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  1. Since the last iDevice's evolution, I've some problems with the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac versions: - When I open a note (which was created or modified with my iPhone or iPad) in my Mac, some blank lines appear between the text which was created with TextExpander - An other problem are the fonts. By default, the font is "Arial, 13px" in my Mac, but in the notes modified by iPhone or iPad, the font changes into "Helvetica, 14px" It's very embarrassing! Please, fix this huge bug! Now, I can't use the mobile version of Evernote. I really don't want to spend hours to correct everything which has messed up!
  2. Well, could we have some news about those printing configuration options?
  3. Ok, well, do you have an idea about how I can say this to them? I'm not comfortable enough with English so I think that I couldn't be clear properly. Thanks.
  4. First, thanks for your response. Well, I'm afraid that I couldn't never buy a Premium account. This is exactly the problem. I really don't want to give to E-Bay/Paypal or Google so private informations such as my name, my complete adress, my phone number, the credit card number wich is written on it, the name, it's date of expiration, the visual cipher, etc. I think that you don't entirely understand what an e-credit card is (in France). If yes, I'll explain it. In fact, an e-credit card is an IT service which is given by my bank. When I want to buy something, I open the IT software, I tell it the amount that I want to pay and in which money (euro, US dollars, etc.), then it gives me a credit card number, a date of expiration and a visual cipher. Those 3 informations could be used once and are valid during a short time. Do you understand? This system is highly secure and I don't have to give private informations to someone else. Is there a chance to could buy a Premium account with my e-credit card soon? -MATSYA-
  5. I'm from France. Thanks for your great and hard work!
  6. No, you don't need a credit card number to pay with Paypal. In fact you're wrong. I have to give a credit card number to Paypal : in order to purchase a premium account. So, I really don't want to give my real credit card number, my adress, my phone number, my name, etc... to Paypal. Is it so strange the fact that I want to use my e-card (which is more secure and easier to use than Paypal or Google Checkout)?! I just tried to put my e-card number in the box and I tried to buy a premium account, but the transaction is being processed and never worked. I feel so angry... -MATSYA-
  7. You should be able to pay with any Paypal mechanism ... we don't require you to use a specific credit card. (We implemented PayPal so that you would have an option if you couldn't use a credit card with Google Checkout.) No, I want to know if I can use my e-card with Paypal or if Paypal need to have my real credit card number? Am I clear enough? -MATSYA-
  8. Hello, First, thanks for this new way to subscribe to Evernote Premium! Secondly, I have a question about Paypal, because I never use it. Am I obliged to use my (real) credit card number or can I use my e-credit card with Paypal? Thanks for your response. -MATSYA-
  9. Me too! I can give you the money in your hand myself!
  10. Hey, Well, I've two requests: - I will really appreciate if we could draw some simple forms or simple graphs - And my other request is to have a little alarm for some to-do-lists or stuff like that. Thanks a lot. -MATSYA-
  11. Hello, When you say "in the not-too-distant future", what is it? A month? Two months? A year? I'm very in a hurry! The new feature, by which we could put some Office documents on our account, is exactly what I need right now. If the other payment option arrives in more than a month, me and some other users have to find a new product. I'm frightened of this situation. I praised so many times Evernote, so I won't be disappointed... Please, help us! We really need an alternative way to pay, like the regular e-credit card that I use normally! Thanks a lot in advance. -MATSYA-
  12. Hello, First, I want to say that Evernote changes my IT life! Yesterday, I updated Evernote to the version on my Windows XP computer. I use extensively the Web Clipper button on Firefox 3.0. Unfortunately, since this update, I've such a big problem. Before, when I clicked on the Web Clipper button, the web page (or the text selection) goes to the Windows application directly, like for a screenshot. But now, when I use the Web Clipper button, a pop-up appears and I have to register. If I put my login and my password, it creates a new note on the Website and not on the Windows soft... My question is: Is it a bug? If not, how I can change it? Thanks for your help/answer! -MATSYA- P.S : Because my English isn't as good as it should be, I will write it in French underneath. If some French people wants to improve what I wrote, please feel free to do it. Bonjour, Tout d'abord, je dois dire qu'Evernote a changé ma vie informatique ! Hier, j'ai mis à jour Evernote en installant la version que j'utilise sur un PC sous Windows XP. J'utilise énormément le bouton Web Clipper sous Firefox 3.0. Malheureusement, depuis cette mise à jour, j'ai un gros problème ! Avant, quand je cliquais sur le bouton Web Clipper, la page Web ou le texte sélectionné allait directement dans l'application Windows en créant une nouvelle note, exactement comme avec une capture d'écran. Maintenant, quand je fais ça, un pop-up apparaît et me demande de m'enregistrer. Seulement, si je rentre mon login et mon mot de passe, ça créé une nouvelle note dans ma session du site Web et non plus dans l'application Windows... Ma question est donc : est-ce un bug de la MAJ ? Sinon, comment changer ça ? Merci d'avance pour votre aide. -MATSYA-
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