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  1. Well, if you haven't upgraded in 10 years of using Evernote, I'd guess you never will. You should count you blessings that you have enjoyed a FREE service for so long. Most apps that I have used that expect you to pay, either show a nag popup every time you start the app, or disable the app after the trial period. This is very common, it is not something Evernote invented. I very much doubt Evernote will miss you. Goodbye, and good luck, because you will need it. There is still no other service that provides what Evernote provides, at any price, much less free. So glad you're employed by Evernote or at the lease getting kick-backs from them. I mean you must be, to be such an arrogant individual. And I've used many FREE services for longer than 10 years and have never been "nagged" by them. You are correct about one thing, they will likely not miss me, but keeping up the trend of nagging people will cost them. As for counting my blessings, I reserve those for my family members, not for a note-taking app. Maybe you should get your priorities straight? And where in my former statement did I ever say I hadn't upgraded? Stop making things up and find another forum to be dramatic in. That post was meant for gbarry and Evernote's staff, not you. Maybe you should be more critical of yourself instead of looking like a fool. At no point did I attack you, but that's what you're doing to me. Move on.
  2. Hello gbarry, After using Evernote for 10 years now, I can say I've watched you guys grow and flourish in the amount of features and conveniences. However, even once a week is too much of an annoyance for me to deal with. Either tell me I need to upgrade to a paid option, or remove the nagging all together. I personally don't find it convenient enough, even after 10 years, to pay for it. And I will NOT put up with the nagging for too much longer. My data and I will find another home, likely in OneNote, if nothing is done. Not sure when you implemented the changes, but so far I've been notified 4 times, and 1 of those times crashed the Evernote app on my 2015 MBP w/16gb RAM, and due to the immediate nature of me needing to take notes NOW, I had to resort to OS X's built in notes app. Which honestly, I could just go back to using. If your intent is to never "badger" us into paying, once a week is badgering. Once or Twice a year is not.
  3. So is there any updated news on this subject pertaining to syncing ALL notes offline without having to add them all to your favorites? Even a select all option would be ok, it's just that I have over 1,000 notes and can't sit there and select them all manually. Thanks in advance! Ben
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