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  1. >>>> you seem to be missing an obvious option; double-click the image - it will open in your image-processor of choice. Thanks for the advice. It works for me in Florida. Any thoughts on how I can double-click a WORD and Evernote will auto-search all instances of the word in my entire account while leaving my document open. Right now it seems a multi-step process with copy>paste in window>search. And my document is lost into the results.
  2. When I search for something in Evernote, it places me somewhere down in the queue of returned notes. What I want it to do is to jump to the very first note in the returned queue so I can start hitting the F3 key and move through the returns. Do I have a setting wrong? Sometimes when searching I find I have started in the 10th note or 15th note or wherever. I want an auto-start at the first note and cannot figure how to do it except manually.
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