forbids hierarchy members from being required to be unique (from. Wikipedia: "A hierarchy (from the Greek hierarkhia, "rule of a high priest", from hierarkhes, "president of sacred rites") is an arrangement of items (objects, names, values, categories, etc.) in which the items are represented as being "above", "below", or "at the same level as" one another."). That's just the rules of this hierarchy. Company structures often form hierarchies as well, and assuming that no person can fill different slots, you have an analogous situation. Evernote's tag hierarchy is just a different flavor than that of your favorite file system. BTW, this uniqueness requirement is enforced in the Evernote API on a per-account basis: http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Types.html#Struct_Tag:
  21. jefito

    True hierarchical tags

    Some applications do this sort of thing. Just a test, in Windows, cmd.exe works this way (e.g., c:\temp> md test\test2 does indeed create subfolder test, and then creates subfolder test2 in that). In Explorer, though, not so much. I can't speak to +x based OS'es. Even so, it's a fair ask, though with, I suspect, a pretty limited audience. If Evernote for Windows had better scripting support, (like more than "very limited") this would a natural feature for it. If this means searches like tag:blah, then I'd think that it's not the case that "all tag searches should be infix", since it would break existing searches, though I certainly think that there should be an option for that (as well as infix text searches). Pick your favorite syntax: tag:*medical*, tagcontains:medical, or whatever. They can go in the same bin with proposed syntaxes for subtag searches (e.g. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15173-shouldnt-selecting-a-parent-tag-search-child-tags/?tab=comments#comment-74067 for one).
  22. jefito

    Extra line break above table

    Um, I was actually commenting on the question of whether it's a bug or a feature is only open to speculation on our part, as we're not privy to the spec that it may or may not be afoul of...
  23. jefito

    Extra line break above table

    Unless an actual Evernote employee pops in, it's all just speculation on our part -- at least I've never seen any explanation. But if it's behavior you want to change, then one of us can move it to a feature request forum. Then again, there's this:
  24. jefito

    Extra line break above table

    Bug or feature? Hard to say. It could possibly be there as a way to make navigation around tables easier code-wise, or maybe there's some UI reason to have it -- difficult to tell from outside the code bubble. But if it's a bug, it'd probably be a pretty low-grade one. No data loss, very minor user inconvenience, so importance would be pretty low, and if fixing it was non-trivial (i.e., if a lot of code was relying on that break being there), then that would tend to drop it way down the priority list. When I encountered the behavior, I puzzled a bit, then just accepted that you can't remove the break and stopped worrying about it. Only want your information inside your table (my weekly work journal is a table), then don't put any in the line. Seems simple enough. Short form: