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  1. Hi Grumpy Yes, I agree completely about not posting individual log files here - they should be via PM etc. But the process of sorting things out, suggestions made, etc should all be out here on the forum, for the benefit of others. Interesting that you too are still on Skitch v1. I'm also still on Evernote v3.3.0 on the Mac for similar reasons - the updates to v5 and above have way too many problems, and things missing. For you, it's fonts in Skitch. For me, it's the lack of a configurable toolbar in Mac v5 - apparently I still can't put things where I want them or put a print button on there. Not to mention all the other problems that have been discussed at GREAT length in here. v3.3.0 just keeps on working for me, with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I just don't NEED to upgrade either Skitch or Evernote. And I've given up on Penultimate due to the non-selective syncing and the lack of a zoom feature, and gone to Notes Plus - HIGHLY recommended. I've turned "Check for updates" off in Evernote and I never check in Skitch - v1 still has all those features that made Skitch such a great app in the first place. Wonder just WHY both Skitch and Penultimate have been degraded since taken on board by Evernote? And the main Mac Evernote program has also been degraded by the "updates". I'm getting the distinct impression of a trend here.... and not a good one. Design plans and directions that are fixing things that aren't broken, and not fixing things that are...
  2. I know I've posted this in other areas of the forum - specifically the Penultimate threads - but for those looking for alternatives, have a look at Notes Plus. I switched from Penultimate to Notability, and was mighty impressed, as are others in this thread. However, after seeing several of the Med Students I teach (who were the ones who put me onto Notability) switching to Notes Plus, I made the switch myself as well. And - WOW! If you think Notability has features, you should check out Notes Plus. It even has a built-in browser that allows you so select chunks of a page and "flick" it over to your notebook - fabulous for research or working up a lesson, assignment, etc. Its note-taking features, though - the main reason for the app - are absolutely superb. The palm protector works a treat, the zoom feature works beautifully, the writing is oh-so-responsive, it takes voice notes, and it syncs via Dropbox. It doesn't link directly to Evernote, but it has Email out, so I just email notes that I want in Evernote to my Evernote email address. Which, for me at least, is better than Penultimate syncing absolutely everything. In both directions. So, I use Notes Plus as a note-taking, scribbling, diagrams, and general writing pad app, while I use Evernote for storing vast amounts of information much of which is random and unrelated between different notebooks. And I can send notes from Notes Plus to Evernote on a completely selective basis by email. I've set up my default notebook in Evernote as a sort of inbox, as I also have it linked to other apps as well (such as Zite, and my iPad browser, iCab Mobile), so anything I send to Evernote from anywhere goes to the "Inbox" notebook. I can then sort it out in Evernote, tag it, and put it into whatever notebook I want. Works for me... But check out Notes Plus on the iPad - I use it with the Hand stylus most of the time too, which is also highly recommended. And no - I'm not on the payroll or commission for either Notes Plus or Handstylus.com
  3. Rather than trying to solve this via PMs and secret "tricks" - wouldn't it be better to do it out in the open here on the forum? Given that several people are having problems, it would be educational for all - including those who read forums but never post - to go through the process along with the Skitch team and the people with the problems. I'm not having any problems myself, as I'm still on Skitch v1.0.11 - does everything I need, and remains problem-free. But I'm following the evolution of v2.x.x to see if or when I should take the plunge and upgrade, so watching this problem get sorted out would indeed be very useful.
  4. Heh Yes, I get the geeky gadget thing, too. Nothing better than bells and whistles, flashing LEDs, switches, buttons, and dials.! But the point with Notes Plus is that you CAN use it simply as a scribble pad. All those extra capabilities seem to stay well out of the way - until you want them. Even the toolbar is so well thought out with the touch-and-hold thing that it looks deceptively simple under "normal" use. I should have mentioned that the built-in browser (which swipes in from the left) has several capabilities too, including select-and-copy to your notebook on the right, or even touch, hold, then "flick" to the right and a diagram, section, or whatever just gets flicked over to your notebook. I'm finding this more and more useful as I am currently revising a whole set of teaching notes, and using Notes Plus to scribble out my outlines. I can just circle a section I've just written then drag it somewhere else (very handy indeed), but also use the browser to look up the most recent references and flick charts and diagrams across into my outline. That is fantastic. Sorry if this seems like hijacking the Penultimate threads to push Notes Plus, but this was caused by the damned compulsory, non-selective syncing of PU to EN, which caused me to look elsewhere for something that would do what I needed. And finding Notes Plus has added a lot of functionality that I am actually finding very useful, not least being that sliding browser with the ability to flick stuff from there into my notebook page.
