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  1. Perfect solution. Thank you so much. Also, another trick is I copied the text, all 12,000 rows, and pasted it into Evernote. Works like a charm. Boy, do I love Evernote!
  2. Oh, and I use all four versions. (PC, Mac at home, Web when cruising around, and iPhone)
  3. Is it possible to put an Excel spreadsheet into Evernote and somehow have it searchable with that (awesome) search feature that I use all the time? Premium user. Thank you! LA
  4. Thank you. I'm happy to call you with my credit card number or send a check directly to you. I'd like to do this as soon as possible as well!
  5. I'd like to Upgrade to Premium. The only payment option seems to be something called Google Checkout. Weird. And when I try to pay, I get this message over and over: Oops! Your account state prevents you from performing this action or seeing the expected page. To request more information about this issue, please contact Google. Can I just send a check or pay with a credit card? Why would you make upgrading so difficult? And why would you use Google Checkout? Who even has heard of it? If you have to use an online one, perhaps you might consider a company that specializes in payment. They are called PayPal. Google is an advertising company, in case you didn't realize that, and not really a payment gateway. Anyway, how can I pay you? (without involving Google, that is..)
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