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  1. I visit this forum every so often just to check this one thread! List View and alphabetical sorting on iPhone is pretty much all I need!
  2. I need this too . . . I have been sitting in limbo with a free account for a few months now . . awaiting the iphone improvements before I upgrade and get serious with organising my data in Evernote. my MUST haves for the iphone : - - plain list view - (ie ability to switch off the thumbnail view) - alphabetical sorting!! This is critical! I already have a ton of notes in the order I like them my 'would like' for the iphone : - - slicker way to switch notebooks - outliner or tree or collapsing tags? Fingers crossed . . . timescale Heather? Pretty please! I wont hold you to it.
  3. I sort of agree with Crispinb on this one, but I need to be able to drag copies of tags under notebooks, so that the same tag can appear under more than one notebook. Then it looks like sub-folders. : - +NOTEBOOKS Notebook1 ______data ______notes ______tips-tricks Notebook2 ______data ______notes ______tips-tricks +TAGS application assembly construction data notes tips-tricks Surely this wouldn't be hard to do . . since there seems to be a pseudo-hierarchical tag thing working already? Keep everything as it is. Just allow tags to be located under notebooks.
  4. There are no 'containers'. Its all an abstract concept. You could think of 'Notebooks' as tags too. Your notes are a continuous ribbon. Even on a desktop file system like XP your stuff is scattered all over the hard drive and the 'container folders' you perceive is a just labelling system. Re-badge the hierarchical tags as 'smart folders' and make them behave properly and everyone is happy?
  5. I have a few apps whose forums I have joined over the years and I invariably always end up feeling sorry the app developer when I read forum posts! They produce a great app that everyone loves but still get the headache and pain of folks wanting more and wanting it right now! My philosophy is that its better to keep supporting an app you love, despite any shortcomings, and to keep posting your thoughts and feature requirements alongwith any praise and encouragement. No one is immune to flattery! Evernote is an amazing app by the way! For what its worth I am also keen to have full offline visibility of my data on my iphone. A simple list view option and read-only would be fine. My desire for better tagging functionality is posted elsewhere . . . Did I mention that Evernote is an amazing app and the developers are clearly genius gods of some sort!
  6. It seems to me that tagging does already offer the functionality of sub-notebooks. It sjust a matter of interface and presentation IMHO. Here is my idea to provide sub-notebook functionality without altering the basic existing architecture of Evernote. ALLOW COPIES OF TAGS TO BE POSITIONED BESIDE THE NOTEBOOKS!!! This will make it look like there are sub-notebooks. Summary : - Tags draggable to Notebooks (new behaviour) Notes dragged to a Notebook get assigned to the Notebook (existing behaviour) Notes dragged to a Notebook's Tag get assigned to the Notebook AND its Tag (new behaviour) Notes dragged to a Tag get assigned to the Tag (existing behaviour) Notes dragged to a Sub-Tag get assigned to the sub-tag and its parent Tag (new behaviour) Clicking on Project2\Tag5 you would see only Notes in that Notebook with Tag5 (which is exactly the same as currently highlighting a Notebook and a Tag!) Clicking on Project2 top level would obviously show ALL Project2 Notes (as currently) Clicking on Tag5 in the Tag List would obviously show ALL Tag 5 Notes (as currently) NoteBooks +project 1 ____tag1 ____tag4 +project 2 ____tag1 ____tag5 +project 3 ____tag1 ____tag6 ____tag7 Tags tag1 tag2 tag3 +tag4 ____tag5 ____tag6 tag7 - No change to basic architecture or search function. - People who like things just as they are dont need to drag tags to Notebooks and will perceive no difference. - People who want/need sub-notebooks just use tags to create them.
  7. I am a new user just discovering Evernote. The very first thing that struck me earlier this week when I downloaded the iPhone Evernote App is the useless thumbnails view. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to enable the List View before realising there wasnt one! A simple List view is desperately needed . . . nice bold letters like the native Contacts app or pretty much every other iPhone ap. I am really surprised to see this on here as a feature request going back to middle of last year! You would also think that precious bandwidth would be saved . . .
  8. I am reading all this with great interest! The problem would be solved (for me at least) if dragging to a sub-tag applied the parent tag too. Tags are good and powerful because you can use the same tags in multiple notebooks, but it makes no sense to present them as sub-tags without them inheriting the parent tag . . as previous posters have said. Can someone remind me the subtle difference in functionality between dragging a note to a tag as against a tag to a note?
  9. I am a huge fan of Blocknote and have been using it for years now as my primary document editor . . . . mainly because I can click 'email' and the document sends as an actual html email without the need for creating a fresh email and remembering the 'attachment' like I used to due when using Word back in the dark ages. Anyway, it seems to me that the rulers display in Evernote EXACTLY the same as Blocknote. So much so that I suspect the Blocknote engine is buried in there. My question is . .PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we not just have ALL the functionality of Blocknote? Cells, grids, ability to assign images behind cells, colours of cells, page breaks for printing etc etc. I know Andrew no longer develops Blocknote . .which is a hug shame . .but it would be nice to have it in Evernote. One feature especially . . . when launching an email, the document should launch Outlook Express (or whatever)n exactly as Blocknote does . .ie, cleanly without the Evernote 'frame' . .even if this is just for Premium Users . .I would pay lots for this! Keep up the brilliant work.
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