  5. I've posted this elsewhere, so apologies for those who've already seen it. But I have tried numerous styli, and finally found one called the Hand Stylus - on the recommendation by someone on this forum. It is the finest tipped stylus that will work on an iPad (they need to be of a certain minimum size for the capacitative area to register). It is retractable so doesn't gather dust on the tip while in your pocket. Has a pocket clip, and is magnetic so sticks to the edge of the iPad Smart Cover if that's what you have. http://handstylus.com/ They feel great to write with, although require just a tad more pressure due to the fine tip. The other thing to look for in several of the note taking apps is the magnified view, whereby a window appears at the bottom of the screen, you write normally (i.e. quite large) in there, but the letters appear at a much smaller size up in the body of the text where you want them. But personally, I've never been comfortable working with that method, although many of my students do. And just for the record, I abandoned Penultimate when they introduced the compulsory full two-way sync with Evernote. I don't use PU that way - I use it to scribble, do little sketches to explain operations to patients, etc, then delete them, among other things, and I do not want all those synced to Evernote. And if I delete a PU note in Evernote - it disappears from PU as well. If they bring back selective sync, I MIGHT go back to Penultimate. In the meantime, just for your information, I went to Notability, which does pretty well everything, and of course, you can email any note straight to Evernote. But after more recommendations from students, I switched again - to Notes Plus. It has a phenomenal range of capabilities, does virtually everything you could wish for, and even has a built-in browser that you can slide left and right if you want to scribble some notes down regarding stuff on a web page. Amazing feature set. Penultimate had better be majorly fantastic to win me back, I'm afraid, with the changing to selective sync being just the first requirement now that I've been spoiled by Notes Plus. http://notesplusapp.com/ Hope that info is useful
  6. Still no "Configure the Toolbar" ability - it disappeared with v5 and hasn't come back. Until that returns, I'm sticking with v3.3 I want to be able to put things like the Print button on the toolbar. And drag stuff around to where I want it - not where Evernote tells me I have to have it. For me, all that other stuff that causes so much angst in the sidebar is just noise, as I don't use it much. But a configurable toolbar? I need it. It's gone, and I have no idea WHY they took it away (isn't that an Apple standard anyway - to have a configurable toolbar?). Still very happy with v3.3
  7. Just to poke the hornet's nest a little - just a teensy weensy bit... Are they working on selective sync for their other product - Penultimate? THAT'S the one for which I and many others are also waiting for selective sync. I used to love Penultimate (and I know this isn't the Penultimate section of the forum) but have had to change to a different app, when Evernote introduced non-selective sync-everything between PU and EN. Every little scribble and doodle gets synced to EN, and if I delete it in EN it disappears from PU. So, maybe if they're looking into selective sync for EN itself, perhaps they could be looking to tie in a system of selective sync between PU and EN as well - said he, hopefully...
  8. Methinks you must have a tiny hand with no capacitance...! I have the same trouble with Penultimate as the previous poster - I touch the screen below where I'm writing and I either get a page turn or a mark or both. And the blasted permanent, complete, two-way sync is still there - so I've abandoned Penultimate for now. I'm using Notes Plus. Amazingly powerful, and easy to use. I used Notability for a while, but a student put me onto Notes Plus and I haven't looked back.
  9. But Firenaut is referring to the List view, not the Snippet view - not the same thing. The list view is potentially the most condensed and efficient way of eyeball-scanning the list of notes without mini-graphics, multiple preview lines, etc. And the widescreen format of virtually all computer screens makes the current implementation highly INefficient - an abbreviated list and an abbreviated preview. Side by side would be WAY more efficient in terms of space. As Jack said - this is a commonly requested feature. So I was just wondering why it seems to be taking so long, given that the current List view has been the same since the beginning, complete with all the "requests" to improve it?
