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  1. Excellent. thank you for your help.
  2. Ok I think I have sorted it now, thank you. I have created a bit of a mess re saved searches though - do you know how I delete these?
  3. -tag:!Completed This is what I am adding in the search field, then filter by "Notebook" and "Tag"
  4. That doesn't seem to work. I have a tag for completed items which is !Completed. I am trying to search within a notebook for items tagged with AAAAAA but excluding items that also tagged with !Completed I then want to save this as a search, but seems I cannot do this?
  5. How do I run a search using the exclude tags option on the newest release? THanks
  6. Yes Evernote 10. I am logging in with email, not apple or google, if that matters.
  7. Hi - I can't access the note content of my notes in the new version of EN for mac. The notes are there, reminders, notebooks etc, but when I click to open a note i am presented with a blank note, Any ideas?
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