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  1. Count me as another incredibly frustrated 10-year subscriber. I relied on the share extension in iOS to save content out of Feedly into Evernote, which is a primary part of my workflow and something I do 3-10 times a day. Not to mention offline notebooks not downloading and issues with encrypted content editing, all things I rely on. You’ve broken the app for a loyal advocate, someone that has evangelised Evernote to dozens of people over the last decade. If you weren’t ready to launch, why did you?
  2. I'm also frustrated by losing this feature. For me it's basic, amazed that this has not been included.
  3. I had the same problem. I am dismayed that Evernote would roll out an update on top of my perfectly fine version that is so buggy, and actually has less features. So many of the details that made my workflow seamless over the last 10 years have been ignored in rushing out a cake that is only half baked.
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