  10. If I may just chime in here - briefly: type-ahead search is of no use to me for a couple of reasons. First is that I am not a touch typist - I'm pretty quick (although there tends to be lots of errors too), so I watch the keyboard while I type, NOT the screen. I stress that is MY situation, not everyone's, but for those who DO touch type and can watch the screen as they type, it may be a useful feature. The second reason I don't like it is that it slows the whole thing down. I have thousands of notes in multiple notebooks, and it is much quicker just to whack in the search term (typing while watching the keyboard) then hit "Enter" and see the results. With the type-ahead search, the screen was jumping all over the place in my peripheral vision as I typed each character, and didn't keep up even at MY typing speed. And of course, as I tend to make a lot of errors then immediately backspace over them and correct them, the type-ahead really has a hard time. I, like JMichael, have been keeping up with the progress (?) of v5, on my wife's MacBook Pro, while sticking firmly with v3.3.0 on my own computers. And also like JMichael, I still prefer v 3.3.0 by a large margin, and there is no way that v5 is tempting me to upgrade. Even the simple things - such as the lack of a configurable toolbar (unless I'm missing something) in v5, which doesn't let me put a Print button on it, or change the positions of buttons, just for example. The question, for me, remains - WHY? Why is the toolbar not configurable, as it seems to be pretty much an Apple standard? Also the DREADFUL grey-on-grey interface. What a shocker!! Please - let's get back to USABILITY! Not the awful hard-to-read rubbish that the interface has become. As you would have gathered - I'm sticking with v3.3.0, thanks. And Grumpy - once again you're being too nice! Conceding that some of the bugs/lost features have a negative impact on you is WAY too nice. Tell it like it is - not that you think these will be addressed. They may NOT be. You really are much too nice a guy...!
  11. And we're STILL waiting for the List view to be reformatted to have the same layout as the Snippet view - with the list vertical and the notes to the right. Now I admit I haven't installed the latest Mac version of Evernote - I'm still on my backgraded v3.3.0 after my disastrous first encounter with the "upgraded" v5. So I've just been watching and waiting, reading this forum, before taking the plunge and upgrading again. However, as far as I know (and I could be wrong here) the List view still has the List ABOVE the Note. Which is all wrong on a desktop or laptop with a screen that is wider than it is tall. So, if I'm right and the latest Mac version still has List view above the Notes - WHY is it so? Any hints, Jackolicious? Is there anything in the pipeline to rectify this glaring piece of bad design that has been there since the beginning? List view, with the List itself being vertical where the Snippets are, would be wonderful! Oh, and while we're at it - any chance of bringing back full Configuration capabilities for the Toolbar? OK - now I'll get back in my basket and shut up - again...
  12. I've been using Notability since Penultimate got ruined by this syncing, as I couldn't find my old .IPA file to downgrade - it had been emptied with the trash! And they're personalized with your Apple ID so I couldn't use somebody else's. Notability has been great, but since people (including students I teach) have been recommending Notes Plus, I've switched to that - and it is great. It is WAY more powerful than Penultimate, and although there is no direct syncing with Evernote, there is email, and I just email the occasional note that I want to keep to my Evernote address. Easy-peasy! As I said before - I really don't want to sync most of my Penultimate notes - it was a scribbling pad for me. Anything I want in Evernote I just put straight into there anyway. Notes Plus is actually quite an eye-opener - definitely worth checking out. Direct, selective Evernote sync would make it perfect, especially with the ability to choose the target notebook, and also to put tags on the note before it is synced.
  13. I hate it. And for the very reasons that a couple of the above love it. Penultimate, to me, is a SEPARATE app, for handwritten notes. If I want to type a quick note etc then I just do it straight into Evernote. Or even scribble on a bit of paper and take a pic of it using the iPhone or iPad camera straight into Evernote. I was using PU as a quick scribble pad for diagrams to explain things to patients, for example. And once done, with a mess of scribbles on the page, I would delete it. So I would love to be able to select the occasional note to sync to Evernote (which wouldn't be many at all) or to turn off syncing completely. Or to be able to sync a particular notebook (eg a project, ideas etc). But currently, it's all or nothing. And in fact, you can't have nothing. It syncs. Period. Every scribble, no matter how temporary, is synced. And we can't even select which notebook to sync it to. And it's a two-way sync - so if I delete a PU note in Evernote - it disappears from PU as well. So in summary - I like the idea of syncing, but the current implementation is a shocker IMHO.
  14. I bought mine direct from: http://handstylus.com/ Arrived pretty quickly, all the way to Australia. I got the green one EDIT: Just ordered two more (orange and red), as I tend to leave things laying around. So one for work, one for briefcase, and one for home. Plus a pack of spare tips.
