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  1. I find Evernote immensily useful at storing my huge design / photography collection - I like having it synced at home and at work, and use tags a lot.

    I have over 20.000+ notes - many of them which are big pictures. I'm about to import 7.500 pictures more. The Android app has completely clogged on me - it fills my HTC Desire's internal memory completely.

    So now I'm thinking - was Evernote in general not built to having this many - and heavy - notes?

    If not, what's the limit Evernote was built for? How many notes have the avery user got?

  2. I also wonder why no one is debating this in the forum. Very few people must use Evernote the way we do, I guess.

    I've had a lenghty correspondance with Evernote on the subject. Their final answer was this:

    "Unfortunately, at this time, this is the way Evernote is designed. The of the internal usage for the cache that you are seeing is consistent with a database of your size. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes you."

    So Dconroy1 and Frommhol, I assume you too have a large database, which Evernote Android apparently isn't designed for.

    The only thing you can do is get an old version of the app, which you can download here:


    I use version 1.5.

  3. As a result of version 2.0's way of handling data and internal memory, my android experience with Evernote have now gone from acceptable to completely useless: it instantly clogs my device. As an effect, I have no way to enter notes on the go.

    I hope this is resolved in future versions, as all the other updates sound really exciting.

    Is there some place where I can find the previous version?

    Best regards


  4. The new version of the Android app quickly clogs the internal memory of my htc Desire, thus rendering the app (and device) quite a bit less useful. I have 13000+ notes.

    It doesn't matter if I save the app to sd or not - Evernote fills the internal memory with data. Is there any way to prevent this? Or can I get the previous app somewhere?

    If not, could you please save data to sd in future versions, or make some option to prevent heavy data downloading?

  5. Hello

    I've got Evernote 1.11.0 running on two snow leopard machines. One of them won't sync completely - it keeps being stuck at 3.4 mb, and have been like that for days. Occasionally it gives me an error saying it can't connect to your servers. It does however download new notes, so I'm unsure of what isn't synced (I have about 12300 notes..).

    I also have my collection on a Windows 7 64 bit install - that works fine as well.

    what can I do?


  6. Dear Evernote

    Your application have made things a lot easier for me. Thank you for that – I'm a very happy customer.

    However, one thing I don't understand is why you don't implement import of RSS feeds. That would make Evernote more flexible in so many aspects that I can hardly imagine them all. It seems like a great selling point to me.

    Searching your forum, it seems as if you've heard the suggestion, but simply disregarded it. Which is of course perfectly fine, I don't control you :)

    However, I just don't understand why you don't see this as a brilliant must-have function. I've seen people suggest a variety of solutions for this on the net, which are either overly complicated, cluttering the posts, requires programming skills or aren't automatic.

    Would you please explain your view on this?

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