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  1. I agree a 100% I use a Chromebook for serious work and it works perfect! I have not touch our main PC for almost 4 months (Since I got my Chromebook) Evernote could use the SSD Storage on the Chromebook. There is 16 gigs in there. C'mon just use the same concept from Android and the IOS and enable selective offline access. The Evernote web access on the Chromebook is really not a good experience. I keep debating between abandoning Evernote completely and just using Google Docs for every other chore. Thanks
  2. Yes, there is Offline Apps for the Chromebook. There is local storage on the machines (SSD and regular hard drives) The investment is a good point, but it will be nice if a little be research will be conducted to see how feasible it could be. They are $250 bucks and some only $200. For a quick email, evernote note, etc. they are not a bad deal.
  3. Just as the client for Android, IOS and other devices. It could have a feature that select only specific notebooks or notes for offline content. I have been use the Chromebook for awhile and it is very nice for online and offline work Of course it could never compare with a full PC, but it gets the work done.
  4. Hello All With the new cheap Chromebooks coming out, it will be really great to have a dedicated or at least offline capable Evernote. I have tried the Evernote Web version on my Chromebook and it is really slow and cumbersome. My 2 cents Thanks
  5. The problem that I have with the Scansnap is that it doesn't create thumbnails on my Evernote web and mobile. I stopped using it.
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