  15. My Hand stylus didn't come with a lanyard. If more recent ones do (and mine is ony a few weeks old), it would only be for hanging it around your neck. It's not integral to the use of the stylus. My Hand stylus simply sticks magnetically to the cover of the iPad (I have the original Apple "Magic Cover" with the magnetic edge that puts the iPad to sleep). The Hand has a smaller tip than any of the others apart from those that use the capacitative plastic disc-type tip, and I just find those awkward to write or draw with. It's all due to the limitation of the resolution of the detection of the iPad, which was never designed as a stylus pad (i.e. Not like a Wacom). The Bamboo tip, for me, is just way too big and floppy - I can't place it precisely, even doing things like crossing 't's or dotting 'i's. Let alone completing a square or a circle at the same point as I started! With the Hand, I can do that. It's also retractable, so it doesn't gather pocket fluff on the rubber tip.
  16. I also have both Paper and Penultimate - but I'm using Notability for note taking at the moment, until Evernote get the whole syncing thing sorted out with Penultimate. Just in case you may be one of the three people who may have missed other posts of mine (!), I have a real problem with Penultimate syncing EVERYTHING to Evernote. Lots of scribbles, notes, doodles I do in Penultimate I do NOT want in Evernote. And if I delete them from Evernote, they sync and delete from Penultimate too. I need the ability to sync selected notes from Penultimate to Evernote, and I also need the ability to determine which notebook they go to, and also to tag them before syncing if necessary. Until I get selective and targeted syncing in Penultimate, I'm sticking with Notability. Although I may give Notes Plus a try, since many people have recommended it. And I may try to use Paper more for general scribbles and scrawls as well as more finished drawings. Just to explain why I need selective syncing - I'm a surgeon, and being a tech geek, I like to draw diagrams for patients to explain things to them, having always used pen and paper before. So I draw this diagram of what I'm going to do, complete with erasings of the bits I'm planning on removing, or replumbing, etc, and use yet more scribblings to answer their questions. But once I've done all that, and the patient has left my office, I delete that mess of scribblings. I do NOT want the whole thing to go to Evernote. So until then, it's Notability (or Notes Plus if I like it) and Paper by 53.
  17. I got myself a Hand stylus after reading this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30437-ipad-3-stylus-pens-w-finer-tip/ You'll see from my posts on that thread that I've tried MANY different styli. But this Hand stylus seems to be the closest I've got by far to a comfortable writing and drawing instrument. I've now been using it for a few weeks, and I'm STILL happy with it - must be a record! Hope that helps
  18. Grumpy - once again, you're a bit too polite. You need to be more assertive: the grey-on-grey is CR@P. Seriously. I'm sure it breaches the UN Conventions on Accessibility, or something. Whose brilliant idea was it anyway, to get rid of the coloured icons, and then to create this grey-on-grey nightmare? I'm a surgeon who is used to looking at tiny details, often red-on-red or similar. But this monochrome madness is awful, and seems to be infecting far too many aspects of life ever since Apple decided to go that way in Mac OS Lion. But they ARE bringing back some of the colour - ever so slowly. But Evernote isn't. And grey-on-grey text is just plain craziness. It does NOT "look good" or "stylish" or "cool and groovy". IT LOOKS CR@P. You may as well go the whole hog in the illegibility stakes and move to white on white! There now - I can be more assertive, being in Australia and out of harm's way...
  19. Notability has the palm rest too - bottom right of the screen in plain view. And it works pretty well. So does Notify where it's slap bang in the middle. In Notes Plus that you mention, it's right there at the bottom left of screen, which for a right-handed writer like me, is actually the easiest place to control it and move it down as writing progresses. The attempt by Penultimate to use no on-screen palm protection is laudable - but it doesn't work very well. In the past, I've simply used a piece of paper placed over the screen - but then I ended up scribbling my notes on the paper as it was easier! So that's another feature request for Penultimate: instead of having to turn off Multitouch Gestures (which is a pain if you use them for other things) in order for the "palm protection" to work, how about a slide-up palm protection area like those other apps mentioned above? And have the "handle" as an option for being placed at the right or left side, so that the user can adjust it for whichever hand they use to write with? As mentioned, I'm right-handed, so find that having the palm protector handle at the left end as in Notes Plus works best for me. But a left hander may find it better on the right. Just a thought.... but the current palm protection really doesn't work.
