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  1. I am in direct contact with support about this now. They have said the messages are harmless, but will notify development to see if they can be removed. They certainly make a mess of the console log!
  2. Thanks. I will report it. Tried a restart to no effect.
  3. Running Evernote V6.4 Direct on 10.11.3. Whenever I do a search the Console is flooded with messages like the following over and over: 28/01/2016 11:06:26.014 AM Evernote[644]: called dealloc in PtrBuffer 28/01/2016 11:06:26.014 AM Evernote[644]: called dealloc in LinkBase 28/01/2016 11:06:26.014 AM Evernote[644]: called dealloc in HashRule Ideas?
  4. Does anyone have a definitive way of changing from the app store version of Evernote to the web-downloaded one on Mountain Lion? I'm finding the app store version's sandboxing interferes too much with some workflows (and it's missing the print PDF to Evernote feature). Thanks.
  5. Have this problem on Lion. Interestingly, if you use Application Settings.. in the Scansnap Evernote profile and click to convert to searchable PDF, it does work. And that was a great tip about using the Pictures folder. Works a treat. So I scan to a special folder inside Pictures. Then I get Hazel to clean up anything in there after a few days.
  6. I keep reading about a Print To Evernote function, but I'm not sure where this is. Is it the "Send PDF to Evernote" function under the PDF button on the print dialog, or is there something simpler? If it is the Send PDF function, does this leave a copy of the PDF hanging around somewhere after it's been imported into Evernote? Thanks for any pointers.
  7. OK, now I understand. All the PDFs I had been adding must have already been searchable ones - created via Pages and from other external sources. I created a non-searchable one and can see the save searchable option after an EN sync. And it looks pretty funny! But you always have the Save As option if you want a copy of the original (albeit non-searchable) one, right?
  8. Forgive me if I'm missing something here. I'm pretty new to EN. I've tried dragging a variety of PDFs to EN. They always display in EN exactly the same as the original. There are no formatting differences at all. I can right-click the contents of a PDF note and save it as a PDF. It looks exactly the same. I thought EN just OCRd the PDF to make it searchable, but left the original intact.
  9. I've read the other post and understand how it all hangs together. But I'd much rather use your script because if its ability to set notebook, tag etc. and to delete the original file. Will you consider making it available on your page? I know how much work is put into these things, and the way you do it is fine by me - donate if you find it useful (& I will!).
  10. Is the script you use on your page? Couldn't see it.
  11. @Veritrope Would a blog post be useful? You bet! I'm sure there are many people who would find this useful. Your approach is just what I'm looking for. Can I get the script from anywhere? I'd be happy to donate. Hazel sounds like an interesting little app too. I think your script would be better though, with its ability to tag etc. on the fly. @Guern It seems to me that EN saves PDFs in its own database. As soon as it's done the import, you can safely delete the original. @kkingmd Thanks for the tip about Hazel. I'll definitely look into it. Not sure what you mean by "However, EN OCR is set up to provide the best search results, not necessarily provide a document I would want to import for editing". Can you elaborate? Thanks everyone!
  12. Just got myself a Scansnap, and want to use it with Evernote. It's easy to set it up so it scans directly to Evernote, but it leaves behind the pdf in whatever folder you nominate in the Scansnap software. If I'm scanning something into Evernote, I don't want another copy of the pdf that I have to clean up manually. Anyone come across a workaround for this? It would be great it Evernote had an option to delete after import! Also, like others, I'm struggling with Evernote having no per-notebook or per-note encryption. I want to keep tax records etc, and don't want them living un-encrypted. But I do want to be able to search! Not sure what the ultimate answer to this is. Maybe EN can figure out the search terms before it encrypts for the first time... In the meantime, I have to store things like this in a local notebook, but get no syncing. I also have to get Scansnap to do the OCR'ing rather than EN. Nothing's perfect I guess, but I hope EN gets closer! Any ideas welcome...
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