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  1. too bad. This is one of the reasons, I stopped using Evernote ...
  2. +1 from me Advantages: I do not have to upload everything into EverNote but all files tagged with OpenMeta and my Evernote Notes would be easily searchable by Spotlight with the same syntax for tags ... and I could have my tag cloud by using one of the other tools supporting OpenMeta. On the other hand: I could easily do without OCR of images. For me that is only "nice to have".
  3. Even worse: text that is copied via WebClipper will at first keep the line breaks. But when saving the note, it will lose them. This is really awful, when you clip a web site that contains code/xml.
  4. Hi, it seems there are problems when paying via PayPal, if you are using the german "Lastschrift". I had some EMail-discussions with customer support. The best information I could squeeze from them: It is for security reasons, I would have to be a mathematician to understand it and that it should work in some days. It should also work when using a credit card. I have both a credit card and a "Lastschrift" account. But that does not help. I tried after two weeks, and then after 4 days. Does not. Paid via Google Checkout which is rather less secure. Victor
  5. I have quite a large number of tags (imported from Delicious), therefore to select & assign tags I have to scroll around heavily. I have started to create a tag hierarchy but it doesn't help that much. I would like to have a smaller (screen estate) tag cloud, that contains all tags - in alphabetical order - often used tags may be larger or not (configurable) - seldom used may be filtered (configurable) thx Victor
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