  20. Most of the other note-taking and handwriting apps have a palm protector (software, not hardware) that can be slid up to wherever it is needed, and moved down as you progress down the page. Penultimate doesn't have that, but it is supposed to recognize that the point of contact of your stylus (or finger) is ABOVE your palm edge/heel. However, it doesn't work too well for me, and the handwriting keeps getting corrupted by the edge of my palm - and yes, I do have the palm position set correctly. The other problem is that if I'm resting my palm edge on the screen while I'm writing, and as I progress to the right end of the line, the whole page than tries to move to the right, thinking that my moving palm edge is actually trying to move the "paper". I've been having a play with PU (previous version) on my wife's iPad, as I've switched to Notability until PU goes back to allowing selective sync or no sync, and the ability to select the target notebook. And my previous-version .IPA file was trashed, so I couldn't backgrade my iPad. But my wife still has the older version on hers. Is there a way to avoid that problem, whereby the app thinks I'm trying to move the page to the right as my hand moves to the right while I'm scribbling along the line? Have I missed a setting somewhere? Or do others have the same problem?
  21. Well, speaking as a surgeon who also does a lot of walking around the hospital, have you looked at those iPad cases that have the iPad on one side and a real paper notepad on the other, like a little folio case? I do use a note-taking app though, and as has been posted elsewhere, I'm currently using Notability, as I do not want all my scribbles, drawings to explain things to patients, or doodlings, to be automatically synced to Evernote - which is what happens with the new version of Penultimate. I've been a PU user since it first came out. And no doubt will change back once they bring in the ability for selective sync on a note-by-note basis. And with the ability to select the target notebook in Evernote for those PU notes that you DO want to sync. Unfortunately, my previous version of PU got trashed, and given that it's an .IPA file which is linked to my iTunes account, I can't just get a copy from somebody else to backgrade with. So I've gone to Notability - for now. But I still use paper and pen a lot....
  22. Not in so many words, no. Jack, the Evernote person in the Mac threads, is fairly responsive (between his real work, presumably), and I am sure he got the message loud and clear. I suppose you could call the re-introduction of the back/forwards buttons an acknowledgement. But I've never been able to figure out just WHY anyone would remove working features.... it defies logic, to me.
  23. As someone who probably comes across as a serial whinger (although I'm not really), my only contribution to this thread is that we need to be careful what we wish for. The move to the new versions of Evernote for the Mac had a BIG problem as far as many were concerned - including this whinger right here - in that they actually REMOVED features that were present and working well in the previous version. Simple things that just didn't seem to make any sense whatsoever - like taking away the ability to configure the toolbar - a basic Apple convention. And as Grumpy mentioned, the continuing lack of a proper List view on the Mac, and on the iPad. The iPhone version has Snippet view but not the iPad. Same OS, but different apps. And while we can reverse sort on the Mac - we can't on the iPad. The devil is, as always, in the details. I cannot for the life of me understand WHY they would remove features that work. Even features that didn't work too well could be improved, but features that worked...??? Just doesn't make sense to me. Some of those features have gradually been reintroduced - like the back/forward buttons - but why take them away in the first place? Why can't I put a Print button on the toolbar if I want one? Go figure... So just be a bit careful what you wish for in terms of regular or frequent upgrades. They can be a trap if you tend to do updates all the time without much thought. Luckily, I've been able to backgrade to v3.3.0 and am happily using all those features. But I still wish they'd give us a proper List view on the Mac, and in the 3-column format, NOT with the list above the note content. That is the wrong way around for computer screens which are wider than they are long. But we've had to put up with that since the beginning. (That would be around 2,500 BC in Grumpy years)
  24. Yup - indeed... I'm still waiting for Penultimate to do that. Gbarry has suggested that v4 that has been released, being the first iteration of v4, may well be tweaked to change a few things, without him being specific. But I don't know how long it takes to "tweak" an app to do what the previous version already did? I'm still waiting for an update, and for feedback on here that the update fixes ALL the sync problems. - Optional "Sync everything automatically" for those who want that - Selective "Sync page(s)" - Selective "Sync Penultimate notebook" And of course those last two should give us the option as to WHERE in Evernote the sync goes to. i.e. the ability to choose the target notebook in Evernote, or create a new one. That would be pretty close to perfect... Until then, I'm continuing to use Notability...
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