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  1. Not able to update from Google Play. Says my Samsung Y S5360 Android 2.3.6 is not compatible.
  2. No time ? Don´t release it. Simple as that for me.
  3. I have the same request: - Exit should also logout the user; if you simple exit, when you relaunch Evernote the previous user is still logged on. http://​http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/26438-evernote-for-windows-457-beta-2/#entry141978
  4. You may try Smore to promote it; it's a service to create online flyers that was recently reviewed at digitwirl.
  5. Thanks for the Nixnote (now called Nevernote) tip; my company is deploying linux laptops, and Nevernote may be the solution I was looking for.
  6. Unfortunatelly the integration with Skitch was not fixed, and it's still impossible to type the unlocking pin when my cell phone is in landscape mode.
  7. Well, I found a version 3.6 apk and just downgraded Evernote in my cell phone. Not so cute but it's ok for me.
  8. I didn't like the new interface also, but what's really pissing me off is the sweeping when I'm reading a note. I just want to scroll the note up or down, but it always swipe to the left, and the left part of the text is lost; when I try to pull the text back, Evernote swipes to the home screen; it's so irritating that I stopped using Evernote in my android phone. If anyone can tell me how to downgrade to previous version, I'd be grateful.
  9. xdelplanque, I am not able to record a video right now but this issue is quite easy to reproduce in my Samsung Galaxy Y S5360B, runing Android 2.3.6. Open Evernote. Open a note with an image in it. Tap the image. Tap the heart icon to send image to Skitch. In Skitch, edit the image in any way. Tap the elephant icon to send image back to Evenote. It just says "Saving" and return to the original image within Evernote note. Updated image is not saved in Evernote Skitch Version 1.4.36 (97) Revision 231372 Evernote Build 251195 Version 4.0.1 (Public) I've sent the log file to android-preview@evernote.com. Regards.
  10. I do agree with all the previous complains and will add one more: new version broke integration with Skitch; annotations made on skitch are not saved back to Evernote; it was working perfectly with previous Evernote version.
  11. As an employee in a company mentioned in the original post, I'd like to say that yes - we do hear our customers; but of course not all demands can be supported; resources are limited and what's good for a customer may compromise usability for other customers - it's always a hard choice; my opinion is that Evernote is doing a good job in working side-by-side with us - their customers. I've tried and abandoned many other products and services just because I didn't rely on their long term strategies (or lack of strategy at all), that's not the case with Evernote. I may not fall in love with all their desktop/mobile clients and may miss some features I'd like to have, but I'm happy to be a premium user and support their development.
  12. I am a premium user and I've selected some notebooks to be downloaded to my cell phone and android tablet, for offline access. Any update or new note I create while offilne are synced to Evernote and I'm back online.
  13. Hey, this remembered me of a small jewel called brainstorm from www.brainstormsw.com; it's not new (development started near 40 years ago),it's really fast and quite addictive.
  14. Impossible to enter pin when phone is in landscape mode. Evernote 4.0 Build 240638. Samsung Galaxy Y S5360B.
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