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  1. Usually when sites are down for scheduled maintenance they give an ETA for when it will be back up or at least some advanced warning. Is this regular maintenance or has there been some kind of catastrophe? Any idea when the elephant will wake up? I'm going into withdrawals here! Thanks!
  2. In migrating from Delicious one thing I find myself really missing is some sort of indication of when I'm visiting a page that I have clips from. When researching various topics it's common to find myself at the same site, but sometimes it's weeks or months apart so I have a hard time remembering. It would be awesome if the Evernote icon for the Firefox extension could change color (or something along those lines) to indicate if the current domain appears as a source for any clips. Some optional features that would make it even more awesome would be... - A dropdown list displaying the title of the associated clips that link to the clips themselves. - Inline highlighting of the clipped parts of the page within the page itself. Thanks for a great product!
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