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  1. Any chance of getting better PowerShell integration so I can manipulate notebooks and notes programmatically?
  2. Any chance SVG might be added as a supported image file format in the future? Would be nice to be able to see them as a thumbnail/image when looking at the web/windows/mac/android/ios client instead of just as a file attachment.
  3. Any chance of getting a go to page feature when reading a pdf in the iphone client? It takes an awful long time to scroll down 300 pages to get to the page I want and then the app doesn't remember where I was previously either. help. Jason
  4. how about adding some sort of basic markup parser like most wiki's use... Jason
  5. I stumbled apon this older post. Am I correct in understanding that the "Rich Text" is just stored as html? If so any chance of being allowed to edit the html source on an iphone? maybe an advanced mode.. If I botch it up it just looks screwy then? Maybe have a filter that prevents saving a malformed source?
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