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  1. On 10/18/2017 at 10:35 PM, Dereks said:

    In case anyone is interested, I found the solution myself. Instead of sending highlights via email through a native option offered by instapaper, I opted to https://ifttt.com, which has the same applet but with the necessary functionality. Works like a charm for me. 

    thanks I was guessing this could be a solution. will go for that as the lack of links is annoying

  2. I am going to add my voice to this one as well. I was just wondering how I could simply COPY TEXT on my iPad (using the system copy feature) and paste it into a Penultimate note (using the Penultimate app and not evernote) and realized that it is currently IMPOSSIBLE. 


    Dunno but it struck me as something that should intuitively work (maybe treat the text as an image) but the workaround (clunky) is to take a good screenshot (home/power button on iOS for y'all newbs) and then paste it into Penultimate as an image.


    Shortfalls of this method are that you are limited to one page/screenshot at a time, etc, etc.


    I am sure this is coming but I wanted to commend Evernote on (finally) moving ahead in the right areas.


    Huge GAPING hole still: Can't highlight notes (just a plain highlight in yellow as you can do in a PDF!) in any of your iOS, Mac or other (?) apps. This would be so great for highlighting passages or works in text and, even better, searching through your highlights.

  3. i am happy that someone else noticed this annoying extension behavior in Chrome as I was worried I may be doing something wrong.

    i take it that there is no way currently around this? if so then my suggested workaround is to use the *bookmarklet* (in use for a long time before extensions i believe) rather than the extension as i've noticed it is not affected by the *focus* problem that is such a nuisance.

    i initially thought that the tab had to at least be in focus and not be switched but it turns out that the whole chrome application needs to be in focus so its pretty close to useless for me.

    the *extension* does maintain its usefulness for searches and Google search integration though.

    note to Evernote devs: please provide a best-practice guide for using this functionality to create new notes.

    i would also like to add that the focus problem is compounded quite a bit by the fact that it is *very slow* and requires some waiting so its hard to avoid shifting focus to another tab or window while you wait for it to do its thing. :)

  4. The OCR technology we've licensed to process PDF documents doesn't yet contain great handwriting recognition, but this is something on the list for R&D to improve in the future.


    Dave - thanks for taking the time to highlight this and i hope my comment didn't come across earlier as overly aggressive. i think evernote is great relative to what's out there but wonder if its not possible for someone else to create a competitor that tempts your users away with more congruent features that address these 'little things'.

    regarding the point you made about the software, while i accept that may be a limitation to PDF scans, wouldn't there be a way to incorporate my earlier point about a 'scan for handwriting' optional checkbox that would then run the attached PDF through your handwriting image processor? just an idea especially considering that all image manipulation and viewing apps i've used on OSX do open PDFs.

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  5. This forum has been quiet for almost a month and i don't want the Evernote folks to get complacent.

    I'm annoyed at their implicit admitted assumption that PDF OCR only applied to typed text and not handwriting since the behavior we've been constantly told about has been that Evernote OCRs all handwriting.

    I also paid for OCRing of my PDFs when i upgraded to premium.

    The least they could do as a fix would be to add a user selectable option for 'scan PDF for handwriting'.

  6. We only do OCR on PDFs for Premium accounts. The way we handle PDFs is a bit different than images, since we assume a clean scan of printed text, and we produce a single transcription of the PDF. For images, we have more of a "fuzzy" match that produces trees of possibility that can be searched (but not easily extracted). So handwriting will usually not be handled very well on PDFs, but will work well in JPEG documents.

    Ah drat! I wish you guys at Evernote had told us about your 'assumption' explicitly. I suspected that handwritten notes were not being OCR'd like handwritten OCRs and this is now a pain.

    Any way you can make this some kind of user selectable feature?

    BTW I am one of your PREMIUM evernote customers. I think you once said we represented 1 or 2% of your users so I think we get special treatment =)

    I'm really liking 'Penultimate' on my iPad for capturing multipage handwritten notes and then emailing them as PDFs to Evernote. All this time (couple of weeks) I thought they were being OCRd until I went to search for something and got a bit fat ZERO.


  7. I've been using Penultimate on the iPad to keep handwritten notes and then emailing them as multipage PDFs to my Evernote account. I had assumed that I would then be able to search these notes using Evernote once they'd been OCR'd.

    I later found that none of these notes had been OCR'd but when they were sent in another image format such as JPG the handwriting was in fact OCRd.

    Is EN ignoring anything but typed text PDFs for OCR? I say this because I've been successfully in that but not in handwritten PDFs.

    Why not send in JPG or PNG handwritten OCRs? Simple: Its because I can't have multipage documents in these formats like I can do with PDFs.

    Any help from Evernote Support on how to get around this limitation?

  8. im not sure if this is a temporary issue but i have been trying to use the 'send to' tool in google reader to save an article and i find that i keep getting the following message even though evernote's service seems to otherwise be running well (website, desktop app):

    Safari can’t open the page “http://s.evernote.com/grclip?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.economist.com%2Fresearch%2FarticlesBySubject%2Fdisplaystory.cfm%3Fstory_id%3D14889282%26fsrc%3Drss&title=The%20Spanish%20prisoners” because Safari can’t connect to the server “s.evernote.com”

  9. i just got the following email (one for each rejection) in my email inbox:

    "Evernote was unable to submit your note for the following reason:

    There was a problem communicating with the Evernote service. Please try sending the note again later."

    I've seen this happen before but with no explanations. Evernote's servers seem to be going down more these days especially when you couple this observation with the now-resurgent Evernote for iPhone 'synchronization errors' that I last saw yesterday.

    Can we have some explanation here?

  10. i have the same gripe about the slow-loading webclipper but this is much more pronounced on the iphone. the simplest way to clip webpages on the iphone is to use the webclipper and the time it takes to load is often prohibitive and this is with wifi and fast 3g connections.

    may i recommend a 'minimized'/fast webclipper that does the processing in the background and then dumps it in our (paying premium account) inbox?

  11. an interesting idea but i think that Evernote should work on a way to integrate Instapaper (instapaper.com), a great tool i use much on the iphone and that already had started integrating with other third party apps such as 'tweetie' on the iphone for adding twitter article links to the 'read later' queue.

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