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  1. I have a notification on my cell phone that says: Confirm your email It shows my email address. It is dated 3/5/15 and appears to have the Evernote logo on the left side. Did this come from Evernote?
  2. I have a Public Notebook with several notes in it. The notes in the URL view are not in the sequence I want. How do I set the sequence of the notes?
  3. There was only one note in the right-hand pane when I entered the post. Now, all three of them are there. It took over 24 hours for the 2nd and 3rd notes to show in the URL. Is it normal for notes to take so long to show in the URL?
  4. Why does the post time show as standard time instead of daylight savings time?
  5. I created a Public Notebook with three notes and synchronized it. All three notes show in the Win client and on my Web account. However, only one note shows at the URL for the notebook. Why? How do I fix this?
  6. Here are two ways to search within a single note. Move the note to a notebook with no other notes, and then search just that notebook. OR Add a unique tag to the note. . . Then Search term tag:unique . . or . . Select the unique tag in the tag tree . . Then Search term
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