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  1. When I attempt to use the standard share menu provided by OS X but in the contextual menu of EN it appears that none of the options on the menu are working. I gather from experimentation that you have to highlight some text and then invoke the share menu. With text highlighted I tried sharing with Notes, Omnifocus, Curiota, Day One, etc etc and none of the applications rec'd the text. Can anyone confirm that this menu should be working. Perhaps I have a system problem or a cockpit error? Thanks.
  2. Specifically I want to be able to click on a link in EN and go to Omnifocus . The reverse works. Pasting the link from Omnifocus into EN appears not to work. Can't use cmd-k or paste the link in directly. However, if you open the information panel on a note in EN and paste the link from OF into the URL field then click on "View Site" you go to the appropriate entry in Omnifocus. I just can't see how to insert the link directly into the note so that you can click and go to the appropriate entry in OF. Is there any way to create a direct link? Thanks.
  3. If I'm writing a note can I link to a specific clipping in EN - as opposed to inserting the URL of the clipping? Thanks
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