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  1. I've read the FAQ and someone on your team suggested using either TextMate or another tool to convert possibly overly rich text into plain text so that EverNote can deal with it. While I appreciate the explanation, isn't this something the EverNote developers are supposed to manage behind the scenes? I understand very well how HTML, XHTML, XML, and even RTF work, and it should not take more than a few hours of developer time to strip formatting text tags, convert tabs to the appropriate number of spaces ( for HTML), and then insert into the note. That would take care of the current inability to cut & paste what appears to be simple text (to most laypeople) into a note. However, since a developer is going to work on this, instead of stripping and toss information away (like the formatting), why not make use of it in a "best effort" manner? Convert all tags into the internal representation, where possible, otherwise strip them (but not their enclosed text). Anyway, until rich text cut & pasting works (whether or not tag stripping is applied), I'm not going to be able to use the desktop EverNote client very much. As a work around, ironically, the EverNote webclient works really well for cut & pasting -- must be the browser doing most of the work :-)
  2. I'll second this bug report about losing whitespace formatting when it's pasted into EN. I am trying to use EN to keep technical work-related notes, both from web clippings and from my terminal sessions. I intend to later share these technical notes with my staff. However, it is extremely frustrating and time-wasting to have the whitespace stripped from a terminal session window when I cut & paste it into EN. It actually prevents me from using EN for collecting technical notes. For example, I'm saving SQL queries and schemas: > CREATE TABLE MTICKETALLOCATION ( > FUNDKEY BIT (96) NOT NULL , > PRIMARYKEY BIT (96) NOT NULL , > SHARES DOUBLE PRECISION NOT NULL , > TICKETKEY BIT (96) NOT NULL , > PRIMARY KEY (PRIMARYKEY) , > FOREIGN KEY (FUNDKEY) REFERENCES MFUND (PRIMARYKEY) , > FOREIGN KEY (TICKETKEY) REFERENCES MTICKET (PRIMARYKEY) Ironically, pasting into this webform preserves more whitespace than does a simple text copy & paste into EN. My current workaround is to create an image and cutting and pasting it instead of text, but this seems very silly.
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