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  1. I second that. Especially since in iOS11 there will we broad Apple Pencil support in Notes -> this could honestly become a huge evernote competition.
  2. Totally agree with Mwoerner. Any changes in the last 2 years? I'm a long time premium user and also really considering to switch to OneNote....
  3. Thanks for your amazingly quick reply! Basically, I get a lot of emails with new papers over the week and just drop all of the quickly in my dropbox to evaluate later (about once a week) when I have more time. To give an example: I get a newsletter from a journal and save one or two papers in the folder. Then a colleague mails me 5 "cool" papers, I quickly drop them in the review-folder and can continue working. When I have an hour on the train I then can work through all the accumulated papers (and would love to do it on my iPad). Also, I can consolidate papers (e.g. I have a note on the topic "acute myocardial infarction" where I write a short summary in the note on what the treatment and quick facts are, and attach 3-5 current papers to the note).
  4. Hi everyone, maybe some of you productivity experts can help me out. I'm working in the medical field and currently use my Macbook to check up on medical literature. It works like this: 1.) Find medical papers (PDF) and save them in an dropbox folder ("to-review"). 2.) Once a week I go through the new papers, and decide which ones to keep. 3.) The ones I want to keep get transferred to evernote with some parts copied out of them, summaries written in the note etc. Some notes on a broader topic also have more than one PDF in them (different guidelines, papers and so on). This works fine on my macbook - but I'd love to do it with my iPad (much easier on the go, nicer to read through the PDFs). My problems with this currently are: - The files that are in the "Review"-Dropbox folder are not offline in the dropbox app. - Even if that would work, how could I send the PDFs to evernote (to a new note or attach to an already existing note)? Do you have any idea or had the same problems? Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. Hi! Could I please get an update to this request?
  6. Please respond to this request. I really like evernote but at the moment it's not very nice to archive multiple PDFs in a single note ("meeting1...") or a large PDF document. I'm hoping that it wouldn't be too hard to give the option to show PDF just like you show word docs, excel files and so on. This would complete my evernote experience.
  7. hi! has there been any progress? it's been nearly a year. I'd like to repeat my reason for wish this. I love to use notes to collect documents belonging to one event (e.g. a meeting). often those documents are multi-page PDFs, Word docs. If I have just word docs it would be perfect - I can arrange a lot of them into one note (with comments in between) and it still stays clearly arranged. If I add a multi-page PDF in between, it makes the whole note confusing, especially if the PDF is like 20 pages long. If there was an option when right-clicking a PDF ("show as attachment") and it then would show like word documents - that would be GREAT.
  8. May I ask when we can expect that feature or IF we can ever expect it?
  9. Hi! When I access the "Favourites" tab, then select a note and try to de-favorize it, evernote crashes. Evernote also crashes when I try to "favorize" a note that is just loading.
  10. Thanks for the fast reply. I'll try that out since all my notebooks are currently syncronized. Would be great though if in an upcoming update there would be a simple setting in the prefence menu to change to location of the data storage. (This would also be interesting for people who use evernote on a work computer (or similar) and do not want to have anything physically saved there after leaving the computer - and simply use a USB stick to keep the evernote data there).
  11. Hi! I'd like to change the content of the evernote database + files (not the program itself!) and all files to another location on my harddisk (an encrypted sparseimage that is automounted on boot). Is that possible? If yes - how?
  12. Hi! I really love evernote, it changed my document managment completely. I do have a question / feature request though: If I add more than one multi-page pdf-document to one note it quickly gets hard to maintain an oversight over everything. While the viewing of PDFs inside evernote is great for 90% of the time, there are 10% where I have multiple PDFs that I want to attach to ONE note - and it would be much more simple if they were not visible as the whole document but same as e.g. word-documents (only a small "attachment" box). Is there any setting to disable the full-view for PDFs? If not, this turns into a feature request 8) : Please add this functionality - preferably on a per-note- and per-attachment-basis.
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