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  1. When I select some text in a note and then go to print, "selection" is greyed out in the print dialog box. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.
  2. Ah, that's it. The smallest (lowest quality) file Note2Self produces is a CAF file, and the other two types are AIFF files. It works for me cuz I have a premium account.
  3. There's no mention of a similar problem on the Note2Self forum here: http://www.pocketinformant.com/Forums/index.php?showforum=62 Can you send a Note2Self voice note to another email address? If not, then it might be a Note2Self problem. But It also might be a phone carrier problem. There was a recent discussion on this forum that might be relevant: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=8034&start=0 I'm using Note2Self 2.10 and EN for Windows
  4. I was just speculating that if there were no "from" address, or if the "from" address were an Evernote address, that somehow Evernote would mishandle the receipt and processing of an incoming email. But you've just answered that question in the negative, so it's still a mystery at to why you're having a problem and I'm not.
  5. Weird. I wonder why it's working for me. The only other thing I can see that might possibly affect this is that I've entered a non-EN "from" email address in Note2Self. Seems like a long shot, but maybe this affects how EN processes incoming emails?
  6. Hmm, I fear I have no insight to offer you, lavahot. When my Note2Self note arrives in EN, the body of the note consists of the following text: "You can play the attached file using any standard sound player." Below which there's a small rectangular box in which there's an icon, filename, time, date, and filesize. When I double-click on that box, my audio note plays in quicktime. This is true for both the web and Windows versions of EN. And I'm not using any special settings in Note2Self. So all you get is the text and not the box?
  7. I've just discovered a nice additional way to get voice notes into EN: Note2Self, made by the Pocket Informant folks. I'm using it on the iPhone ($1.99 in the app store). Relative to some other ways of doing it, the nice things are: -Unlimited recording time -You can set it up to send automatically after recording ends, no further buttons to press -Adjustable recording quality (the middle level is perfect: not huge files but clear as a bell, much clearer than dial2do) -Costless after buying the software In my estimation, it's easier to use and has better recording quality than EN voice notes on the iPhone. You can read more about the iPhone version here: http://www.pocketinformant.com/products ... elf_iphone There are also versions for Blackberries and WM devices but I don't know whether they're as nice. I'm not affiliated with them in any way: just a loyal user of the WM version of Pocket Informant for many years.
  8. A small thing: when I send a note to EN3 from dial2do, the URL for the audio is included at the end of the message, like so: (listen here: http://dial2do.com/19tkkfh) The URL, however, isn't recognized by EN as a hyperlink (this is true in both EN web and EN windows). But if I then put the cursor in the text of the URL and alter it in any way (e.g., by inserting or deleting a character), it's immediately recognized as a hyperlink (i.e., it immediately turns blue and underlined). Obviously this can be lived with, but if you run out of things to do... Thanks!
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