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  1. As a sidenote: the link in IE sends me to PayPal now, so that particular bug seems to be fixed. Purchasing is not possible by using the IE either, unfortunately and yields the same error message.
  2. I do have two credit cards registered in my PayPal account but still get the message, that my purchase cannot be processed?
  3. I have tried to purchase a premium subscription from another computer now (also with FF3 installed) with the same result
  4. @engberg: no, unfortunately it does not work that way either. Might this be related to the fact that I am using a German paypal account? This has caused any problems with other vendors yet, but you never know.
  5. Doing a purchase via PayPal does not work for me, either. From FireFox 3.05 I get forwarded to the Paypal-login screen, but upon logging in I am told that the request cannot be processed and that I should return to the merchant to pick another option. Using the Internet Explorer I cannot get to the Paypal-Page at all, both links send me over to Google checkout. I am using Windows Vista as OS. What can I do, as Google Checkout is no option for me.
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